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Amari lives in a world where there are no more women, slowly less and less of them were born until they were almost extinct. Scientists came up with a solution so the rest of the human population didn't become extinct to, a simple jab added to your inoculations when you're a baby, depending on the testosterone levels in your body as you develop you can be either a stud or a dam. It used to be a man's world, but now it really is.

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Chapter 1

“You know you could be a stud.” Hyram told me and I rested my chin on a fist.

“Have you ever seen a stud that looks like me?” I refuted, he looked like he was going to say something but thought better of it. We were currently waiting in a breeding office, it was my eighteenth birthday and so I needed to be examined to determine whether I was a stud or a dam. A stud was basically the top in a relationship and a dam was the bottom, the one that birthed offspring.

See women had gone extinct, so everyone was gay now. Well there were a few old ladies around, but anyway. Slowly but surely less and less females were born, scientists had no idea why, they came up with a solution, so that the human race didn’t die out. Just like normal we were given our jabs and immunisations when we were babies, but they added another. Some men had more testosterone than others, and that decided who would be a stud or a dam. If the testosterone levels were high then the jab wouldn’t do much, just alter their senses a little and make them produce hormones to induce a dams heat. If the testosterone levels were lower a womb would grow inside of them, and at eighteen everyone went for an ultrasound to determine if one had grown or not. If you had a womb you were a dam, if not, a stud.

Some tried to get testosterone tablets or injections, hoping they would become a stud, the hormone had become highly illegal and was practically gold dust now. You could generally see who would be a stud or a dam, a stud would be a strong, tall, muscular man. A dam a less strong, short and slender man with feminine features. I had the latter so it was almost certain I was a dam.

Hyram and I had birthdays within a week of each other, and had booked our appointments for around the same time, for moral support. To me it was obvious we were both dams, he was taller than me, and had quite a few pounds on me, but he was submissive and sassy. I was very short and small, but had a dominant nature. Hyram was a sweet guy, he could be a drama queen sometimes. He had short, light brown hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin. He was slender, about 5"5, his features were soft and his smile dazzling.

Hyram and I had sort of a relationship, the only sort the government allowed for single males. We could do anything but penetrative sex, we had to remain pure back there for our studs, and studs couldn’t enter anyone either. The reason Hyram thought I was a stud was my position in our relationship, he was definitely the submissive in bed. Our relationship wasn’t romantic, just a way to blow off steam, or me to blow him mostly. I wasn’t the biggest fan of being touched and he was pretty bad at head, although he said he’d never improve if he didn’t practice, I just replied that he wouldn’t be practicing on me. Teeth marks are not what I want on my dick again, ever.

“Well your stud will be a very lucky guy, man I’m going to miss that amazing mouth of yours.” he sighed disappointedly and I snorted.

“Hyram Michaels?” a nurse called with a clipboard in hand. Hyram gave me a salute and sauntered off, his hips swaying, there was no way he was a stud.

I sat back in the chair, letting out a deep breath, my face squishing due to the fist in my cheek. I was sulking. The idea of a man touching me all over, going inside of me didn’t appeal. As I said before I don’t like being touched much, I tolerated Hyram’s lips on mine and his dick in my mouth but that was about it, my mouth was the exception apparently. Being touched just made me shiver, and not in the nice way. I knew I wasn’t a stud, I was tiny, but I could probably deal with being atop someone, impregnating them. But being underneath someone, them wanting to touch me and give me affection, having another human growing inside of me, it made me feel nauseous. I don’t know where the phobia came from but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. It took a long time for me to get used to Hyram, he could kiss me now, but other than that I preferred to be the one making contact. Whomever my stud ended up being, they would be very unlucky to have me.

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