The Secret Angel 5

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When we get to the door I ask the bouncers where they are standing at in the line. He looks out down the line and says they are standing at the back of the line. Perfect then they wont see us coming. I pull out my guns as my boys get ready with theirs. We storm out and run to the back catching them all off guard with our guns raised. All four put their hands up as they start to back up turning to see 14 more guys behind them with their guns raised. "You guys have some fucking nerve to show back up at our fucking club!" "Well they said you took my boys girls!" "That's right! They are my girls now! He wants them there's going to be a fight! Don't show your faces around here again! He comes after them with friends they will all end up dead!" They all start running when we see them jump in a car driving off. They will be back I have no doubt about that! We will be ready as no one and I will yell for the people in the back! NO ONE fucks with the Maxwell's or our girls!

Romance / Action
Melanie Gomez
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Never easy

Ch 1

Caden pov

Walking off the elevator today I see Tania and nothing but doors lining the halls. Everyone has an office now. Since all the kids have taken over with their spouses it has become a packed house. We have been busier than ever and now have a whole section of the countryside just for our compound. We have spread out over a hundred acres with houses everywhere. We even built roads in between so we don’t have to leave the compound.

In the middle of everything is our gathering area with pools and a huge house just for the cooking and food. Looking back little did I know how this would all go down with just a business card that I handed Eva with my number. Yet here we are. Now that we are in our late seventies both Eva and I have taken a back seat and retired from the family business. We spend our days watching all the grandkids grow up and join in the business hoping soon they will find their match.

I drop in every once in a while to visit and see how things are going. Tony and Niko retired and moved away to enjoy the time they had left. For Tony it wasn’t much since I had gotten a call from Mary last year that he passed. We all flew out for the service, and just spent the week reflecting on our lives. I have taken Eva to all the places she ever wanted to go within the last ten years since we were so busy before this.

We have slowed down since it’s harder to get around now so we mainly stay home. Mason is the latest grandkid to join the business with his friends and we had to start a second floor of offices for those that will be coming on also. Nate is in his early forties now so still has a lot of time. The kids switch off vacations and get away as much as they can so they aren’t all about the business and get burned out.

We say we stay so young due to all the grandkids running around and it always seems we have new ones showing up. We don’t mind either way since we love each and every one of them. I give Tania a big hug since she is now going to head off to retirement. She has been training her replacement Sarah, and can’t believe this chapter will be closing also. Seems like it was yesterday that we had her come up from Human Resources to take Connie and Mandy’s place.

I had kept tabs on Connie and her husband while they traveled enjoying their retirement. We would always deposit money just to let them have fun. A couple weeks ago I found out from their nephew Keith that both of them had passed away within days of each other. Mandy and I just cried. Nate also was withdrawn since Connie played a huge role in his life. We will have the service coming up later today and we are all attending. We may need one side just for our family but we will be there.

When the kids all come out everyone looks down and I don’t blame them. Even though Connie was retired she always stopped in to say hi and meet all the new additions. So even though they didn’t have a relationship with her like some of us did. Her passing affected everyone in their own way. The elevator dings and out walks Eva. We are all ready to go since we will be taking twenty cars to fit everyone. Ten for just the families and the other ten for the security detail.

Can you imagine the looks on the faces when the Maxwell’s show up to the service. We have become so large of a company that we have to have the detail. Is it a little daunting when we go places, of course it can be, but everyone knows that we would protect them just as if they were family. So some people like that we show up to events. Makes them feel more safe.

I make sure everyone is ready and we all head down to the cars. When everyone has climbed in we head off to the local church in town. Our security has already arrived ahead of time securing the perimeter so we can come in with this security. When we slowly pull up Eva grabs my hand squeezing it. I noticed it also, and it’s been a while since we have been here. It’s the church we got married in all those years ago. Where I gave Nate my last name and made both of them officially mine.

I look over at her smiling when I place a kiss on her lips. I can’t help but think what a lucky man I turned out to be! I have my goddess and my empire. What more could a man want in life!

When we pull up, Eva and I are the first to get out. I spot Keith and walk up shaking his hand. I explain that my guys will be going inside to secure the inside and he informs me he already let people know that we would be attending. I nod my head when Nate and Mandy unload next with Mason and Missy. It continues with Jocelyn and Jessie, Jace and Cami, Anthony and Angel, Marcelo and Angelia, Eddie and Rosa. Jeremy, Trenton, and Jill unload in the last car and by golly I think we have everyone.

I grab ahold of Eva’s hand and we all start walking in when the people that are inside stop talking and just stare. All sixteen of us plus our security file in and take our seats. We sit for about thirty minutes when the service gets underway. It takes about an hour but Nate speaks as do Eva and I. We sit back down and it’s become such an emotional day that I think after we will just go home and rest.

When it wraps up we all walk up and give our condolences to the family. Keith thanks us for coming, and hopes that we stay in touch. We give out hugs and head out to the waiting cars. We all file into the cars when our security and us leave heading back for the compound. I call ahead for the staff to get cooking for a BBQ and start setting out drinks. Lord knows we will need them.

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