Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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Düsseldorf, Germany, Deutschland. Winter, December 21st 2015.

Germany is still completely dark when Christopher Schlosser decided to move from the couch and sipped some cold Paulanee cans. He opened the curtains the living room window and stared out into the night. Noting row of evergreen ornamental and floodlights in as far as the eye could see slowly sipping his beer. The beer was very bitter. However, for the first time, Christopher needed in his life.

“Christ?” Anggia awake from sleep lelapnya. Realizing that he was alone and abandoned by Christopher. A distance of several meters by Christopher it seemed very much for Anggia now.

Christopher himself being cast imagination to the middle of nowhere, did not feel the call. Also, when Anggia moved from the couch to hug her from behind.

Gets a hug like that, Christopher’s body stiffened.

“I’m sorry!” Anggia softly. His voice almost choked. After a long time to know Anggia, Christopher conscious, Anggia crying. In fact, before the shoulder Anggia fully shaken.

Christopher turned around and grabbed the girl into her arms. “What is it, Meine Schöne Frau? You’re a bad dream? ”

Anggia only nod in between sobs.

Christopher reassured by gently stroking the black hair geraian Anggia. Lifetime, Christopher always craved want to have a woman with the kind of hair that looks healthy and riveting as it was. However, there was no color it in Germany. “No problem. It was just a nightmare. Everything will be over soon. ”

Anggia shook aloud without stopping her sobs. “I know you’re mad at me, because Ralf ....”

“Never mind, he! I’m fine. Whatever makes you happy. “Christopher quick cut greeting Anggia not want his name for the sake of any kind even ruin the mood. Dibimbingnya Anggia back toward the couch before brewing a cup of hot chocolate to Anggia.

“Go to sleep again!” Said Christopher soothing Anggia-shortly after Anggia spent half his hot chocolate-he pulled an old blanket to cover the body with warmth Anggia before confirming the location of the scrambled Anggia tangled hair.

“Come here, Christ!” Pleaded Anggia. “I’m afraid the nightmares come again.”

Christopher motionless in his seat next to Anggia lie. Jaws hardened got a strong enough pull on both fingers Anggia.

“Please!” Begged Anggia earnest. She was close to crying again. Until Christopher was forced to lay down back.

Time seemed to have walked hundreds of years when the clock on the television screen in front of her mini appoint five in the morning. The Germans nobody up so early, but it was a couch with Anggia, making Christopher tense nerves became increasingly tense night.

Anggia itself covers the body of Christopher without guilt. Dilingkarkannya fingers of the hand and foot on the body of Christopher. From hela breathing regular, clear Anggia asleep one hundred percent.

Christopher must refrain as strong as his heart to not touch Anggia. The defense nearly collapsed when she saw Anggia sensual lips a little chapped. There is a chocolate aroma extreme rising from between them. Until Christopher wanted to gulp it down without a second thought. Didekatkannya Anggia his lips before a cold aura resuscitate something. He had promised not to make any Anggia unwanted Anggia. And now Anggia state fully unconscious.

Christopher feeling something is slicing and cause feelings of pain are extremely severe. He pulled his face from the lips Anggia with the remnants of his last strength and healthy logic. Instead, he simply kissed the crown of Anggia glance before deciding to withdraw from the couch.

“Make me, Christ!” Murmured Anggia. Her eyes were still completely closed. Until Christopher felt that he was hallucinating.

Digeleng-gelengkannya head loud to dispel that thought. Maybe now he has a half-crazed. Anggia hair stroked her back briefly before going to withdraw from the couch.

“Do it, Christ!” This time Anggia block Christopher wrist tightly. “Kiss Me!”

She was still not open her eyes. But now, Christopher knew he was hallucinating middle. He touched Anggia face with his fingers before approaching lips toward Anggia and kissed it gently. Anggia did not give any response to his kiss. His expression was just plain in receiving a kiss Christopher.

That’s when Anggia room door open. Showing the silhouette of Ralf in the middle of the doorway. “Sorry! I just could not sleep .... “Ralf ran out of words to describe. Instead, he pulled back into the room.

“It’s okay, Cyzk. We’re done. “Christopher drew back from Anggia staring meaningfully Anggia. Anggia could not catch the meaning of the second Christopher’s gaze. It’s just that look increasingly making Anggia feeling abysmally and heart pounding. “I’ll make you breakfast,” Christopher said goodbye on Anggia while ruffling hair Anggia with exasperation before landing his kiss there.

