Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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Düsseldorf, Germany, Deutschland. Winter, December 25th, 2015.

It was after midnight when Christopher walked drowsily toward the kitchen. His tiredness in fulfilling the college to make earthenware pottery-best, plus a sense of his frighten against Anggia, making his head was pounding and her body stricken with severe dehydration. Christopher decided to brew hot chocolate for himself.

Just a few sips he sipped his hot chocolate, when his gaze fell on the kitchen window. The streets are very dark in the small street next to the apartment, but his heart is cracked unmistakable look. Anggia had ran away from the place it was only with her nightgown. His hair was disheveled, looking more tangled spilled the winter temperature.

She set the hot chocolate was just above the kitchen table before running a hurry, chasing Anggia. Christopher also forget to take along a winter coat and knit scarves and belongs Anggia hers. The fear of losing Anggia burned with hotter aura than the flames burning embers in the summer.

Christopher pursued the same direction with the intended Anggia a few moments ago. Although many intersections in the area around it, but Christopher knew where he had to chase Anggia. Ralf apartment. And the inner voice crackling getting trampled broken aware of it.

Time had been running several centuries when Christopher arrived at the apartment. Not a very luxurious apartment complex. However, it is clearly more luxurious than some level apartment complex occupies.

Anggia middle hugged tightly by Ralf in the doorway of an apartment on the first floor. Anggia was completely unaware that there are steps that chased behind. Only Ralf who look towards the arrival of Christopher, now embraced Anggia very stiff. His body stiffened before hissing softly, “Slst, lover come.”

However, Anggia which has spilled tears and completely sobbing, heard chanting the words of Ralf. “Who would know if Christ is not making love with Flo today, Ralf. There was no CCTV or something .... ”

Winter winds do not move as fast as when other seasons, making whisper Anggia quickly ushered to a few steps behind. Until Christopher Anggia body jerking. And pulled back, half-dragging.

“Christ, you’re hurting me!” Anggia screaming hysterically. Trying to wriggle, but Christopher is very strong pull. As if Christopher people with multiple personality and identity now dominate the central antagonist.

“I’ll prove to you that I am one hundred percent of men and not gay,” threatened Christopher. “And you, Cyzk! Do not try to interfere with our affairs! ”

Ralf did not fear the threats. However, he felt no need to interfere in private matters the creature in front of him. Except, Anggia screaming, asking for help or assistance. Instead, in addition to thrashing and sobbing, not a trace of sound that comes out of the mouth Anggia.

Both the creature disappears very quickly from view Ralf. Christopher dragged Anggia with half running. Continue to be so, until they got back to his apartment.

“Christ, you’re hurting me!” Shouted Anggia when Christopher slammed into apartment living room sofa.

Christopher threw himself on the couch anyway before biting her lip Anggia with hard enough to bleed.

Anggia cry. However, Christopher began frantically, ignoring his cries.

“Is this what you want? I make love with you and prove everything?” Christopher grumbled. Kissing Anggia’s neck repeatedly while lowering Anggia’s dress. His kiss was no longer filled with the romance between lovers. However, proving fully himself as a real man. Also, when Christopher tried to tear Anggia's dress. And continuing his kisses to Anggia’s boobs that had a measurement of 34B.

Christopher bited them hard. Although, he also used his tongue to lick and suck Anggia's boobs and teats, but his movement was completly so cruel. Just like a rapist. He lowered his lick to Anggia's stomach while gropping to the under part of Anggia's dress. Touching her vagina that covered by a slight G-string.

“Enough, Christ! You promised me! “Anggia increasingly hysterical as she clutched the front of the body with all creeps. Precluding any was to be done by Christopher him. Christopher bited her teats hard. Her boobs redden completely because of Christopher’s bite.

Cries Anggia latter, Christopher awaken fully and return to the logic of foods. They need to fight hard for Christopher to distance himself from Anggia and interesting Anggia flow into his arms without passion. Without a word, he took a coat bed and cover her body Anggia.

“I’m sorry!” Anggia and Christopher have sung it at the same time.

