Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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“More tart, please?” offered Anggia’s mother to the women in her left side.

“Are you kidding me?! I would be so fat if I should eat like Indonesians had been done,” exclaimed Karina arrogantly. The frequency of her voice had been constantly cynical when she talked with anyone.

Anggia’s mother felt painful a little bit to hear that. But, she didn’t give up to offer her cooking food. “Do you want to eat fried bananas? They are Indonesian original snacks.” At the moment she was handing it to Sara.

Sara just shook her head while smiling politely and whispering in French and Russian briefly. ”Non, merci. Нет, спасибо.” She didn’t know what she should say to reject it. Sara couldn’t speak English actively. Just being able to hear in a very standard level.

“The Germans aren’t the great lovers of food like Indonesians and Italians.” Ralf explained while taking a slice of fried banana that were still in the grip of Anggia’s mother. “Moreover, oily and fatty snacks like this. Usually, we take breakfast and dinner with cheese or meaty sandwiches. That’s all. And that isn’t in excessive portion. But, don’t worry, Mama, I’ll eat the food until over. Slst began transmitting her bad habit to me.” Ralf took other snack in the other plate. At the moment, kue tiram—an oily snack made by the mixture of wheat, slices of carrots, slices of cabbages, slices of onions, slices of garlic, and salt.

Anggia’s mother noticed Ralf’s appearance that looked like a delinquent. However, there was a very real friendly aura in it. Especially, when he was uttering the word “Mama”. Comparing to all of Anggia’s friends in the room, she was very fond of Ralf. It could be said that she was falling in love with. If only she didn’t see Ralf’s face that seemed the earrings store. “Did you paint your body with a variety of permanent tattoos?”

“Ma!” Anggia minded. The question was too curious and impolite to be addressed to a German. Moreover, Ralf was her best friend. No one could hurt Ralf’s heart. Not even her mother. Moreover, in the front of her eyes.

“It’s okay, Slst! I told you that I was a type of different German with the majority ones.” Ralf grinned while lowering the collar of his warm shirt. Showing a bizarre huge tattoo in his left arm. Perhaps it was a dragon’s picture, a skull one, or just a carving without meaning. The picture wasn’t too clear enough to be seen from Anggia’s direction. Not stopping until the action, Ralf showed off his back was engraved by the image and the name of his dog.

“I wouldn’t be so surprised if you also painted Karina’s name on your chest, Schatzi,” said Anggia, completely joking for teasing. Anggia’s statement made Christopher laughed crispily while running his hand through Anggia’s hairs. The laughter delivered a warmth to the room. Until Anggia’s father who was sitting beside Ralf glared at him.

Ralf grinned while showing his six-pack chest.

Anggia hid her face in Christopher’s chest hastily while moaning loudly, “Don’t show off your chest in the front of me!”

“Of course you don’t like to see my chest. If you see it, you wouldn’t like to make love with Schl.”

Anggia strucked Ralf with a pillow. It made everyone in the room laughed a lot, except Karina and Sara. They both were kissing lips deeply without taking notice to everything happened around them. Transferring a drop by a drop of brandy from Karina’s mouth to Sara’s mouth. However, Karina had seen a glimpse a moment of the strange writing on Ralf’s chest before Ralf covered it again by lowering his shirt.

“Open it again!” asked Karina seriously. Because, there was no signs if Ralf wanted to respond her words, Karina said again, “I’m serious, Cyzk. Open it again! I want to see it.”

“See? Katl is also so crazy about my sexy body.”

“I’m serious, Cyzk. Open it again!” Karina had been never as serious as at the moment in uttering. Until Christopher turned his face up to Karina who was sitting in the front of the fireplace exactly, behind his seat.

Ralf opened his shirt a half to show the tattoo.

“Gosh, Cyzk, since when you are—” Karina was failed to complete the words. The words was just like stock-still in her throat and couldn’t come out to her lips. Ralf also didn’t comment anything.

