BAIT Part 2

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But We Were Happy


Even though I’d slept on the ground in a cave, when I woke up, I felt… better. I had a lot of questions sitting in my mind waiting for me, but they felt like they could wait. They were big, and needed more time to digest.

Was my mother alive after all? I’d thought she was dead for so long, it never really occurred to me that she might have just left. It made sense she’d leave dad, but that also meant she’d left me… with dad.

Maybe she was taken? Or maybe there were still other plains of existence like Limbo, like wherever I went when I got the mantle of the Alpha, and she was there. The Elder had said somewhere else.

I sat up and took a few long breaths. Those were future Bastian’s questions to answer. My first priority was to get up, then get to my car, then check on Amber.

I pushed myself to my feet still expecting to find an ache, a pain, a something that felt wrong. But there was nothing. I was fine. Probably more fine than I’d felt in my life. Which just made everything easier.

It reminded me of running feral with my uncle and my dad. That feeling of freedom was maybe the closest I’d come to just being genuinely fine before now. I thought about my uncle as I walked to the car. I hadn’t known him long or well, but I missed him. Maybe because we had only known each other for such a short time, and in such a strange set of circumstances, there wasn’t really a chance to fuck it up. Or maybe not. But he struck me as a genuine and positive light in my life. Which, until 2 weeks before, had been rare if non-existent.

I thought about how much my life had changed after meeting Amber. Actually, face to face meeting and talking to her. She was the turning point, the light the chased away all the darkness that I’d been living with, living in. Before her I was so deep in a hole that I didn’t know there was a world above that I was missing. And now because of her I was out in the sun, living in that world. She saved my life. Her love saved me from not just my dad, but from becoming him.

I found the car, and the parking ticket, and my phone. And then realised that I hadn’t replied to her last message which made me wince, but also smile.

- I love you too. Sorry, werewolf stuff happened. Nothing bad. How are things that side?

- Finally, glad you’re good. Hope everything went ok. I’m good. If you want I can come over?

- Yes, my home is your home, literally.

- Wow, ok, cool. Send me a pin, also can I bring Jessica?

- I will as soon as I get there, I’ve been out all night, I’ll tell you about it when I see you, and again. Your home, bring her, it’ll be nice to see her again.

My screen flooded with hearts and it made me smile, which made the drive back maybe a little slower, but nicer. The sun was shining, the future was bright, and I was happy.


Jessica and I hung out just being our normal selves until Bastian finally sent me a pin to his house, our house, to weird.

“Hey, I’m going to go over to Bastian’s, want to come? You can meet him officially and it would mean I don’t have to go get my car.”

She stuck out her tongue but I could see the smile in her eyes.

“Of course I want to come. We can make him have a barbeque and hopefully it’ll get so hot that he takes his shirt off.”

“Hey, my future husband there.”

“Keyword, future. You might be soul mates or whatever, but that doesn’t mean he just get’s my stamp of approval. I need to check him out first.”

Her face held the smile for as long as it could but I could see the cracks forming, and I put my arms around her and we just held each other again.

“I’m really going to miss him, you know. I know he was your boyfriend, and we had our ups and downs, but he was still my friend.”

Her words hit so hard it felt like they went through me.

“I know, and I’m so sorry that it looks like I’m just moving on, and fine. I’m not. I miss him too.”

It felt like a lie, but it wasn’t really. I didn’t think Frankie and I were going to stay in touch. But I at least knew he wasn’t dead. We didn’t cry though, so that was something.

“Now come on, I can’t drive stick so you’re lead and I’m navigator.”

“Oh, great, so we’re definitely going to get lost.”

“Hey, I’m not that bad, besides, I’ve got my phone.”

“Your soul mate senses can’t just lead you to him?”

I knew she was joking, or that she thought she was joking but I also realised that a part of me did kind of know which direction Bastian was in. When I refocused, I found Jessica just staring at me and when I opened my mouth, she flashed me the palm of her hand.

“Nope, I don’t want to hear about it. Let’s just go.”

To Jessica’s delight, when we arrive Bastian was already topless and stoking a fire. It had only been a day but I rushed up and we wrapped our arms around each other so that the world could make sense again.

I didn’t know if we were going to live happily ever after, but we were happy.


I don’t know if it’s because I was 100 percent the most exhausted, I’d ever been, or a vampire thing, or just because I was literally sleeping in a windowless tomb underground. But vampire sleep was different. It wasn’t like powering down and recharging as much as it was just switching off.

Like, I think I literally die and come back to life when I go to sleep. Which, was just another thing on a long list of things I didn’t fully understand. But it did mean that when I woke up I felt amazing.

Even though there wasn’t light, my eyes were perfectly adjusted and I could see everything around me clearly, just in black and white. Which didn’t stop me from jumping when I saw Belinda standing watching me.

“Every time with you.”

She cocked an eyebrow and I furrowed mine, but said.

“Good morning, how are you?”

“It’s midnight actually, and you’ve been asleep for 4 days. I had started to think you might stay that way.”


“It’s something that can happen to newer vampires. If you do to much in a short space of time you can burn out, for lack of a better term. And when you eventually rest, you fall into a pattern of being asleep. You can be woken up, but years can go by and you won’t realise.”

I rubbed my face and cracked my neck, a weird habit that felt out of place in my new world, but I didn’t want to lose everything.

“Ok, so did I wake up or did you wake me?”

“You woke up. But I guess all that fighting with the werewolves and your emotional turmoil with Amber took more of a strain than I expected.”

As she said it a thought popped into my head. Something I’d not really had the time to think about before.

“Why did you help them anyway? I mean, I presumed Amber was because I asked, but then Bastian? I mean no disrespect but you don’t seem the type. He certainly seemed surprised.”

She stood so still that in the black and white of my vision she looked like a statue and she stayed that way for a long minute before saying in a whisper.

“I was fulfilling a promise.’ As I stared she seemed to go from statue to young woman and the first and maybe only sign of humanity I’d ever seen from her showed as her eyes dropped and her voice got even quieter. ’Protect my boy Belinda, promise me you’ll protect my little boy.”

The End.

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