“No. I’m sorry. I was too agitated at Karina speech .... ”

“No. I’m sorry. I should have told you about the details of my activities along with everyone I knew. Moreover, you’re not too keen on Mck. But, our lecturers appointed as partner in our final project at the end of this winter. “Christopher burst into long while gently kissed the crown of Anggia. “I’m sorry, Ia! Really, I do not want to break your virginity! That’s because, I chose to sleep in one room with Mck than with you on this couch. There is still work that still must be our resolve. I do not know if it makes you .... ”

Anggia trailed his index finger to his lips Christopher. “I understand, Christ. In fact, if you want me, I’m ready completely. But, no, in a way like that. ”

As if nothing had happened, Florens appears in the background. A mischievous grin without guilt. “Sex after having an argument, eh?” He held up both thumbs. “And I myself liked the Asian girl. You must had gotten sex with me if you had not attracted to this fool, Slst. If there is a German girl who said ever made in love with me, they lied completely. Not as beautiful as Sra. Even, as hot as Katl. Moreover, with a man like Schl. ”

Florens shrugged, full of disgust, and waved it out loud. Looks like I’m dispel something in the air. “Slst ... Slst ... if you know what Schl do with me, you’ll know how much love her ....”

“Mck!” Christopher round her eyes wide. And shook his head faintly.

“What is Christ? There is no secret what? “Anggia staring and looking at the blue eye shade Christopher. However, Christopher tried to look away from the gaze Anggia.

Florens laughed. Laughter seemed like an insult. “This foolish your Christ middle want to give a surprise, Slst. Wait on the game! ”

Anggia no comment. Only pressed him on the chest of Christopher. Inhaled the scent of pine and mahogany are still fresh wafted from behind as he threw two fingers on your body and Christopher. Want to apologize more than that, but no words capable spoken.

Christopher felt what he felt Anggia of hugs tightly. Anggia also embraced by the circle next to the fingers. Meanwhile, another ten fingers gently stroked the hair Anggia.

Meanwhile, as if nothing had happened, Florens threw his body onto the couch and move the mini flat-screen television in the living room table was to lead the direction intersecting with Anggia and Christopher are. Right in front of the fireplace. Turned on the television that was broadcast a German-style hot impressions without the slightest guilt. “You know, Schl, food enthusiast like Slst, will feel hungry after a fight like this. Moreover, he’s been days diet. ”

Christopher glanced Anggia who was leaning against his chest. “You….”

Anggia nodded softly. “It is true, Christ. But not. I still feel at home here, “he said, getting to smuggle her face and squeezed her fingers in circles over his body Christopher.

Florens has gone from the apartment a few minutes ago. Gives you the freedom to be spoiled Anggia along Christopher. Christopher hugged tightly with both feet and hands. Meanwhile, Christopher himself tried not to focus attention on Anggia and glanced at the television screen in front of them where he lay on the sofa he’d been.

“You know, Christ, if the marriage was not there and we just live together, would be very enjoyable.” Anggia cheek Christopher barrage with all affection.

Christopher mumbled incoherently at Anggia indistinct utterance tip and base it anyway.

“Moreover, if God created us without hunger, body odor, and other needs. We do not need to eat, bathe, go to school or work, and could be like this all day. ”

Christopher still no comment. Anggia biting hard cheek Christopher.

“Awww ... what the hell you doing on my cheek?”

“Endless, you anyway! I say, did not watch out. “Anggia sulk as he tried to hit Christopher.

Christopher Anggia catch fingers and kissed it. Furthermore, digelitikinya Anggia with a sense of exasperation. “Woe to you! How dare bite me! You do not know whom you’re dealing with. ”

Anggia guffaw without commenting. Only broken when it says, “Stop it, Christ! Amused! Stop it! ”

A loud knock on the door, did not also make them stop doing activities.

Schatzi, help me! Christ set me up! ”

“It was not your Schatzi. Definitely Mck had left anything behind. Let it be!”

However, the knock on the door louder and impatient. There are no Germans at that hour visit to the beat of a very urgent and without an appointment. Except, that officers check the taps are periodically broken pipe apartment. However, there was no prior notice that the clerk taps will come in the day in the area.

“If it Mck, I will give a lesson to him to complete the task ourselves. If it Muttie, let Muttie’s cooking for us today. If that Schatzi-mu, I swear I’ll kick his ass up out the window. No way interfere with My pleasure along my beloved! “Christopher murmured while trying to reach the remote control on the side farthest table without trying to rise one hundred percent of his couch.

“And if it’s your date of any sex, I swear I would water with mercury.” Anggia say seriously. Completing Christopher turmoil.

Christopher finally able to reach the remote control and lay back on the couch. Direngkuhnya Anggia into her arms, scrambled decrypted hair with all sense of exasperation, kissed the top of his head before opening the door in front of them without any guilt whatsoever.

Anggia themselves that have got ACC Christopher hundred percent of mothers did not feel uncomfortable if it were caught Christopher hugged tightly. Christopher’s mother never take care of the affairs of Anggia and her only child to such detail.