Anggia answered it without looking at them. “Since at the first time my Schatzi met you at the campus two years ago, he decided to paint the letter ‘K’ on his chest.”

“Slst!” Ralf minded.

However, Anggia continued, “Six months later, he added your name when you asked him out for the first time. When you had been obsessed on Schl and dated with a dozen of men. And when you both were dating a few days ago, Schatzi decided to add the words ‘Marry me’ on his chest. At that moment he knew that you were dating with Sara. He actually wanted to show you that tattoo. However, you had never appreciated his pure love at all.” Anggia grunted loudly on the couch where she was sitting.

However, Karina ignored it. Instead she asked, wondering fully. “But, at that moment you were also dating with—”

Schatzi just tried to find a girl like you. But, he had never found it,” said Anggia. She did’nt understand fully what matter actually Ralf loved about Karina. Until he couldn’t find it from other girls.

Karina didn’t comment. Just gulping a bottle of brandy down a lot for relieving anything that was disturbing her mind. Although, she had been never crazy about and fallen in love with Ralf, but a writing of her name on Ralf’s chest made her feel a new feeling. Her heart was intrigued by a new sensation that she didn’t understand completely. The new feeling made the circulation of her blood flow faster, tingling up to the crown. However, there had been no love in Karina’s life principle.

As if there was no tense atmosphere between Karina, Sara, and Ralf, Anggia’s father asked Christopher. “Are you painting any—?”

“No. Christ doesn’t have any tattoos. Even, he has no piercings in any parts of his body as well.”

“Ia?” Christopher asked, completely not understanding.

Anggia talked too much. She shouldn’t say like that. She closed her lips tightly suddenly, realizing completely her fault. Except, for his vital parts, Anggia had ever unexpectedly seen Christopher’s body when she opened Christopher’s bedroom unintentionally when he was changing clothes.

Anggia blushed. Blushing fully. Making her uncomfortable.

Ignoring the change of Anggia’s expression, Anggia’s father asked sharply. “Tapi, bukan itu yang aku tanyakan. Perempuan itu bisa menjalin hubungan dengan lelaki dan perempuan sekaligus. Apa kau juga...?—But, it wasn’t the matter what I wanted to ask. She was able to make a relationship with a man and a girl simultaneously. Do you...?”

Papa!” Anggia rebuked fully her father. Her father wasn’t polite at all when he was pointing Karina’s nose sarcastically. Even, making that strange question to Christopher. Luckily, Karina didn’t understand Indonesian.

Florens giggled, stopping barely. It was just like he wanted to clarify something, but being failed. However, the question was too funny for him. It took some time, until Florens found his self-control. “Maaf! Maaf! Tapi, pertanyaan itu…. Ya, Tuhan! Jangankan berpikir untuk berkencan dengan keduanya. Aku malah sempat mengira Schl tak suka pada keduanya sebelum dia tergila-gila pada anakmu—Sorry! Sorry! But, the question.... Oh, my God! Instead of thinking for a date with both of them. I even had a time to think that Schl didn’not like both of them before he was crazy about your daughter.” Florens was totally disrespectful when he was saying the word “anakmu”. It was an impolite Indonesian.

However, Anggia’s father didn’t respond. He was gropping his pocket of his trousers to look for the cigarette.

“A cuban cigar?” Ralf offered. Anggia’s father said “yes” directly.

The air temperature of midnight of the room moved to turn colder. Until Anggia tighetened her embrace to Christopher’s body. As if their both parents weren’t in the same room with them. However, the presence of their friends made Anggia feel protected and comfortable. Until she put her head deeply into Christopher’s chest.

The Germans had already spent bottles of bourbon and brandy in the carpet of the room. Some of them was lighting the cigarette, including Christopher’s mother, Karina, and Sara. Until Christopher had to open the window in the front of them a little bit.

