My Unofficial Rejection

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Raven’s POV

"Um..." I awkwardly looked down at myself, "Do you have clothes?"

"Of course," I followed him into the largest house in the small village. He called his mother who came down setting clothes out for me. She smiled, but her eyes held a mournful look. I felt bad for her, even though I was rejected, she lost the one she loved. She lost her actual mate, the one that accepted her.

Quickly changing in the bathroom Dylan showed me, I came downstairs to be greeted by three boys who I could tell were the wolves from before. They were now dressed, including Dylan. They introduced themselves as Jace, Ash, and Ethan. They were all good looking, but that only lead me to think about Zach. Tears welled up in my eyes for the millionth time today. "Shit!" Dylan panicked, "What's wrong?"He came over to squat in front of me, worry taking over his features. Unfortunately the kind gesture only made me cry harder. After a while I finally calmed down enough to stutter one sentence, "My mate. H-h-he re-rejected m-m-me." Dylan and the others looked at me sympathetically.

"I'm guessing that's why you've left your pack then? I knew you hadn't been a rogue long." He said the last part quietly, mostly to himself I think. "At least he's still there. Maybe he needs time. My mate, she was killed by another pack in the same attack that took my father. At least there's a chance." I felt horrible. His father and his mate? His life was much worse than mine. "You can tell us what happened over some dinner how does that sound?" He asked smiling at me.

"But... but I'm a rogue you should just kick me off your land now" I said looking at the floor. I was shocked to feel a hand lift my chin up.

"No pack member deserves rejection, and I understand the need to get away. But being a rogue was not the path meant for you. I would like you to stay with my pack here, I'd feel guilty letting you fend for yourself when we have a strong pack that will happily accept you." He smiled down at me and I couldn't help the tears that fell.

"Thank you Alpha Dylan, that's so unbelievably kind of you, how will I ever repay you?" I sighed.

"No need, just be loyal and look after the others with me in the pack and that's repayment enough. Now let's get some food and chat... come on boys." He walked away to the kitchen and I followed, taking in the huge open plan kitchen/ dining room. White and grey everywhere. It was stunning to say the least!

I grinned, "what did you feel like? I love cooking and my signature dish is lasagne if any of you want that?" I asked, grinning, I know how I can repay them now. I can cook for them and make sure they stay full and strong.

"Oh thank god! I thought we would have to have toasties or ready meals again with the cook still ill!" The boy who I think was called Jace laughed out! I laughed along too as I made my way around the kitchen asked for locations of things every now and then. The boys all sat at the island and watched me with fascinated eyes.

When it was ready we all dug in and they were all moaning and saying how much better it was then anything they had even when they did have the cook around.

"Well I love cooking and baking and I must say I've gotten rather good over the years so I'm happy to take requests!" I giggled as they all nodded their heads eagerly.

I then began to tell the entire story of life's events, including about my parents, my brother and eventually my mate.

By the end, they all looked angry. "What the hell?" Jace furiously said.

"Wait. So even though he's your mate, he bullied you and made the entire school hate you?" I nodded in response to Ash's question.

"Total bullshit." Ethan added.

Dylan put his arm around me as he stood up, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Well ignore what I said earlier, he deserves the pain he will feel when he knows you've gone for good. Don't go back to him. Nobody deserves someone they've treated that poorly. Stop crying over him, I mean it. You are worth so much more than that ill-bred bigot. Please, please accept my offer to stay in the pack, you can stay with us forever if you want to." My mouth hung agape at his sincerity. They all looked expectant at an answer.

"Yes. I would love to... honestly I was scared how I'd survive on my own but I couldn't take it there anymore. I'll stay, and maybe cook to repay you for the kindness you're showing me, not many other packs would do the same. And of course how I could I turn these four puppy dog faces down... I'll if it means that much to all of you." I giggled making jokes with them made me feel happy, settled. Their looks of anger washed away and they smiled immediately. Until they realised I called them puppy dogs that is!

"Hey!" Dylan called out, "we are not puppy dogs, I'll have you know we are a strong warrior pack of WOLVES!" I giggled at his response.

"Yeah, yeah" I giggled again collecting the plates up and walking to the sink. Ash grabbed my hand to pull me away from the sink, and they pulled me into a group hug.

Later, when all the boys had left, Dylan hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I meant what I said. You are so strong for putting up with them all that time." That made me smile a bit.

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