Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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Düsseldorf, Germany, Deustchland. Winter, December 31st 2015.

Through the middle of the day when Christopher Schlosser back from outside the apartment while carrying some fresh vegetables and a fruit basket. The creature has disappeared since the early morning after a modest apartment cleaning and preparing breakfast for both parents Anggia. Anggia itself decide on a hunger strike and drink to expedite action merajuknya. And now, amid Anggia issued a final liquid content of the stomach ulcer in the kitchen sink.

“Be careful, meine schöne Frau!” Christopher catch Anggia body moving unsteadily toward the bottom. “Let’s walk you back to your room!”

“Let it be! Do not treat Anggi! She did so. Later also heal itself,” said the father Anggia. He commented on the presence of television that was broadcast reality show in the style of Germany without feeling guilty about Christopher television use as they please.

Christopher did not answer greeting middle-aged man who was sprawled casually on his couch. Chubby man was lifted two fingers of her bare feet on the table, as if Christopher is his own apartment.

“If you do not go to the bathroom again, at least, leaned against it alone! Close to your father. You must accomplish to sit on a hard chair like this. ”

Anggia according to it when Christopher guided her toward the living room sofa Anggia father away. He took a jacket, scarf and thick blankets to Anggia.

“Can not you keep your hand an inch away from the body of my daughter?”

“Putri—Princess?” Christopher’s father stared Anggia confusion. However, the man did not attempt to explain his words. Pun, Anggia which now seemed completely blanched.

“Putri. Daughter." Anggia's mother said shortly to correct Christopher. The woman was middle squeeze the kitchen wall phone keys without permission and connect it to a number. While the telephone is connected, the woman plucks gewürzbrot large pieces of bread with spices that filled it with cooked Christopher rindergulasch morning. “Hmmm ... goulash yours awful, Christ! Not surprisingly, Anggi linger with you. ”

Christopher smiled respond to words. But dad glared Anggia not like. “Do not be praised! Later he was a big head. ”

Christopher does not understand the words father Anggia, no comment. Precisely asked Anggia. “You want to eat anything, is he? Let I prepare. I bought a lot of vegetables and tropical fruits at Asian stores. ”

Anggia shook his head softly. “You do not have to do it for us, Christ. It must be tough for you to do all the housework while I’m sick. Plus, you have to go the extra mile to .... ”

Christopher trailed her fingers to her lips Anggia order to stop his words. “I love you, He.”

“Hey, young man, if you want to prepare food for Anggi, prepare it! Needless to launch moves to woo not bermutumu it. My lips could be tarnished if the longer you touch. “Dad Anggia muttering in the background. Which makes Christopher rose from his seat on the rug he’d been and headed for the kitchen.

Anggia grumbling in the background. “What would Papa talked constantly snapped like that? Christ is already trying to do everything the best that he could. Imagine if Papa is in position! What can Papa? ”

His father just grunted, without comment.

Christopher’s mother has now finished her conversation on the phone. And now walk followed Christopher to prepare a dish for Anggia and them.

“Suapi course, Anggi! He did so. Too spoiled and stubborn. Hardheaded declined father. Either spoiled from whom. The patient only yes! “The woman who wore wraps duplicate it tapped Christopher warmly. As if, his own son Christopher.

“Yes, mom. I see.”

“Mama alone. Anggi call me Mama. After all, you’re the prospective law. And do not use the word ‘I’! Too formal for the law and the law. “The woman smiled pleasantly, adding syrup erdbeere-strawberry-and a little milk that has been crushed avocado Christopher moment ago. “You know, a very rare man cooking for women in Indonesia. Also, for a wife. Unless they swapped roles. Husband cooking and taking care of children, a wife who works. ”

Christopher observe the motion of middle-aged women’s lips to try to capture one by one point. However, dramatic eyebrows thin woman and the little bulbous nose too quickly said Indonesian language. Meanwhile, the English woman was not sufficient for a long talk. And both parents Anggia do not bother to learn German.

