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Life is screwed up and no one knows that better than Skylar Johnson. Dead parents? Check. Dead sister? Check. Ex-queen of pranks? Check. Good girl? Oh, check, check, check! After her parents and sister passed away in a tragic accident, Sky has no choice but to move to Bradford (yup, all the way from America to UK) to her uncle's private school. Now enter Hudson Walker. Bad boy? Check. Billionaire? Check. Has girls swooning over him? Check. Too-sexy-for-your-own-good looks? Check. Obnoxious and rude? Check. Has his own share of skeletons in closet? Check. Hudson would so anything to stay away from people. But what happens when the girl arrives and both their worlds change? She thinks he's a loner. He thinks she's a loser. She wants to make him her friend. He wants to make her stay here totally miserable. What happens when a totally harmless prank from one of their peers, turn into this century's Prank War and almost all hell breaks lose. Key word: Almost. Ice cream, graffiti, melted gummy bears and endless pages of romance novels will be included. Will the bad boy finally fall for his perfect match?

Romance / Humor
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I know I do this for every book but just a heads up, there will be a LOT of profanity in this book. If you think they don't swear that much in UK, then, mate, you have clearly mistaken. Plus, this book mentions child abuse and if you're sensitive to anything like that then you won't have to read this. I'll just sulk.

So, here are the main characters.

Skylar Hope Johnson (usually called Sky or Hope by her relatives)- The ex-prank queen heroine

Hudson Lorenzo Walker- The half Italian hero

Jeremy Davidson- Prank lord

Hugh Lewis- The flirt

Finn Gibson- The one with the scowl

Lacey Johnson- The cousin

Maya Hope- The overly kind one

Veronica Lloyd- The overly mean one

Serene Martin (her name in pronounced 'seren' because the last 'e' is silent)- The smart one

Nathan Moon- The American delinquent



P.S. I will probably change my username in the future LOL.

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