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Dear Detested

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We know how the classic tale of the intimidating, bad boy and the sweet, shy good girl goes. But what happens when the intimidating bad boy meets an equally, if not more, intimidating girl who isn’t necessarily the sweetest? But with time, they were somewhere between ‘fuck you’ and ‘fuck off’ and that certain something fucked everything up.

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Meet Marcus Avery. The popular bad-boy. Everything about him screamed trouble. The tall man with a messy mop of hair and tattoos scattered all over his smooth tan skin was always surrounded by an air that unapologetically asserted the ‘center of attention.'

There was something about him that made heads turn towards him, even if he was with his group of alike-reputed hot jocks. It was hard to tell if this was because of his intimidating personality or his charming mien. His nonchalant demeanor, which turns rather flirty when he wants to have his way with girls, only added more to his smug player kinda attitude.

But what happens when he doesn’t get the usual fawning he is oh, so used to?

Meet Sky Jackson. She wasn’t the cliché good girl who always ends up falling head over heels for the bad boy. She seemed to be unimpressed and unaffected by the charms of Marcus Avery that seemed to have so many girls swooning over him. If everyone wanted something or well, someone, she would rather not have it. Which explains why she wasn’t necessarily a fan of Avery.

She was the ‘all or nothing’ kinda woman. She didn’t find the need to sugarcoat stuff because of which she wasn’t necessarily the sweetest woman around. But she wasn’t complaining, of course. She would rather have her books and headphones give her company than some species, which barely qualifies as human.

But as the twisted play of fate would have it, Sky and Marcus crossed paths more often than they had presumed. And with crossing paths came their clashes. It was almost as if they had taken an oath to get on each other’s nerves with every passing living moment. And to say these clashes often lead to something feisty was probably the biggest understatement.

Avery had taken it upon his ego to make sure Sky falls for him while Sky was adamant to make sure Avery got off the self-proclaimed ‘ know-it-all, have-it-all ' cloud he always seemed to be floating on.

Marcus used his smooth words, his luring touch, and mellow voice to get Sky wrapped around his finger, and as much as Sky wanted to dismiss the thought of Avery every time he crossed her mind, she found herself lingering onto it. Sky’s sassy mouth and unimpressed demeanor didn’t happen to help either. Marcus had started to look at Sky like a challenge and he loved challenges because he had a habit of winning.

The hitching of breath behind every eye-roll Sky would throw at Marcus and the unexplainable sense of fulfillment, which Marcus got from seeing her weak for him was conveniently buried in the name of the challenge.

But with time, they were somewhere between ‘fuck you’ and ‘fuck off’, and that certain something fucked everything up.

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