Christopher link eyebrows deeply before asking, “Candidate-law?”

“Anggi husband someday.”

Hearing the word “husband Anggi,” Christopher heart pounding uncontrollably. Trying to hide her complexion, so that the woman beside him did not know if Anggia first love.

“I suapi He used, Ma,” Christopher said goodbye finally. Leaving the middle-aged woman who seemed more interested in trying a German-style cooking than learning the German language. Something he did not want Anggia do until now. Anggia could only cook a few simple menu of German dishes. Even then, for the sake of Christopher’s mother, not for Christopher and himself.

The woman seemed to flip through a few recipes while practicing on a gas stove is directly lit by three fires. One pot, one frying pan and one burner. Obviously not disregard the remark Christopher who took leave to pass out of that kitchen.

“Gooolll!” Dad Anggia jump aloud. Almost undermine floor apartment beneath if Anggia not reprimand him.

“Do not be loud, Pa! Disturb the tranquility of the other people here could be charged under Article. ”

Christopher himself glancing at the clock on the fireplace. At one in the afternoon. There is a friendly game between his favorite team and Borussia Dortmund.

“You like Borussia? Fortuna ... I’m a fan. ”

“Ah, the usual course!” He waved his hand in the air in order to stop greeting Christopher. However, not diverted his eyes from the television screen.

Christopher suddenly mute. Do not want to say anything on Anggia. Also, the particles in the surrounding air. Apparently, anything that tried to do and pronounced Christopher always wrong in the eyes of the man’s T-shirt. Seemed completely unaffected by weaker German who has moved minus a few degrees Celsius.

Anggia follow the views of Christopher as Christopher handed the spoon to his lips Anggia. “Papa always on vacation to America and Europe during the winter. This is not the first snow of the season. And you know, so ... Papa. “Anggia puffed out his cheeks and making gestures with his hands at his sides. As if his father was a bear fat. “The cold like this, not too distracting for him, except in the outdoors.”

Christopher just a faint smile, to see behavior Anggia.

“Hmmm ... Christ, was delicious! You made? ”

“It’s not. Mama .... ”

“Yes, Christ is made.” Her mother commented on in the background. “You know artificial Mama never as good as it was.”

As if he had snapped out of something, Christopher’s father noticed that the middle Anggia wash only daughter with the utmost attention. Occasionally wiped Anggia smeared mouth with a tissue. Only a blind man can not see love Christopher on Anggia.

“Again, Meine Schöne Frau?”

Anggia shook when Christopher cleaning again Anggia lips for the last time before heading to the kitchen.

Moments later, seemed to fuss in the kitchen before Christopher out of the kitchen was guiltily, shrugging his shoulders wide. “Mama did not want to be helped.”

“Not nilly. Later! “Shouted mother Anggia from the kitchen. “I’ll call you if I need your help.”

Christopher did not answer. Just stopped at the side of the window that separates the apartment and the pavement underneath. The snow at the end of December has begun to thicken on some streets. Kerontang trees barely visible again branches. Also, the pavement below them. However, the temperature was not too chills to the German. Some young and old people from various corners of the stampede out of the house to celebrate the New Year.

As if to understand directions of thought Christopher, the father Anggia utter aloud. “You do not celebrate New Year? Usually young people partying and drunkenness. ”

For the first time, there was no sarcasm in his words, to Christopher turned and tried to smile as sweet as possible. Although, it tasted bland smile and less vinegar. “No. Usually, I go to the house Muttie or Frank to celebrate. But not. Anggia was ill. Nothing is more important than health Anggia. ”

“Frank?” Middle-aged man was sharply creased. There was no sign she will lower her legs on the table when talking to Christopher.

