BAIT Part 2

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Amber In My Arms


Nothing was more important, than Amber in my arms. The chaos and insanity of everything just melted away, and we stood there holding each other. The moment turned into a minute, I started to become aware that I was still naked. As I tried not to focus on myself, I felt Amber let out a long breath and her grip loosen slightly, and I pulled away to look at her.

“Are you a werewolf?”


“Are you a werewolf?”

Her voice was surprisingly casual and I spontaneously forgot all words, so I stepped back and gestured at myself.

“Uuummmm, uummm… Do, you, have a towel I could… borrow?”

It might have been the dumbest thing I’d ever said but it was affective at giving me a little more time. Her gaze swept over me and I saw her bite her bottom lip, let out a little sound then blush so hard even her ears went red. Which was adorable.

“Oh my, yes, uummm.”

She quickly turned away and started frantically looking around and despite everything that had happened, and was happening, I had to stop myself from laughing when she quickly grabbed a chair cushion, stared at it for a second then quickly dropped it again shaking her head.

“I’ll… I’ll be right back.”


And then she was gone through a door and I was alone, naked, in someone’s front door.

My heart sang when she appeared with a towel a few seconds later. And it wasn’t because of the towel. Seeing her, being near her, it just made everything calmer, easier. She shone like a beacon of sanity and safety in an otherwise chaotic world. My uncle had called us soul mates, and while I’d known the legend, I’d never fully understood what that meant until now. Until Amber.

I took the towel and covered myself up, which also made me feel a bit more secure and safe. Until that voice filled my mind.

“My, my, my! What have we got here?”

I knew it, I’d heard it before, once. Suddenly the massive house hidden in the woods, the laugh, the décor of the front room. It all made sense. Standing at the top of the stairs smiling at me was Belinda, the vampire lord. My dad didn’t really tell me much, but he did say that she had earned her position and I got the feeling that he was a little afraid of her. Which of course meant he wanted nothing to do with her.

I clenched my jaw but returned the smile, bowed and said.

“Lady Belinda, it’s an honour to meet you again.”

She let out a charmed laugh and inclined her head.

“So polite, how refreshing. It’s nice to see that your apple falls far from its tree.”

I looked up and saw her eyes flick between me and Amber, and I started to wonder how the hell Amber had ended up here, but knew to keep my mouth shut.

“So, you’re the one. I had my suspicions but it’s always nice to be sure.”

“The one what?”

She gestured to Amber and her smile grew wider.

“The soul mate, obviously.”

“How do you…”

But I cut myself off. I had just confirmed it for her, and once again put myself on display.

“So, you are a werewolf!”

Came Amber’s voice through the tension, and I realised that she looked more annoyed with Belinda than afraid of her.

“What the fuck is going…”

But this time it wasn’t me who cut me off. A fist out of nowhere slammed into my face knocking me across the room. I hit the wall and my body rang in pain, but before I had time to focus Amber’s boyfriend was on me, fangs bared.


I’d never seen anything move as fast as Frankie. He had appeared from nowhere and launched himself at Bastian, slamming him into the wall. I wasn’t sure how much stronger being a vampire made him, but before that he was a star football player and I’d seen him take on people the size of vending machines and come out on top.

“Frankie NO!”

Then Bastian snapped his head forward and got Frankie in the nose with a stomach-turning crunch. He then pulled his legs up and kicked. Frankie stumbled back and for just an instant his hand swung wild and into the sunlight beaming in through the still open door.

The room erupted into light and sound. Frankie screamed and in the blink of an eye Belinda had him at the top of the stairs, smoke coming off his burnt black hand.


Her voice was absolute, and it made my heart skip a beat, like hearing a lion roar. I liked back and forth between the two boys and I knew the look on Frankie’s face all to well. He looked like he’d just lost a game. He looked angry and cheated. With his free hand he pointed at Bastian and said childishly.

“Mines bigger than yours.”

Which made both me and Belinda roll our eyes. But it did take the wind out of the situation. Bastian blushed, which, even in the tension of the moment was really cute, and then he picked up the towel wrapped up again.

He then looked at me and said.

“What is going on here?”

I wanted to say something, but Belinda cut in before me. Which was still super annoying.

“That can be discussed later. But she is our guest and so are you. This is far to interesting to let go of. So please, come in, be welcome and safe. I will have clothes delivered to your room.’ She petted Frankie’s head in a way that made me super uncomfortable, then said. ’I presume it’s fine if you two share a room.”

It wasn’t something I’d thought about but it seemed to have the desired effect. Frankie looked shocked, Bastian blushed again and I was lost for words. All of which came together to make Belinda laugh. Bitch.

She then disappeared with Frankie, still cradling his burnt hand. Calm descended on the room, finally, and it felt like I took my first breath in a few minutes, but I was also getting a little annoyed at not having any of my questions answered so I turned to Bastian, stamped my foot and said for like the third time.


"Well, what?"


I hadn’t realised exactly how annoyed I was until the word came out, and while it wasn’t all because of him, he hadn’t been helping. Besides, if he was my soul mate, or whatever, he’d have to get used to it.

“I mean…”


“Yes, yes I am.”

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