BAIT Part 2

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And The Nightmare Began


I got so distracted by the idea that Frankie and Bastian might become friends that it took me a minute to realise what had just happened. Or at least, what was about to happen. Then, just as the seriousness hit me, of course.

“Are you going to invite me back in, or am I to just continue standing in the hallway?”

“Oh, uummm… I, don’t know?”

Not the best thing I could have said but the most honest. I mean, Bastian had just walked out of the room to go and fight and kill his father! I was kind of distracted.

“He’ll be fine, you know. He can’t be killed as long as you’re alive.”

Which did actually make me feel better, but that weird feeling inside of me was still bouncing around with worry.

“That’s great, unless his dad comes up here and kills me too.”

I could see Belinda bobbing her head with indifferent agreement.

“Yes, true, but he won’t. Werewolves have their uses, but even as the Alpha he won’t be able to take them both and then me. So, you’re quite safe.”

It took me another moment to realise what she had said and why she was just standing there, waiting. She was standing guard. Which made me feel a bit stupid, a feeling I was really starting to hate.

“Yes, please come in.”

Her rolled she shoulders back, smiled, let out a breath and her voice was practically a purr.

“Much better.”

She seemed to glide into the room and sat herself down on my bed.

“I’ve never actually seen soul mates happen you know.”

“How…’ I stopped myself, but the question had been eating at me and she looked at me waiting for it after I started. ’How old are you?”

“It’s hard to say really. Back when I was born there weren’t so many things that recorded time so precisely as there are now. If you lost track, you couldn’t just check, you had to find someone who knew, and even they might be wrong, or insane. But when I was born there wasn’t a United States of America.”

I stared at her wondering what it must have been like to have lived through all history and then jumped and screamed as my phone rang into the dead silent room. And of course, it was Jessica.

“I would recommend, you don’t answer it.”

“What, why?”

Belinda ran a delicate finger over her ear and I just stared at her for a minute before I got what she meant. It was just sound at first, but the more I concentrated the more I realised it was banging and crashing and all covered by a vicious snarl. Sounds like I’d never heard, or even imagined and then, nothing.

I looked wide eyed at Belinda who seemed to be staring off into space, but raised a hand to stop me from speaking.

“The fights over.”

We sat for a moment longer while she, I guess, listened to what was going on. Then she got to her feet and smiled.

“It looks like we won, Bastian is the new Alpha, and you and him are free to stay or to leave whenever you wish. But once you go you will not be so freely welcomed back. I have a reputation to maintain after all.”

She then did maybe the creepiest thing she’d done yet, and reached down and gently kissed my cheek. Her lips were cold and that wasn’t why my body erupted in goosebumps. Then she was just, gone, as she always was.


I spat out the chunk of neck and just stared down at him. Frankie had let him go in apparent shock and now he just lay there, bleeding, dying, and I felt… nothing. I wasn’t happy we’d won, I wasn’t glad Amber was safe, or sad that my dad was literally dying in front of me. I wasn’t anything.

Other than covered in blood. Which, made me wonder about the vampires but not really enough to care or do anything. Just, curious if they were into werewolf blood.

I continued to stand there for what felt like a long time until he stopped moving. The blood hadn’t set but it was getting sticky and annoying.

Taking a second shower so soon after the first felt a bit gratuitous but I also figured it was necessary. I mean, I couldn’t spend the whole rest of the day like that.

When I got to the room Amber stared at me through wide, probably terrified eyes.

“Oh, don’t worry. None of this is mine.”

I smiled, but for some reason that just made her look more afraid, and maybe a little sick. I made a mental note to ask if she was alright as I headed to the shower. It could wait a few minutes though.

The water was hot and as it ran over me it melted the blood away, which made red and then pink puddles under my feet. I just stood there letting the water pour over me, listing to the sound of it rush over my ears. Feeling it make its way over my body until the puddles became clear. I then opened my mouth to wash out any bits that might have been stuck in my teeth.

Absently I thought that that was probably why Amber looked so weird, but it was only a fleeting thought. Washed away like everything else.

Then it started, like a knot in the muscles at the base of my skull. A strange building pressure. A small throb that got bigger with every pulse. I turned to let the hot water run over it, hoping it could wash that away too. But it just kept building and building until my shoulder shot up in a reflex motion to crack my neck and a wave of goosebumps erupted over my body.

My knees gave way and I fell against the side of the shower, only barely able to get my hand in the way before I hit the ground.

With every blink the world got a bit blurrier, a bit darker. Thoughts and feelings started beating at the doors to my mind, and a strange desperation rushed into my limbs.


I forgot about the water, the puddles and I pushed myself to move. I couldn’t stand, but I could crawl. I wanted to change but didn’t have the strength. When I made it to the door back to the room I heard her voice, the sweetest sound. But I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

Then there she was, her face, her beautiful face. I wanted to lay my hand on it, to feel her warmth, her grace.

But the world went black, and the nightmare began.

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