BAIT Part 2

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This Is My Room



Her face lost its colour and for just a moment I wondered if she was going to start asking about zombies but then realised she was waiting for me to explain.

“Well, after I dropped you off, I went home to try find my dad who I thought might be hunting your ex-boyfriend, and when I confronted him about it, he uummm… he…’ The words formed in my head and suddenly a lot of things became very, very real. Tears welled up in my eyes and my throat threatened to close, but I managed to force out. ’he killed me.”

“Oh my God.”

She threw her arms around my and for awhile we just sat there holding each other and I cried. Not a lot, but the initial shock of saying it out loud needed to pass with tears.

Eventually I cleared my throat and loosened my hold, which made her let go and say.

“So, what happened? How did you survive or are werewolf’s immortal or something?”

“Actually, technically, you saved me.”


“Well, part of the legend of soul mates is that while one is alive the other can’t die. So, if not for you I would have stayed dead. But you brought me back.”

We stared into each other’s eyes and I almost said something about her love bringing me back to life, but before I could Belinda’s voice echoed through the room thick with sarcasm.

“Awwww, true love, how sweet.”

I looked over and she gestured to a small, but very neatly folded pile of clothes.

“These should fit you, if not just let me know.”

I rose quickly and bowed again. I might not know what the story was with everyone else, but I was a guest in her house and there were rules about dealing with vampires. Rules that they would apparently kill you for breaking.

“Thank you, I very much appreciate your kindness and hospitality.”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a look of confusion take over Amber’s face and when I looked back at Belinda she was beaming a smile at me.

“The wannabe Alpha’s son knows his manners. I’m impressed. I always got the impression that your father wasn’t the etiquette type. But while I do appreciate it…”

But her words dropped off as she continued to stare at me, seeing something in my face I was hoping to keep hidden, but apparently I failed. It had been a long fucking day. Seeing the curiosity partially sparkle in her eyes made me realise just how tired I was. My body hurt for everything, up to and including being punched so hard I spent a few seconds flying.

“Something about what I said wasn’t true, was it. Which part I wonder?”

Her head started to move ever so slightly side to side, like a snake feeling out for vibrations. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t, then a smile spread across her face and her teeth were sharp.

“Is Edward dead?”

I knew I was giving myself away by doing it but I couldn’t help it, I quickly turned my face away to break eye contact, and a far to delighted giggled bubbled up out of the vampire.

“What awful news, your father was reckless and dangerous before.”

When I looked back, her posture had shifted and I realised she didn’t laugh because she thought it was funny. But maybe because she was a little bit insane?

“This changes some things, yes…”

She tapped her fingers on both sides of her nose for a second looking almost, childlike and innocent and I got a glimpse of the young woman she must have been before she was turned. Vampires were always turned. Then she locked eyes with me again.

“This changes a lot of things. Come, I’m going to need your help. We need to lock down the mansion. If he finds his way here neither you nor Frankie will be able to handle him alone. And if not, well, then I get to walk around my house freely without risk of another burn. Come on, get dressed.”

She then clapped her hands twice and stood there, waiting.


Belinda had a way of interrupting, to the point where I actually thought she planned it. Waited until the perfect worst moment. In a lot of ways, she reminded me of Jessica, but she was also missing something. The gentleness of my bestie.

I really missed her, and while we were now back to texting like normal, she felt really far away. I Hated that I couldn’t be honest with her. Frankie was still ‘missing’ and the more weird stuff I learnt the more I felt a divide growing between us.

But none of that really mattered, because in that moment I was to busy being furious with Belinda who seemed to think it was cool to stand and watch while Bastian got dressed. Which also made me wonder about what her and Frankie did when I wasn’t around, which made me even more irrationally angry.

She hadn’t actually done anything to me specifically, and was being really generous and accommodating, but I fucking hated her all the same. On some level I got that she was on a totally different wave length and level than me but it still felt like she had her fingers in every part of my life, and it sucked. Which, vampire har, har, but fuck her.

“Hey! Privacy, you said this is my room, now get out and let him get changed in peace.”

Her back stiffened and she looked almost as shocked to hear it as I was to have said it. And then she just, wasn’t there anymore. I glanced at Bastian who looked like he was holding his breath and wincing.


“Uummm, you may have to apologise to her for that one. I mean, thank you I really appreciate you standing up for me,’ a smile slipped across his face and he looked almost like a kid. ’No one’s ever really done that for me before. But, you just ejected a vampire from your given space.”


“So, you compelled her to leave. You basically made it painful for her to be in here. You know that thing about how vampires need to be invited in? You just took that invitation away. That’s, kind of a big deal.”

My insides tightened and twisted like I was watching a super embarrassing movie and I heard myself say.

“Oh fuck.’ Then a thought occurred to me. ’How do you know about all of this stuff? And her?”

Bastian shrugged and started getting dressed.

“Like I said, werewolf from birth. My dad is the pack leader, the Alpha, and I was trained to take over one day. You learn about the other supernatural nations and their comings and goings. I mean, we don’t often engage with each other, but we are aware of each other. She’s a big deal in this part of the supernatural world. And I met her at my grandfather’s funeral.”

“Oh… Is what I did really that bad?”

“Little bit, yeah.”

My heart started racing and suddenly Bastian had his arms around me again.

“Is, is she going to kill me?”

He pulled back and we locked eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but, like clockwork Belinda called into the room.

“No, she isn’t, now hurry up this is a big house with a lot of doors and windows to close.”

I mean, it was weirdly comforting to hear her say it, but fuck that bitch knew how to kill a moment.

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