Christopher was almost knocked off his couch when the parlor door was finally open. She reached for the bottle sprudelwasser at a nearby table as she gulped it down a lot. As if he were suffering from dehydration during the four seasons. Instead of pounding hearts relief and astonishment, Christopher actually coughed great. “Ia, das ist....” Christopher sat on the living room carpet was failing her point.

Two-faced middle-aged man with an elegant Asian standing at the front door. The man wearing a formal black suit, waist mengacakkan sake of showing his authority. Meanwhile, a woman who was clutching a small black tote bag metallic, seems mengitarkan gaze around the room. And his gaze fell on the crumpled body of Christopher and Anggia, and masainya blankets on the living room couch.

Christopher was not sure who they are. However, the man’s face like the face Anggia eighty percent. And photos in the wallet they Anggia before Anggia replace it with a photo of Christopher few days ago.

“Mama? Papa?” exclaimed Anggia disbelief. Dibetulkannya location of her clothes rumpled by moving very quickly before jumping from the couch. Instead of walking to the apartment door to greet her parents, Anggia even bring pillows and blankets old toward the room and tossed casually onto the bed.

Christopher was very stunned, trying to remember pieces of information provided by Florens randomly within a very short time before he decided to move from his seat. “Selamat... pagi!S—Good ... morning!” He recalled as he kissed both middle fingers of both in front of him with reverence.

Instead of shocked and amazed at the effort Christopher speaks Indonesian and cultured, middle-aged man with black hair full of gray hair that looked at his watch and muttering, “Good afternoon! Indonesian people do not say good morning at eleven. ”

“Papa!” Anggia upset. Not over him aghast Christopher will attempt to speak Indonesian, his father was even grilling Christopher with unimportant information. “What’s the difference between morning and afternoon? As if Papa smart German language course! “Retorted Anggia.

Christopher stretched out his right hand wide, pointed at the sofa which still looks tangled, but now deserted, without attributes. He did not know what to say anything before Anggia take over its function.

“Go in and sit down!” Said Anggia while sitting in the middle of the sofa. It never seemed to want to kiss the fingers or cheeks of both parents. He folded his hands in front of his chest with a taste not like very subtle. His father was sitting on a sofa near Anggia, was to be with him.

Perjalanan Anda... baik?—Your trip... good?” Christopher stood awkwardly while trying to remember pieces of information that had been crammed Florens him. Pieces of information that was too much. Christopher had not even compiled a short dictionary and sort it out in his mind when both parents Anggia decided to come to Germany.

“Well ... well ... so health? Say, ‘fun’, not good! And ‘Anda’ is too formal for situations like this. Say, ‘kamu’ Or call me ‘Bapak’ and her ‘Ibu’, as the Indonesian people call an older person, “said the man’s eyes droopy-faced oval while moving to shuttle to wizen hand to point at himself and the middle-aged woman beside him.

Christopher was able to catch a middle-aged man greeting a hundred percent. But, the way he twisted his dark eyes when chattering, his grunt when he heard the words of Christopher, until a sharp look that at the moment he threw towards Christopher, exactly just like her Anggia. Until Christopher grinned and decided to sit relaxly at the farthest end of the sofa.

“Christ, what was you laughing at? My father rebuked you at length.” Anggia bulging. Now both man glared sharply toward Christopher.

However, Christopher precisely casually laughed and moved toward the refrigerator. He picked up a few items from the fridge before it went into the kitchen, and look for some other items in the fridge at the end of the kitchen. Unbeknownst Christopher, mother Anggia follow his movements.

“Well, you’ve got two fridges!” He said, pointing to the refrigerator in the living room and the kitchen at the far end. “This latest model anyway.”

Without shameless, modern rolled-haired middle-aged woman dressed in black suit newfangled suits it, traced her fingers toward the refrigerator door at the end of the kitchen.

Christopher is preparing a German-style breads, did not understand her words. However, experience with Anggia, making the brain is able to analyze what is meant by the woman who still looked graceful. The woman did not seem high. About fifteen meters below Anggia, but the light in the blackness brown eyes seem more friendly. Christopher did not know if the people of Indonesia, some have eye of that type. “No ... the expensive stuff,” Christopher brief. Given, Florens could buy dozens of refrigerators with the same brand.

“But, Mama would not refuse if you gave one to Mama.”

Christopher nearly cut his left index finger while slicing cheese and bacon on bread. Index fingers bleed.

