BAIT Part 2

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She Pulled A Belinda


For a moment I considered changing and running to meet the Elders, but then sanity came back to me and I drove there instead. It felt weird making the same journey I had always made alone. More so when I realised that I was the Alpha, and capital A, with the mantle of power.

Something I still didn’t really understand, but I felt it. Where the wolf felt like it was always just there behind my eyes, this felt closer. Almost skin deep, something that was just there and all I needed to do was reach for it and I’d have it. But even thinking about it made me tired, and I remembered my dad sleeping for days after we got back from the woods.

Which, honestly, sounded amazing. With Amber just cradled in my arms, the smell of her hair the touch of her skin.

It was such a perfect idea that I had to literally slap myself to break the spell and remember to focus on driving.

I was tired, sure, but I could get this done.

Unlike my house I walked straight into the cave and didn’t stop until I saw them. Then I knelt down to show respect but I could feel their eyes on me, like weights on my back.

“It’s the son, that’s interesting.”

“Yes, but look he’s the Alpha now, and a true Alpha, that’s more interesting still. Face us boy.”

I did as I was told and looked up to see them all staring at me, then one gestured at a spot in their circle.

“You may join us. We have, questions.”

I remembered my uncle telling me that the Elders were something different and questions started to grow in my mind, but I wasn’t just going to start talking. So, I took my seat and waited. They stared at me for a few moments, then glanced at each other until one leaned forward and spoke.

“Your soul mate, it was real?”

“Yes, we have linked souls.”

Which, felt weird to say.

“That’s good, there is strength in that. And you’ve been to Limbo, haven’t you?”


“Who did you meet there?”

“My uncle Edward.”

“Ah, yes, that makes sense. And he told you about the mantle didn’t he.”

“He did.”

The Elder nodded, then leaned back and glanced at another who took over.

“And your father is dead?”


“You killed him?”



I knew it was coming and while I could feel the sudden sweat start and the wolf begin to stir, I also knew the truth was the only way forward.

“No, the Lady Belinda aided me by giving me protection and the help of one of her own.”

“That’s interesting, I wonder why she did that.”

I opened my mouth to offer my thoughts, but a hand went up to stop me. I guess it wasn’t a question for me to answer.

“When you took on the mantle, who did you see?”

“I saw my dad.”

The Elders all smiled and looked at each other, which made me start to think I was missing a joke. A weird new anger flared in me, but I managed to keep hold of myself and just sat waiting. Then they all seemed to speak at once.

“And who did you not see?”

The sound of their voices pushed on my sanity and made my head spin.

“I… I don’t know…?”

“Who was not present in these times that could have been?”

“I… I don’t…’ The world around me went blurry and a darkness started creeping into my vision, but an idea formed. Something I hadn’t thought before. ’My mother. My mother wasn’t there.”

They let out a low laugh which made my back arch and I wasn’t sure if I was about to scream, vomit, pass out or all of the above. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and a single voice ring out through the whirling darkness.

“If she isn’t in those other places, then she must be somewhere else. Your first task as Alpha is to find out where that is.”

I tried to open my mouth, to speak my assent but nothing came out so I nodded.

“You will be a good Alpha. Come back to us only when this task is complete.”

The hand then let me go and I fell face down on the ground into the swirling darkness.


If it wasn’t for the wine, I think I would have stayed up all night checking my phone waiting for Bastian to reply. But instead, Jessica and I drank like, a bottle each and fell exhausted and kind of drunk into her bed and slept.

That said, in the morning when he still hadn’t replied I started to get really worried. Jessica groaned and rolled over and could see the look on my face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Bastian still hasn’t texted me back.”

She then pushed herself up and looked at my phone.

“Wow, you did just tell him that you love him, maybe you freaked him out? It’s been like what, 2 weeks tops.”

I frowned at her.

“Soul mates, we covered that already, besides we’re engaged.”

“WHAT! You left that part out yesterday!”

I blushed and could see a whole mix of feelings rush over her, ending in hard frustration.

“Amber, babe, like… are you sure you’re not rushing into this? I know this started before Frankie went missing but, do you seriously want to marry a guy you just met? Do you really love him? Or is this just, I don’t know, the most dramatic rebound from your dead boyfriend?”

I got where she was coming from, and it was really hard to not just tell her that Frankie knows about it, and isn’t really dead, and everything was real and fine. But, at the same time, I wasn’t even sure I had my head fully wrapped around all that vampire, werewolf stuff, and I knew it was real. I couldn’t expect her to just accept it.

“It’s not like we’re getting married tomorrow. And, I know this is weird, but this soul mate thing is legit. I’ve never, ever felt this way about anyone. Like, I’m worried about him because he hasn’t replied, but… When I quiet my normal inner voice panic, I can hear his soul and I know that he’s ok. Because our souls are linked.”

We stared at each other for a long time and I honestly think she got it, I think she believed me and heard me and even if she wasn’t fully convinced about the weirder stuff, she believed that Bastian and I were meant for each other. And then she proved it by saying.

“I think I hate you.”

“Don’t be such a bitch, it means you get to throw me a bridal shower. You are my maid of honour after all.”

Her cheeks flushed with excitement but she managed to hold herself back and just stick out her tongue.

“Damn straight I am.”

We then hugged and lay in each other’s arms for a bit before she pulled a Belinda and said.

“Just because you haven’t gone to work for like a week, doesn’t mean it’s not still your job to make the coffee.”

I had to laugh, I couldn’t help it, I loved Jessica for being so unashamedly Jessica. Then I rolled my eyes and went to make coffee.

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