Ralf already landed his ass on the living room couch, made eye contact with Anggia. Probe Anggia face vague, until Anggia hastily said, “If you want to drink something, just select themselves in the fridge! There are several brotsorten-bread is also there. “However, the speech was not able to relieve the red tinge that wafted on the sidelines Anggia face.

They returned eye contact. Anggia smiled shyly before Ralf said, “You do not need to explain anything to me, Slst. You’re lucky to get Schl never close to any woman. And I’m sure, is the same Schl lucky you. And now that you’re allowed to breathe again, “teased Ralf. Seeing the face Anggia which is now like a boiled crab, Ralf was sure that the girl in front of it forgot to breathe correctly a moment ago.

If only Katl like Slst.

“Do not worry, I’ll help any way I can to improve your relationship! You know, in certain cases, LGBT still be improved, “Anggia response. For the sake of capturing a color change expression Ralf. The expression is now very easy to read. Not as before when they had just met. Anggia very careful in choosing his words in order not want Ralf offended. However, her lips still choked up when reciting his words were LGBT.

Luckily, Christopher quickly go back and save the atmosphere suddenly seemed less comfortable!

“You did not tell me to eat bread at the breakfast time, Christ?” Suspicious Anggia. For the sake of seeing a strange expression on his girlfriend as far as the eye can see. Moreover, Christopher tempo taken too soon to prepare a breakfast Indonesia. Also, for a fried rice.

Christopher grinned, hearing the veiled protest Anggia. “Practicing alone! At least until we meet Frank. ”

“For God’s sake, it’s still four days ....”

Christopher brief kiss on the lips Anggia order to stop his words. “Do not worry, I’ve gorengkan two fried eggs for you! And there is no inventory of ten boxes of cheese and sausage in the fridge, “he said as he handed me a gigantic plate toward Anggia. One sesambrötchen-bread with a sprinkling of sesame-and-one roggenbrot of rye-bread that has been inserted onions, lettuce, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, sausage and cheese slices. Not to forget two eggs, sunny side promised Christopher.

“For God’s sake, Schl, if your girl always eat so much in the early morning?” Ralf grimacing horrified look towards the plate is gripped Anggia.

“Wait till you see the full activity on campus! He will be able to spend the entire contents of the cafeteria at ten o’clock in the morning. ”

“Christ!” Christopher shoulder Anggia light hitting barrage. Now he feels has full rights to it. Christopher had never objected. Perhaps it was also the first to make it slip on the Asian girl. Given that Asian girls treat it in a different way with the German girl in general. In fact, ever since they first met at the airport of Düsseldorf.

“Stop looking at me like that, Christ! You will make me really choking. “Anggia distanced Christopher’s face with his fingers. Meanwhile, another ten fingers are busy inserting the enormous bread to his lips.

Christopher did not respond to objections Anggia. Just getting out of his seat. “I will take a bath. You also have a class in the morning, instead, Cyzk? ”

“I am coming along. You think, I’m a housekeeper? You are in college, while I who clean the house? “Anggia not turn when delivering gumamannya. He was still busy with his food. However, Anggia not joking his words. As an Indonesian woman mostly, he felt the need to accompany Christopher in all of its activities outside the home.

Ralf himself gaze to throw open the curtains in front of them. Did not seem interested in the topic being discussed second man who was in love it. The curtains were still left as it was overnight. As Ralf mind that is always kept open for a Karina. Although, cold. Perih. Seperih snow as cold and piercing the bone marrow in as far as the eye can see.

“You sure you can be left alone?” Christopher adjusted his orange scarf striped Anggia with a very intimate movement before cleaning snowflakes in geraian Anggia straight hair. The movement was to invite the attention of several eye near them. However, Christopher did not seem to care. All he cares about is the comfort of the girl in front of it.

Anggia nodded as he leaned back in his pick for the seat cafeteria approaching large windows capless design Spain. Part docked seats in that section, all equipped with marble tiled rest of grayish-white. Only, snowflakes enter effortlessly into the area.

“I’ll be right back after class.” He touched Anggia hair gently before kissing the top of his head. Instead passed towards the exit, Christopher instead moved toward a row of etelase serving fast food to which they must be cooked again.