“My father. Such as Germany mostly, he does not like it if I called Vater. ”

There is a sense of guilt in the eyes of Christopher when explaining to Anggia hastily said, “That Christ father’s wishes, Pa. Not the desire of Christ. ”

As if he had remembered something, mother Anggia jump width toward the kitchen wall phone while muttering to himself. “Frank ... Frank.” She trailed her fingers into a small note on the wall next to the phone that serves important phone numbers. A moment later, she looked Anggia fuss with English smeared on the telephone.

“Frank could not speak English.” Christopher made the announcement. Which automatically stop the debate too insignificant length between countries that do Anggia mother split second before it.

Meanwhile, ornaments and light bulbs in several houses and pine trees as far the eye can see outside the window, is now increased alive with colorful decoration new year. Christopher colored colorful charm that can not be seen by the father Anggia until that moment. A man’s heart was too frozen and chill to catch a warm aura Christopher. Also, in the winter the segigil it to the size of Asians in general.

“What the water is too hot, Meine Schöne Frau?” Christopher asked as he wrapped the body Anggia with a scarf and a knit sweater thick indigo before combing the hair Anggia with all affection in the living room sofa.

Anggia shook his head without a word, staring strange at the right fingers Christopher who lately has always worked, mengabai fingers of his left. Want to ask something to the man who had merebuskan hot water for him, but the atmosphere is not conducive. However, Anggia not want anything she wanted to ask to be increasingly cornered Christopher and make him more glorious words curt and cynical.

“It’s known, apartment like this, less attention by the clerk taps. Often, jammed hot water .... ”

Noises at the end of the door to stop the greeting Christopher.

“Schatzi, what are you doing here?” Anggia not understand. When the figure of the man pushed the door of the apartment after a quarrel with his father. Anggia not feel, gave the news to the man that he was ill.

Ralf grinning while shaking hands with father Anggia light and laid a favorite white wine Anggia and Christopher at the living room table. Schloss Vollrads Estate. Whether because of the element of the new year, or because of his mood, Ralf back wearing earrings dangling from her ears. Another stud earrings was not a small barely visible. However, circular earrings are very subtle.

Anggia coding with side glance and shake his head over the appearance of Ralf gaudy it. However, Ralf just smiled. Obviously deliberately dressed like thugs so in front of her father Anggia.

“Mama invited him,” said the mother Anggia without feeling guilty. “Well, Christ, please, help Mama to prepare everything for the New Year Celebration if you do not want to take a bath now!”

“Do not want a bath? Seriously! Schl is the most frequent showers throughout Kuntstakademie Düsseldorf. Beat the girls from class socialite. “Ralf commented in the German language. Because, there is no sign of a reaction from both middle-aged creature in that room, Ralf translate it into Dutch with the very stumbling.

Anggia shook his head wryly as he re-translate it into Indonesian.

Times that her father commented. “What’s the average German bath how many times a day?”

“Two days.” Ralf sitting beside Anggia, grinning broadly, pointing his two fingers in the air before it removes his finger from the views of men in front of him.

The man in front of him shudder before Ralf added, “But, in practice, the students in our campus, worse than that.” Ralf snagged by Christopher fried banana on the table without permission. Not look guilty with a view Anggia and her father were thrown at him.

Christopher was busy taking jars and small plates from the kitchen cupboard before Anggia mother protested and told him to take a bath first.

A few minutes later, just as Christopher finished bathing and helping mothers back Anggia, Christopher’s mother came.

“Muttie!” Anggia to leap from his seat before Ralf whole sense of cheerful and she was detained.

“Sit down, you’re sick!” Exclaimed both at the same time.

As usual, Christopher’s mother Apfelkuchen made with mushrooms and cheese topping for Anggia.

The woman shook hands with both parents Anggia before putting a wine with the same brand with the proffered by Ralf last second. The difference, Ralf wine brought from the more expensive types. Spätlese.Yang often used to mix desserts. While brought by Christopher’s mother is of the type Qualitätswein Dry. Commonly used to mix with the content of the fish dishes.

