Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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Düsseldorf, Germany, Deutschland. Winter, December 24th 2014.

“Cyzk, sorry if I’m interrupting your vacation! But he did not want to eat at all. In fact, artificial Apfelkuchen Muttie had not been touched until now. “Christopher welcome Ralf at the end of the apartment door.

Ralf who was opening a winter coat and black scarf did not respond to a greeting Christopher. Until Christopher continued his description. “I think, you know him better than I do. You know, I really do not know how to deal with women. ”

Ralf nodded in understanding and meeting Anggia who was lying behind an old blanket on the living room sofa in the apartment Christopher.

“Schatzi .... “Anggia pale lips muttered when he saw a creature full of piercing it.

Ralf time it was used earrings as usual, only a small gold-plated earrings were barely visible. Instead, there is a new piercing in her nose and her right eyebrow.

Anggia about to move from the couch before Ralf way. “Take a break! I brought rice and satay padang for you," he said while putting a bundle of white wine and more. “May I feed you?”

Anggia back against the backrest of the couch as he shook his head softly. Movement was very faint and barely visible. “I’m not hungry. Really!”

“You want to buy you what? I will order it for you, to be delivered to the apartment. ”

Again Anggia shook his head. “I’m not hungry.”

“I’ve asked the same question a thousand times to her. Instead of food, beverages was barely touched. And her stomach yet to concede anything all day," Christopher muttered in the background. He was standing behind the couch, watching Ralf sitting on the side Anggia.

Ralf did not respond to a greeting Christopher. Just pay attention to Anggia faint. Color her skin was actually very brown. However, that day the chocolate impression faded and replaced with a pale blue color. If not exactly as pale as cotton.

Ralf moved from his seat while carrying a vial of white. “I use your kitchen for a while, Schl, if you do not mind.”

Christopher nodded and did not move from his place. He wanted to take the place of Ralf sitting’d been, but Anggia was very sensitive to it.

Ralf returned a few minutes later with a bowl of fresh milk that has been heated and dipping pieces of bread with currants rosinenbrötchen-weizenbrötchen-and-bread from wheat and cheese slices into it.

“I’m not hungry, Schatzi.” Anggia immediately covered her face with a blanket worn it.

Ralf made no comment. Just feed a few slices of bread that have been melt it into his mouth. “Hmm ... it tasted awful! Do you want to try Schl? ”

“Sure,” commented Christopher while moving toward the kitchen.

Anggia who inhaled the scent of hot milk mixed with bread and cheese slices it popped his head slightly from behind an old blanket that covered her body. The aroma was really evocative taste.

“Arise, Slst! Schl came." Ralf whispered as he spooned a bit of bread melt it toward Anggia. And help her bed-ridden.

Anggia accepted the bribes without too much protest.

Ralf body position that is to the door and the kitchen window, blocking the view Anggia fully towards the kitchen. Up to two beings that could not see the expression and what was done Christopher there.

Christopher stood in front of the refrigerator, looking towards the creature in his living room couch with jaw hardened. There was absolutely no sign that she would make breakfast for himself. Ralf said on the appropriate moment ago. Both Christopher fingers clenched tightly to his books turned white. Almost as white as snow. A new scent bubbling jealousy mercilessly in his heart cavity. His newfound feelings all his life. Perhaps almost too late for the German youth his age.

That’s when the ringing phone on the kitchen wall that rings with sharpness. Breaking up any who were hung between them.

“Schl here .... Hmmm .... Yes…. Ok. I will wait…. You know my favorite white wine, Mck .... Ok. See you later!”

Anggia choked greatly when Christoper was mentioning the word “Mck” of it. The noise was so loud, until Christopher who was in front of the kitchen casement, looking amazed towards Anggia and Ralf. “Feed her well, Cyzk! I do not want her getting sick, because of you. ”

Ralf did not answer the greeting. Just looked at Anggia indistinct that is now not want to spend their food. The girl curled back under the covers. Shivering. Movement is very real shivers up under the covers.

“I’ll heat up the furnace so that the temperature is warmer again.”

Ralf was about to move from his seat before Anggia blocking. “Here, please.”

Slowly but surely, Ralf could capture what happens with Anggia. His experience is more from the experience Christopher, making it better able to read a person’s inner voice of her movements. However, Ralf was silent. And let the silence only that mediate them.

Anggia paced from the living room couch of Christopher's apartment to the large window that separates the living room to the street below.

Christopher dropped down a few minutes ago when Florens Micek up in that place. They had walked somewhere and hadn't returned to tens of minutes.

“Sit down, Slst! Your lover will not go anywhere. He will definitely come back here." Ralf lit a cigarette as he leaned on the back of the sofa. Fully felt tingling in her twenties who is in front of it. However, the attitude of the girl on Christopher, as if she was a teenager of thirteen who first fell in love.

“You do not know anything about ....”