The clerk behind the display was pointing to the rows of a German-style bread that is lined with sweetness in one of the storefront. Were immediately greeted with a shake of his head by Christopher. Instead, Christopher pointed in another direction. And the official could scarcely believe when Christopher convey pesananannya at nine o’clock.

Anggia themselves were turned away toward the snow outside the window. To take one, two students were busy making snowmen and playing snowballs. He himself wants to do the latter with Christopher.

“We’ll do after college, he,” Christopher murmured, interrupting the view Anggia.

Anggia Christopher turned and found that carrying a large tray plate of white rice, huehnerfrikassee, currywurst and kohlroulade, as well as a large glass joghurt. After eating at the cafeteria the other day, Anggia can ensure the best choice.

“If it is less, you just order. I’ll pay. “Christopher put the tray, Anggia kissed again, and passed.

Anggia attention to Christopher passed away until his back disappeared in the distance. The type of man like Christopher might be less attracted the eyes of Indonesian women in general. There are no bad impression of guy who looks at her. Just a little cold and standoffish to people who do not know him well. Meanwhile, for those who already know him, perhaps Christopher type of boring. He was not good at seducing in words.

Up to now, Anggia never heard of Christopher surprised with a very thick accent Munichnya or how Anggia has an exotic beauty that is not owned by other women in Germany. Also, when Christopher stared at him without stopping. Anggia not able to see the aura of admiration. Aura admiration when Florens surprised with accents Munich Anggia. Also, when Sascha openly want to make Anggia a photographic models. Or when Aram middle Anggia madly with natural talent in design.

Given Christopher, Anggia twisting heart pendant looped around his neck while enjoying the pieces of her currywurst. Until now, Anggia still felt, the German food anywhere nothing can satiates. He could even add two times the same menu as recommended Christopher.

Anggia open closed pendant around his neck and was stunned to find the attached photos in there, a little different. Photos on the right side of the locket was not a photo of yourself Christopher now as a teenager. However, a photo of himself being kissed Christopher in the campus parking lot some time ago. Photos taken secretly by Sascha before the bloody incident in the early winter it happen. Somehow, Christopher managed to save pictures without a scratch and without blemish. Also, change the picture in the locket. Given the locket never be separated again from the neck Anggia.

Anggia leaned more relaxed. Deliberately not close again for the sake of hearts pendant want to show the world that he is the legitimate property of Christopher. Disesapnya pieces mixed kohlroulade huehnerfrikassee her before she caught sight of a person.

That Karina. He was joking with Sara as she walked toward the hallway that connects the cafeteria with a bathroom.

Anggia remembered his promise on Ralf. However, the contents of the tray was left half the plate. Christopher would have objected if he left his tray in such circumstances. Anggia decided to spend the rest of the tray with haste as he sipped his jogurt quickly before pursuing Karina toward the same hallway.

The hallway was empty. Because the course has begun. Anggia not know what to pursue Karina toward which before he decided to wash her face in the bathroom.

Anggia opened the bathroom door-was about to go in there, when he found the middle of making out with Sara Karina near the sink-before deciding to shut it again.

“Hey, Slst!” Karina hasty pursuit Anggia. “Nobody saw anything about this. Ok? ”

Sara is still sitting on the sink, quickly readjusted his clothes disheveled.

Anggia want to throw up to see it. “Did I see what? No. Only Ralf yesterday to our apartment-I mean, my apartment and my beloved, Christ-and told him everything. Go back to her, Rin! He loved you very much. Relationship and Sara anyway .... ”

“However what? Nothing prohibits this kind of relationship in Germany. Also when Schl touch my body last summer. And when now Schl affair with Mck. ”

Anggia hard slaps your right cheek before pushing body Karina Karina back.

Karina almost fell backward toward the bathroom wall behind him. While Sara who still had not moved from his seat, unable to do anything.

“Watch what you say! Christ is now legitimate to be mine. ”

“Oh, yes? Then why do not you just check what is being done now in its class Schl? Maybe she was making out with Mck. And besides, if I still maintain my relationship with Cyzk, what he would take me around France and bought the most expensive makeup and perfume? You know, he is very different from the Schl. It was not my type. I like the Schl without her having to buy something. But, Cyzk, .... ”

Anggia already slammed the bathroom door in front of him and hurried toward Christopher classrooms on the second floor. The students sculpture initial and advanced levels, the middle classes are the last practice before the winter holidays in the passage.

