BAIT Part 2

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Kind Of A Lot


It felt like a long time passed, but eventually, the sky started to grow lighter, and the wind died down.

“Did I do that?”

“This place reacts to all of us, one way or another. It’s not unheard of to see strong emotions manifest in front of you.”

I nodded, and wondered if I stayed feeling as gloomy as I did, if it would start to rain. I sat back down by the fire and tried to get my thoughts in order.

“So, what happens when I’m ok enough to not be dead?”

“You’ll wake up.”

“And if that happens before my dad gets to Amber, she’ll be immortal as long as I’m alive?”

“Yes, but she’s still human. She will not heal as quickly as you do, but she will heal. Eventually.”

I closed my eyes and pushed the images of what my dad might do to her out of my mind.

“So, what else can you tell me about being the Alpha, can I actually stop him? Because, I’ll be honest, when he switched, I was down in one punch.”

“I think you’ve answered your own question there, you’ll need help if that is what you really want to do. But I can tell you it’s not constant, it’s more like a turbo boost. Something he can do for a time but not forever and the longer he pulls from that well of power the longer it’ll take him to recover.”

I thought back to my friends among the pack, or total lack thereof. I knew them all sure, but I wasn’t close with anyone of them. Probably by design, my dad wouldn’t like the idea of me gathering allies to maybe one day usurp him. And even if I did have friends there, I couldn’t think of anyone who’d stand up to him.

We sat again in comfortable silence, I watched the fire and my uncle watched me. Then it happened. Lightening struck the ground between us and when the flash faded a door stood there. The world around me began to fade and I could feel a pull coming from the door, encouraging me to walk through it, but also pulling me in.

My uncles voice came through the growing attention the door was taking up in my mind.

“You’re body is only as good as it needs to be for you to be alive. Find shelter, rest, recover, you’ll need it!”

I tried to call out, say thank you, say anything, but my voice also seemed to be being pulled into the door, and the next thing I knew I was through it and into the void. Then like waking from a falling dream I felt my soul hit into my body and my eyes shot open.

My whole body instantly started to sing in pain, and when I tried to move I couldn’t. Slowly my eyes adjusted and I realised that I wasn’t stuck because of pain and broken bones, but because I was underground.

My father had buried me.

And I wasn’t alone.


I stared down at him, and the ring. The moment I’d dreamed about was finally happening. The could have been suddenly flashed before my eyes. Every time I’d ever pictured it, I’d always said yes, but now I found myself saying.

“But you’re a vampire?”

He swallowed, then smiled his sweet smile, the one I liked so much and said.

“I was hoping you’d agree to do that with me too.”

“That’s, kind of a lot.”

I hadn’t meant to say it, I wasn’t really sure that I meant to say anything, but it was what fell out of my face when my mouth opened. And it was also really true. I could see it wasn’t going the way he had hoped.

Honestly, it wasn’t going the way I had hoped either and I just didn’t know how to say what I knew I needed to. Then he broke eye contact and his hand closed over the box and I knew it was to late.

“Forget it.”


“No, no, I get it, like. It was a stupid idea, of course you don’t want to be a vampire, I, I don’t know if I want to either, but here I am.”

He turned and walked half way across the room then stopped, then faster than I’d ever seen anyone move he grabbed a chair and threw it against a wall where it just shattered.


The sound of his scream sent a cold terror through me and my breath caught in my throat. Frankie dropped to his knees holding his head with both hands.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going oooooooooon!”

Despite my fear I ran over and wrapped my arms around him. I wanted to say something comforting but my words were still too afraid to come out. He put his arms around my hips and held onto me.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t, I don’t know, I don’t know why this is happening. I just want to go back a week and be back to normal. Please.”

His words were barely a whisper but they were so pure that I could feel my heart crack again. Then a new voice filled the room.

“Awww, poppet, don’t be sad. You’ll get used to it.”

I looked up sharply to see a woman standing at the door making eyes at Frankie, which made me instantly hate her. I mean, things weren’t going great but we were having a moment.

“Belinda?’ said Frankie confused. He then quickly let me go and stood up, ’Sorry, ummm. This, this is my girlfriend Amber.”

Belinda looked me up and down and a strange sick feeling washed over me as a smile spread across her face.

“Girlfriend huh? Are you sure about that?”

“I mean, things are complicated but yeah.”

Frankie looked at me but all I could do was gawk. Seeing the two together I could see how different they looked to normal people.

Belinda stepped up close to me, but Frankie managed to stay between us. So, she leaned forward and sniffed, then her smile grew wider.

“Complicated is one way to put it.”

Frankie looked at me again and I continued to stare like an idiot.

“Don’t bother with this one Frankie my dear, I’m not sure you could turner her even if she hadn’t just rejected your proposal.”

My voice suddenly returned. Then Frankie and I said at the same time.


Making the vampire bitch laugh even harder. I knew what was coming, I didn’t know how she knew but I could feel it and everything in me wanted her to not do what she was about to do. But fear still held me.

“Vampires aren’t alive, and by the look of her, I’d say that this one has a soul mate.”

“A what?”

Frankie turned again to look at me and I was kind of wishing he wouldn’t keep expecting me to know what was going on. Like when he’d ask me plot questions to a movie, we were both watching for the first time.

Belinda laughed again and I hated her, I hated her so much because she was enjoying it!

“Well, werewolves have a very interesting and unique soul, which can bond with another to be soul mates. Which, among a few other things means that one cannot die while the other is alive. And since your,’ she then raised her hands and made air quotes, ′girlfriend, here, has recently bonded with her werewolf soulmate, I’d be willing to put money on the fact that she cannot die.”

I knew the look that washed across Frankies face. He wasn’t stupid, he just really didn’t want to believe it. He looked back and forth between the two of us a few more times waiting for someone to say something, anything.

Someone to point out the cameras and tell him it was just a joke, that it wasn’t true.

And while I was desperate to do it, I couldn’t. I couldn’t actively lie to him like that. But I wished that it hadn’t come out this way.

Also, wait what who’s a werewolf?

Frankie’s eyes settled on mine.


“Frankie I’m…”

“I had been missing for like A DAY! And what, you just ran into the arms of that dude from Taylors?”


His mouth dropped open as if he was going to scream, but all that came out was a hard breath that made every muscle in my body stiffen, my eyes grow wide and maybe a little bit of pee come out.

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