“I know. You fret on Schl, due your trauma to hear my story about Katl. I’m sure, Schl not so. He was a dandy heavy and non-smokers. But not. And Mck a playboy. He would prefer an affair with you. Instead of an intimate relationship with Schl. ”

“No one knows about it, Ralf. You’re not a psychiatrist, “said Anggia as he hurried back to the couch and curled behind it. See Christopher and Florens has come back out of nowhere. They seem intimate. Christopher patted Florens with movement that looks intimate. At least, it can be read from the window glass that diffuses the sights below.

A few minutes later, the sound of conversation at the end of the hall and the sound of laughter crunchy. Prior to the living room door was wide open. “He’s there Mck ....”

Ralf shook his head vehemently. “Slst gone to bed,” she lied.

Christopher nodded in understanding. “When he woke up, tell him I was in the pottery room. I’ll be back in a few hours. ”

Christopher touching the hair of her lover with all affection before it passes into the fireplace. He pressed a button that was barely visible near the fireplace wall. Moments later, the room behind the wall of the open fireplace. Featuring a studio that contains an assortment of chisels, rotator pottery, sculptures until finished.

“Go where he is?” Anggia immediately incensed after Christopher passed from the living room. Here Florens who followed behind him.

“Calm down, Slst! They just went to a chisel behind the walls of the fireplace. “Ralf Anggia soothing patting gently. “Now you eat first, okay? There is usually very little you eat. ”

Instead of responding to the words of the last Ralf, Anggia precisely menceracau own. “Do you know? All my life, Christ never showed me the chisel room. He did not even want to know, I can sculpt or not. Then why now she were alone together in a closed room Mck it? ”

“Calm down, Slst! You should not generalize everyone with Katl. Not everyone has a sexual disorder like Katl. And I’m sure, Schl not. If he want to deal with Mck, Why now? When you live in the apartment and legally become his lover? ”

Anggia not answer. Just lift both knees into a chair. And put his fingers to the whole knee.

“Sneaker nice. Schl who bought it for you? “Ralf commented when he realized Anggia use casual sneakers pink.

Anggia nodded. “Special wear in the house. You think, I’m tired of having to commute to clean the house, just because I had to change my lifestyle as you? ”

Ralf laugh. Barely stopped. Her laughter gave off a feeling of warmth in the winter becomes more chills than ten days ago. “You look like a Turk’s it! Turks always replace the soles of its feet once they arrive home. And it’s not our lifestyle, the German. ”

Anggia snorted, hearing the narrative of Ralf.

“You do not need to change your lifestyle to sefundamental it, Slst. This apartment belongs Schl. You can apply any culture in this apartment. After all, look at the expensive sneakers were bought by him, would not be surprised if he is going to follow your culture and start learning Indonesian. ”

Anggia silent, do not respond. As if he had never heard of Christopher speaks Indonesian. Although only two, three sentences. However, Christopher said it very eloquently and smoothly. Given that, it’s not a short sentence.

“You know, I met Karina ....” Anggia who started the story about his encounter with Karina on campus.

Ralf himself leaned suddenly felt heavy as he lit up a cigar heaviest.

The dozens of minutes they talked about Karina. Starting from Anggia meeting with Karina for the first time. Until the unrest episode Ralf lately because Karina.

“If I invite Katl went to France and bought the most expensive makeup and perfume, is there any possibility of our relationship ....”

Anggia nodded respond without looking towards Ralf. Telaga black stare into the windows open in front of them. “Of course. The possibility is certainly there. I myself would really like it if someone took me out of Germany for a one-day trip. Perhaps to Sweden or the Netherlands. ”

That’s when Christopher out of the room behind the wall. His jaw for a moment in order to think of something. However, disunggingkannya also smile toward Anggia. “You’re awake, Meine Schöne Frau?” He kissed the crown of Anggia glance. However, Anggia not react. He even felt a queasy feeling back on him mercilessly.

“I go home then. I think, Slst has been slightly improved. “Ralf moved from his seat. “Edible rice yes pasture? I bought it away for you, Slst. ”

Ralf passed without looking back.

Anggia want to hold the departure of Ralf. More than days ago. Anggia conscious, Ralf is a German who most understand about him, other than Christopher. However, Anggia know, he has no right to it. Ralf life was not hers. No matter how peaceful it him in the side of Ralf.

“You want I make dinner? Or just with the food that was delivered Cyzk? ”

Anggia just shook his head with no important question asked Christopher.

“Ok. I was in the room if you need me. ”

Furthermore, Christopher entered the bedroom that had been inhabited by Anggia. Demi relents and gives his favorite couch in Anggia.

“And you? You’re going home right, Florens Micek? “Annoyed Anggia. Accidentally complete the name Florens to add kesarkastisan in his voice.

Florens who had been only silent, now muttering, “No. We are still many matters that must be resolved. I’m going to stay here tonight. ”

“You’ll what?” Anggia completely choked up when reciting statement. The tears were already menganak river to hold back the pain stabbing. As if his heart amid hammered by thousands of mighty hammer. Poignant.

The two men in front of him did not hear that at all greeting Anggia evening breeze. Christopher could only mutter, “Mck going to sleep with me.”

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