Dad Anggia directly browse sharply on long maha German writing on the label. Search for a figure labeled “percent”. The man has not had time to find it when a bunch of teenagers in the late teens and early twenties entered the room.

Christopher gasped with the situation directly to code the Ralf to move from the couch and scarf Anggia confirmed again that it is correct before sitting beside Anggia. Christopher no longer cared if Anggia father beat him to a pulp then. There are important things to do.

Christopher combing hair again Anggia which is neat, until Anggia feel uncomfortable, and Ralf chuckle in the background. He knew exactly mean Christopher. Because, at that time, Karina commented sarcastically in the background, “this spoiled girl you love, Schl? Uuuhhh! “Karina looked disgusted when to say it.

Karina Anggia father stared sharply. However, do not say anything. Just gaze at Karina linking fingers with the fingers of a German woman brown. She was very pretty. Also, with the arrangement of unsymmetrical face of the box and his nose.

The female gaze falls on Ralf. Which makes Ralf almost tore threw a new rug in the living room.

Sascha and Aram brought up the rear. Bringing German Vodka and Jagermeister-alcoholic beverages typical German type of liqueur with flavors herbs. And lastly, Florens Micek. He brought a box full of cold Paulanee.

Dad Anggia increasingly do not understand. Transferred pindahkannya fingers of one alcoholic beverage bottle into another bottle before Florens commented in a very fluent Indonesian. Barely making Anggia mother who was sipping a cup of hot chocolate, choking with surprise.

“Do not worry, sir! Alcohol just a little white wine. About eight percent. Moreover, Schl and Slst, I mean, Christopher and Anggia not drink vodka and the like which class is very heavy. “Florens say relaxing while menyilangan his right foot on top of his left thigh. Looked very rude.

“And you?”

“Candidates Anggi girlfriend before Schl memacarinya stupid.” New times it Florens served fingers in front of her middle-aged men. Distance Florens and father Anggia a little far, but Florens not bother to stand up to shorten the reach of his fingers.

Anggia who was sipping a hot chocolate that had just been given by her mother, suddenly coughed great as well. Florens heard saying “at high” without the slightest error, unlike Germany in general.

Anggia father got up slowly after shaking hands Florens. Bypassing the teens who are now circular in front of the fireplace. Some of them sit on a cushion as he started to open the beers presented by Florens a second ago. However, there was no sign of Christopher will join.

He was only accompanied Anggia who was ill and unable to sit on the cold floor. Holding a cup of hot chocolate while sometimes rubbed Anggia Anggia lips smeared brown with a tissue.

Street lamps are turned on. Pun, spruce-fir containing decorative lights along the eye could see in the open window curtain. Bias light seeping up into the apartments were deliberately lighting the candle light only by the mother Anggia. Light that falls well into a shadow belonged to Christopher. The man seemed to close the covers over his body Anggia is already very tight.

And suddenly feeling very chills Anggia father. A new awareness stomping his little brain. Christopher catch the faint movement.

“Cyzk, can I ask you please to heat the hearth again? Prospective in-laws is not too familiar with snow in Germany. I’m still .... “Christopher did not finish the sentence. Instead, he pointed toward the hot chocolate Anggia now added again.

Ralf grinned widely without commenting anything. Just follow Christopher’s request. Completely at odds with Christopher speech about the “beehive” of it.

Florens voiced Ralf inner voice. “Future parent-in-laws? What nonsense! “Florens shook his head loudly before continuing,” You know, sir, there’s nothing that serious students of German relationship. Moreover, in the age of our Sebelia. If there is, ya man. Guaranteed still seal. “Florens pointed impolite, right up to his nose before showing both thumb Christopher themselves and laugh abusive.

But, for the first time, Anggia Like the laughter. Until involuntarily laid her head on the shoulder Anggia Christopher. And put his fingers in there.

Christopher was very tense with hugs Anggia sudden it was in front of the father’s gaze Anggia. However, the man did not say anything. Just lit a cigarette and threw his gaze out the window again.

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