What did he say that? Mama? May I call her Mama? As Anggia Muttie call my mother? But the father said Anggia ....

“Nggi! Bloody girlfriend. How the hell do you have to be a woman? You riches sat there, while the boyfriend who prepared the dish. If he wouldn’t marry you, you would regret so much!”

Christopher stunned. In some respects, Anggia bit like his mother. How to estimate the goods and ravings that are second to none.

Anggia moved from his seat to complain. “You really, Christ! Do not listen to Mama! He was the man so. His eyes always shine when viewed items .... “Anggia approached Christopher, Christopher sucking fingers before covering them with plaster.

Anggia finished yet had time to say, when his mother started again. “It’s the closet, the original rattan. It must be very expensive to bring them from Indonesia .... ”

“No,” said Christopher quickly. “It echoes ....”

Anggia successful step on the toes Christopher were bare. Sometime footwear Christopher dislodge. However, Anggia found him sitting peacefully at the end of the kitchen. “You sit down with my father alone, Christ!”

“But I want to make my artificial fried bananas.”

Mother Anggia interesting Anggia away and whispering in front of Christopher. “You are very smart to choose a husband. Smart cook. Have a nice car .... ”

“Ma, do not polite in Germany for whispering in front of someone ....”

This time Christopher words when Anggia. Especially, when Anggia confirms his words by pulling their ears away from the oval-faced woman of small and thick-lipped.

“It’s okay, Ia. I’m not a person, but your girlfriend. ”

“Hey you, I want to talk to you!” Dad Anggia suddenly appeared in the kitchen doorway, mediate their conversation. Just as Christopher cheese sprinkled on fried bananas and Semmel-rolls her.

“His name is Christ, Pa!” countered Anggia.

“It’s Ok, Meine Schöne Frau. You who prepare the meals you? “Christopher passed, following a middle-aged man into the living room of the apartment back. Meanwhile, the mother Anggia help tasting the dishes looked alluring and tempting it.

Long time gone by, when Anggia watched from the kitchen, Christopher just down-bowed, nodding a little, to hear lengthy babble father. No one German ever behave like that. Also, if he did not understand what he was talking about. “That’s enough, Pa! A German-style breakfast time .... ”

His father to continue the conversation and gestured at Anggia with his hand to wait. “So you could?”

“Hurry.” Christopher answered with views onto the carpet.

“Look at me! What do you mean ‘fast’? ”

“She probably means, ‘immediately’, Pa.” Anggia tried to intervene, even though no one knows for sure what they are talking about.

“Good. Before that, maybe Anggi should kuasramakan only. Before you impregnate .... ”

“Pa, Christ is not a man like that!” Hysterical Anggia. Christopher shook his head at Anggia’s no need to argue his speech. However, not middle Anggia look at him.

“Oh yes, why not? He just can fuck in front of my eyes. Moreover, if there is no me. “His father raised his voice. Overcoming Anggia voice which has also been rising.

“We sleep together, but he does not fuck, Pa!”

“Ah, what’s the difference, you only headache Papa!”

Christopher is the same headache in defining vocabulary of Indonesian who berloncat-stepping on his head, between “sleep” and “screwing”. Meanwhile, it was impossible for him to ask Anggia and Florens on the urgent situation.

Anggia mother smiling in the doorway of the kitchen, as if he understood keresahannya.

Anggia ran into the room and slammed the door shut. However, his voice has reached eleven octaves able to break down the door slamming sound. Pun, rustling snow began to rumble with the powerful outside the window. “Anyway, I’m going back to Indonesia if Papa separated me to Christ!”

“Anggi! Papa was not finished! ”

“I am done. I do not want to get out of the apartment without Christ. ”

In the last scream, Christopher knows for sure, Anggia cry. Christopher started to get up from his seat before Anggia mother held him by blocking his fingers and hissed softly, “Can you speak English?”

Christopher nodded.

“It’s Ok. Anggi would be better soon. “Then, as if remembering something, eyed Asian woman continued on with little hesitation,” Sleeping in english is ... sleeping. While, screwing is ... making love. ”

“I ... do not ... screwing Ia,” said Christopher quickly. His voice is slightly firm and loud, clearly aimed at Anggia father, not the woman beside him.

“Nobody asked you, young man. I Anggi father. Not your father. ”

Although Christopher was able to catch one hundred percent speech middle-aged man in front of him. However, there is pain slowly peeking out behind her. Christopher felt certain that the man in front of him was always dismissed all what he said from the first moment of their meeting. Pun, above all Christopher efforts to cultured Indonesia.

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