My Unofficial Rejection

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Raven’s POV


My alarm woke me from my sleep to another day in hell. I quickly showered, got dressed and grabbed my bag. Off I headed in the direction knowing I'd have to put up with more sneers and snide comments from my mate.

The day went by as usual, but when it came to lunch I went to sit under my usual tree, avoiding everyone in the halls and lunch room. It was peaceful out here, that is until I heard him, Zach. Laughing his head off as he made his way over to me. "Hey piggy." His cold voice sliced at my heart yet again. "Why are you out here all alone? Scared of the big bad wolves?" He laughed at himself as if he was the best comedian in the world.

"Just go away Zach, I don't care what you think of me, just leave me alone." I sighed to myself, proud that I didn't stutter.

He looked pissed when I glanced up at him, "who gave you the right to talk to me like that? You're a no good, fat bitch and nobody wants you here." He growled. I got up and walked away without another word, hearing anyone say that I could deal with it but when it comes from your mate you can't help but be shattered. "I didn't say you could leave!" He screamed from behind me.

"You asked me to leave so I am." Was all I replied with while I ran home again, leaving school early again, I was sure to get a call from the Alpha to discipline me but I didn't plan on being around for that.

I quickly ran up the stairs when I made it home, sobbing as I gathered my necessities. "This is it," I said to myself, "I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving, for good."

I pulled out some pen and paper.

'Dear Adam,
I'm finally leaving. I've had enough of everything that's happened. Of you all treating me like shit. Of my mate treating me like shit. This is what you wanted anyway, right? For me to leave? Either way, it's what I wish. Even after everything, I hope you have a wonderful life, meet your mate and live a long happy life. I hope deep down that you are happy knowing I'm finally away from the dreadful place I once called my home.
If he happens to ask, which I know he won't, tell him I reject him as my mate and I am going to move on when I find a new home. Tell him to mate someone else because I'll never come back.
With love,

I quickly grabbed something to cover my scent, and was on my way. I walked for a bit until I reached the edge of the woods, signaling the end of our town. There was only one thought on my mind as I took my first step into the thick foliage and took a deep breath, "I'm finally free."

As I continued through the woods, the feeling of freedom left me as dread settled in.

Maybe I should have stayed home.

Maybe this was the wrong idea.

The thought quickly left my mind. No, I am confident I made the right choice, I only felt depressed in that prison. I continued to give myself more reasons as to why it was best that I left.

I shifted and continued to run but a few hours later I began to feel plagued with fatigue, my bag lay awkwardly on my back, sticking to my fur as I was sweating from all the running. Suddenly I noticed a small stream in the process of trying to avoid falling on my face. My eyes began to droop as I slipped in and out of consciousness, slightly perplexed when I began imagining four different wolves in front of me.

Oh shit, what? I was snapped back into full awareness as I realized my situation. Hesitantly, I took two small steps forward.


A sharp, deep voice barked in my mind. I immediately stayed where I was, terrified of what would happen if I took another step. I threw my duffle bag down, and lay down as if I had been caught by some sort of wolf police. Which, I guess in some ways I was.

–Who are you?-

The same voice spoke again. I considered lying, but came to the conclusion that, in a situation like this, lying was probably a horrible idea on my part. So I just told the truth.

–A nobody, honestly. I'm sorry I didn't realise this was a packs land, I'm just passing through.-

They looked at me, shutting me out of the mind link then turned their heads towards me.

-Follow us, the Alpha wants a word Rogue.-

I nodded, as I decided they probably would have hurt me already if they wanted to. We reached their village in no time, following the same stream I nearly fell in. Changing back, I blushed when I realized I had no clothes on. I left my duffle back there, too. "If you're embarrassed, there's no need to be, we are all wolves here." A smooth deep voice spoke. I turned around, mortified at the smiling boy. I quickly covered any exposed part of myself that I could. "What's your name? I'm Dylan." He put out his hand for me to shake. I swallowed hard, my cheeks enflamed more than ever. Dylan was fully nude in front of me.

I didn't put my hand out as I spoke, "I'm Raven." I finally managed to get out.

"Hello, Raven. You are currently talking to the Alpha of this fine pack. My father recently passed away." He looked down solemnly.

"Oh, I...I'm so sorry. My parents are probably gone too; I haven't seen them in years."

"My condolences." He replied. I nodded.

"I need you to come with me, you don't smell like a rogue and so I can tell you've been in a pack before but I need to understand why you're on my land, and whether you pose a threat or not. I'm sure you understand." He said, a stern yet friendly face replacing his grin from moments before.

"Um..." I awkwardly looked down at myself, "Do you have clothes?"
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