Anggia should run until the end of the corridor to the left. Almost half running. He knew that at that time he could not interfere with Christopher in the middle class practice. However, more than anything, Anggia need to see Christopher in the distance to his feelings. Not because inedible incitement Karina. Anggia took Christopher. That is all. Christopher is everything for Anggia.

The windows were wide class size makes it twice a Anggia to browse into a closed class. There are no lecturers in class advanced chisel it. The student was busy making pottery from clay and clay on a pottery rotator. However, Anggia could not see Christopher from the window where she was.

One of the students in the class who was a little chubby, burst out of the room in haste while leaving the door wide open class.

Anggia did not waste the opportunity to glimpse into the classroom. Dilongokkannya his head in the doorway deep up to half his body attached to the door of the classroom. That’s when he saw Christopher.

Christopher was hugging Florens Micek from behind. Holding two fingers firmly Florens while helping him play pottery was half done, so that the more smooth and beautiful shape. A moment later, Christopher put his lips toward Florens and whispered something. Very close. Until involuntarily, gripping Anggia leaves the door loudly.

It took a full strength for Anggia for stepped from the classroom doorway, running along the corridor, down dozens of stairs, to the furthest end of the park, before he fell to his knees behind the branches and reranting Sakura that has been covered with snow. His heart was overflowing. Suddenly, the entire contents of his stomach sticking to stomach ulcers.

Anggia vomiting behind the white trees. He would have liked to cry, but no tears came out. As if the tears hatch was blocked by something enormous. Waiver of some German ber- “Guten Tag” to him. Also, when the Syrians through and asking the situation. Anggia could only shook his head and nodded silently.

“He is, you’re here, Meine Schöne Frau?” Christopher Anggia pulling the body from above the snowy ground. Anggia barely felt the touch of it. Also, when Christopher pair following a winter jacket scarf to Anggia body. “You left your jacket in the cafeteria. See, now you’re freezing! “Christopher protested.

“And your shawl fell on the stairs. Sascha found it. She said you cried and ran towards here. “Christopher searching for something in the depths of the lake clear Anggia, but did not find anything there.

“Depleted your girl vomiting, Schl.” Aram who had to go, out of nowhere again, giving brief information. “She does not want to save. Maybe waiting for you. “Aram continued his speech without looking toward Anggia and Christopher again.

“Gosh, really? There should let you eat as much and wandering alone in the winter, Ia. You’re really, why did we have to wear a cycling event together everything in a bitter winter. Let kucarikan ride. “Christopher grumbled at length-like contracting fever and fussiness Anggia Ralf-while removing her winter jacket and stuffed themselves well to body Anggia.

However, precisely Anggia silent. One hundred percent of nothing. Christopher was half dragged Anggia when it took him to the parking lot.

Please, do not car Karina, Sara, or Florens! Anggia heart cried.

His wish came true. Christopher lifted his palms facing towards Syria, and extend the index finger. Aram being issued vehicle from the parking lot, stopped his car for a moment in the distance.

Christopher directly carrying Anggia body and jogged to where the car is located Aram. “Can ride until Lessingstrasse?”

Aram nodded.

“We sat in the back huh? You know, my girl was ill. ”

Aram no comment. Just let alone silence between them when Christopher tried to sit Anggia and himself on the seat. The silence did not break when they are on the way. Presumably, Aram was not the type who likes to waste time with conversation was not important.

And Christopher did not want to waste his time. Nothing is more important to him other than talking to Syria. Noting the girl beside it.

Christopher interesting Anggia to lean on him. Dilingkupinya Anggia body with two fingers. Anggia itself just closed his eyes tightly. Nausea very, very back sticking in him. And Anggia do not want to dirty with vomit Aram car, for whatever reason.

Christopher who knew nothing about the cause Anggia residence, started talking, replace Anggia. “You want I make what later? Oxtail soup and hot chocolate? Rindergulasch and warm milk? Or what? But I think, you need that warm. Ah, maybe I’ll call Muttie just to visit and memasakkanmu something .... ”

Aram glanced in the rearview mirror in the car in the direction that has not stopped ceracauannya Christopher. In addition to the Karina which always makes Christopher hotheaded, only this time Christopher talked too much. Barely controllable. That’s when the Syrians know, the man in the back seat of his car was being desperately in love at Anggia.

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