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Ivano Esposito He is smart, dashing, single and FATHER to a prankster baby. His one glare can make people beg for mercy. To keep an eye on his son he needs a 24/7 nanny service. Idhaya Ricci To consider her beautiful is the truth but classy? No, she has no time and money to maintain a class. Running a successful business for years and seeing the same business ruining is hard, but she has no other option or maybe she has? The journey with no particular end but happiness is hard to find and even harder to maintain. How they both will come on the same page of love?

Romance / Drama
Sonam Gokhru
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Chapter 1

Idhaya Ricci's POV

"Urrggghh! I have already selected three nannies for you and you fired them. Now you want me to hire a new one! Just say me one thing... Are nannies provided on a tree that I pluck one nanny out every time you fire the previous one? And on top of that, you provide me with time limits. Each time I run late in the hiring you deduct from my payment! Mind you I am running an agency here and you can't deduct my commission. You... You... Monster! I can't hire anyone now." I yelled at my client over a phone call.

My favorite client. The Ivanovich Esposito.

"Don't. Even. Dare to. Yell at me!" I flinched when he used his dangerously low tone with the threat.

"And one more thing. Ms. Idhaya that you are using your only client by doing that. I believe that you have lost all your clients in this lockdown situation. So bear with it if you want your non-existent business running. Send me a new nanny in two days!" And with that, he hangs up. Every time!

He gives me only two days every time he asks me to find a nanny! Does he even know that with his requirements for the nanny no one... Practically no one will be interested in the job. But because of me, he got three nannies in just six months. But he fired everyone because... His son was not satisfied with the way they all looked or talked!

That means now, I have to tender both the father as well as his son's requirements!

He doesn't want a nanny who can't stay in their house.

He doesn't want a nanny with a high temper.

He doesn't want a nanny who will take his son's pranks seriously and scold him.

He doesn't want a nanny who can't cook.

He doesn't want a nanny who has her family's responsibility as she won't be able to cater to his son.

He doesn't like a nanny that is too much talkative.

He doesn't want a nanny to interfere with his and his son's personal life.

He wants her to be mentally stable and healthy.

So I found exactly what he wanted in a few widows and hired them after procedural assessments. And for the first nanny, his son didn't like her hair.

The second one had bad breath.

Third, well he didn't like her voice because she was too into sweet talks!

That's it! And after one month and above for each hire he paid me much less than the efforts I took.

Because of lockdown, my whole business went into the ruins. Nobody wanted a nanny and still, people are working from home so simultaneously they can take care of babies. Or they have lost their jobs so they are free. And others... Well, they don't want to take a risk in a pandemic.

So, when I lost all the hopes of my business functioning like before... This monster called me. And I felt he was some god's sent angel for me... But oh boy! How wrong I was!

Staying in Italy from my childhood I don't want to leave this country and I don't have anyone other than my parents.

Those were the happy days when we had money. My Dad was a multilingual translator for a company in Italy. He was paid well and we had a nearly luxurious lifestyle. My mom was a homemaker and we all were really happy.

But then he had a stroke and that resulted in apraxia due to which he couldn't speak. He can't formulate a single sentence after several therapies and that made him lose his confidence in himself. Now he doesn't want to try.

Now that we have lost all our savings and our house on his treatment and still with no results... He wrote a letter to me saying sorry for everything and packed his and mom's belongings and shifted to old age homes.

My mom explained to me that this was the best solution as we can't pay the rent. I sadly nodded promising that I will earn and bring them back. But this pandemic! I couldn't earn a shilling.

I shifted to a girl's hostel near the old age home to save as much money as possible. And I thought my business will function smoothly forever. Now, I am seeing my business in deep shit and I can't do anything. Even if I try finding him a nanny it will take time.

When I started this agency I was only eighteen. I heard many people while traveling in buses, trains, and cabs that they need a person who can take care of their kids at their own home and they don't need to leave them in daycare. I knew a few people in my locality majorly adult women who were searching for some job. And I connected the dots and earned.

And now I am already twenty-seven! People of my age have a successful career or business. I also had but with that, they have a rocking love life. But for me? I never had a single boyfriend because there was no time for me to enjoy myself with my business and family. After successful nine years, I am back to square one. Nothing in hand other than minor savings for hostel expenses, food, and medical expenses of Dad.

And now I think, I should start a job rather than trying salvaging my business. At least I am a postgraduate can find a better job in marketing with my business skills or human resource jobs are also good. At least I will have a fixed monthly flow and no stress of none clearing of the payments.

Tomorrow I will call that idiot and say that I can't hire anyone for him and I have no plans to continue my business. He should go and fuck himself for being this rude without meeting even once!

Actually... Why tomorrow? I can call him now.

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