BAIT Part 2

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Glad To Hear It


I’d never actually told anyone before. I’d never had to. I had so many questions but seeing the look on Amber’s face made me realise that I wasn’t the only one, and that maybe I could at least answer some of hers first.

Being, apparently, the only vanilla human around she probably knew the least about what was going on. She nodded at my words and took a moment to let it sink in.

“Come on. Let’s get you some clothes.”

Not exactly what I was expecting her to say next, but I wasn’t about to argue.

Her bedroom was beautiful, but all I could see was her. The way she moved through the halls, leading me through the house. Even though I’d just had my bell rung by a vampire, it didn’t seem to matter as long as I was with her.

When we got to the room and she turned to me I stepped up, wrapped my arms around her again and we kissed.


When my hand hit the sunlight, it felt as if every nerve in my body caught fire. My muscles went limp, my mind blank and my whole existence was pain. Until I felt her cold arms around me dragging me back to reality. As soon as I was clear, just as instantly as it started it ended, and I could feel my mind coming back.

Which didn’t make me like the werewolf any more, but I wasn’t quite as furious. After our little encounter, which I’m sure I could have won, Belinda took me into the basement, and into a room I hadn’t seen before.

“Stupid, stupid boy. You need to be far more careful during the day then that. Especially at your age. Give it a few hundred years and it won’t be quite so dramatic, but it’ll never stop hurting and it’ll never stop being able to kill you.”

Her voice sounded like my old Geography teacher, explaining map gradients for like the fourth time to some of the slower students who also didn’t care. Just frustrated and going through the motions. Then she sat me down and handed me a bag of blood.

“Here, drink this.”

I looked at it, then back up at her.

“I was actually meaning to ask you about this. But then it hadn’t come up in a few days and I was kinda hoping the drinking blood thing was just, like, a myth.”

“Well, it’s not, but it’s not an everyday thing. Everything works differently now, blood is all you need, as long as the person who’s blood it is, is still alive. Dead blood is like anything else, it’ll have to come back out one way or another.”

I looked back down at the bag, then back up at Belinda, who let out an exasperated breath.

“One bag will last you a week to 10 days. Depending what you get up to. Unless of course you want to make tanning a habit then you’ll need a lot more. Or probably just die. Now drink it.”

“This blood is alive?”

She smiled, which made me nervous.

“I get fresh deliveries every fortnight. Guaranteed living donors. I get enough to last until the next delivery. No use stockpiling the stuff and besides a few bags a month generally goes unnoticed. Why risk taking more?”

I looked down and nervously brought the bag up to my mouth until I heard her sigh again.

“What! You said drink it.”

She then reached across and pulled the cap off the top.

“This isn’t a movie; you don’t have to bite the bag.”

I was getting tired of feeling like the stupid person in the room, but I also knew I needed to stop acting like it. And then I poured a bag of blood into my mouth.


Feeling his body against mine made me want things again, and I pushed against him, hoping the towel would fall away until a sudden thought exploded into my mind.

“Wait, wait…”

I had to close my eyes and take some long slow breaths to steady myself but I also had to know.

“Is there a chance that I can become a werewolf by doing this?”

I searched his face for some hint at the answer, so that I could prepare myself, then another realisation came at me out of nowhere.

“OMG! We didn’t use a condom! Can I catch being a werewolf like that?”

A smile like a light spread across his face, and a little laugh bubbled out of him. Which, while beautiful, was really annoying given the circumstances.

“No, you can’t catch being a werewolf like an STD. Or by making out. If that was possible, I wouldn’t just do that to you. I’d never just turn someone, even if it were as simple as it is in movies. It’s, you know, massively life changing and we’re not monsters, not all of us anyway. Consent, it’s important.”

I could see he meant every word and it felt like a comforting blanket being draped over my shoulders. It made me feel calm and a bit thoughtful.

“Oh, right. That’s cool then. Glad to hear it.”

We moved to sit on the bed, and for a moment I got lost in thought. I was desperate to find an idea to pin all this new stuff to. Some link to sanity and normality I could latch onto, but there was nothing.

“Do you have more questions? I’ll happily answer anything I can.”

I looked up quickly, almost surprised to hear a voice. A few questions came to mind.

“How long have you been a werewolf?”

“Me? I was born this way. Which is actually way more common than being turned. You can’t just become a werewolf by being bitten, not unless it’s like, a child. Think of it like a bee sting. The bigger you are the less of a risk the poison is to you. Same with lycanthropy. Unless you get my blood poured onto an open wound, you’re not going to get enough DNA in you to make the change. If I bit you, or anyone, they’d just get sick.”

“That makes sense. Do you have sharp teeth?”

It was a weird question, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and he flashed me a wide toothy smile, showing off mostly normal looking teeth, except for what looked like a few extra canines in the back.

“They get sharper as it gets closer to full moon.”

I leaned in close to get a better look and then something else hit me and I pulled back quicker than I meant to, and coughed.

“You know, now that the moment is over, and I don’t want to be rude but, your breath is a bit … morning breathy.”

His mouth closed instantly and his voice came out muffled through tightly closed lips.


Which made me laugh, he was being cute, and charming and I still just couldn’t get over how fucking weird everything had become. Then words just started tumbling out of my mouth.

“I broke up with Frankie, which has been weird, but it’s really great to see you. Like, weirdly good to see you.”

“I know how you feel.”

“Belinda said something about being soul mates?”

“Yeah, it’s an old werewolf legend, two souls fated to be together.”

He reached out and took my hands in his, and then smiled.

“This is all so fucked up, and so intense, but also really cool.”

He reached down and kissed my fingers, then moved in a bit closer but I stopped him.

“Hey, were have you been? I sent you some texts and you never replied.”

He pulled a hand free and gestured at himself again.

“Well, clearly don’t have my phone. As for where, well,’ I could see his mind start turning and something changed. His shoulders dropped and his eyes got lost staring off into nothing. ’I’ve been a little bit… uummm… dead.”

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