The aura of cold and snowflakes that came in also gave off the chill. However, the chill on the mind of Anggia’s father wasn’t completely because of that matter. “A cigar?” he offered it to Christopher.

“Schl doesn’t like smoking. He never did it. Although, Germans love smoking so much. It’s a kind of our culture.” For the first time, Aram who was so preoccupied with his silence commented. Seeming clearly that he forgot everything happened between him and Sara at the welcoming winter party. He couldn’t speak Indonesian. And his English was very standard. However, the movement of the adult man in his right side was very clear when he was handing the cigarette toward Christopher. The movement bothered him too much. Apparently, a man who had a height of five feet eight inches sought deliberately out Christopher’s fault.

“Oh, he didn’t smoke—?”

“I can learn to smoke if—” Christopher interrupted quickly.

“Christ! Nobody told you to learn to smoke. Florens’ statement in the previous day about Indonesian smoking habit was too excessive.” Anggia stated sharply. “Com’on, Dad! Say something!”

Her father was just silent. Just exhaling the Cuban cigar smoke vigorously. The surrounding atmosphere also was almost silent. There was just a light conversation between Anggia’s and Christopher’s mother.

Karina had fun again to fondle Sara, as if there was no other persons in the room. Meanwhile, Sascha who had been silent just was twirling a key regulator of the distance and the focus on the camera.

Christopher himself who felt uncomfortable and ill at ease with the unlimited strange questions said softly to Anggia, “Are you hungry?”

Anggia nodded.

Pfeffer Rahm Schnitzel with a plateful of rice?”

Anggia nodded again and smiled meaningfully. She loved fully the way of Christopher took care of her and remembered the time when Anggia preferred to take sausages and when preferred to take steaks.

Christopher got up and walked toward the kitchen. Returning a minute later with Anggia’s order. “Would you like if I prepare your supper, Bapak?” Christopher said cautiously. Standing uncomfortablely in the doorstep of the kitchen.

The man he was talking with just shook his head while continuing to puff his cigarette.

Anggia laughed lightly when Christopher returned to her side. She kissed Christopher’s cheek quickly before saying softly, “Do you want to make Papa as a king of teddy bears?”

“Ia!” Christopher reprimanded for the scene of kissing cheek. However, he didn’t want if Anggia’s father would hit him at the night. Not in the front of his and Anggia’s friends.

Christopher said “Guten Appetit!” before continuing his statement, “Ma, I’ll feed Anggia first. If Mama wants to eat—”

Anggia’s mother just waved while nodding understandablely. Apparently, whatever it was, she was talking urgently with Christopher’s mother. Although, Christopher wondered how was the way of the both women could talk at length without any problems.

Christopher cut up the meat with his right fingers. Meanwhile, his left fingers was holding the fork firmly. Some time later, he placed the knife on the table. And replacing the scoop on his right hand. He fed Anggia with rice, potatoes, and gravy before switching the scoop with a fork and put a slice of meat that had been cut for Anggia.

“The way of you are feeding Slst is very strange, Schl,” said Sara.

However, none of them paid attention to the words. Including, the wind flow and airborne particles blew hard between them. Because at the moment, Anggia’s father got up from his seat on the carpet and muttered at length in the front of the slight opened window. His black eyes glazed fully in the dim. As though he would miss something fundamental in his life. “There was a German girl who called me a few days ago and told him about you and Anggi, Schl.”

Anggia choked greatly. First, because she knew, the girl should have been Karina. That girl hadn’t ever given up to destroy Anggia’s relationships with Christopher. Second, the way of her father said “Schl” was just like her German’s friends.

Christopher was as surprised as Anggia. Until the spoon in his grip flew up the table.

“I and Anggia’s mother decided to book the first flight of the day. Luckily, we got it. It was the last ticket before the winter holidays ended. You know, we were the Asians were so enthusiast about snow. “Anggia’s father turned and looked at Christopher.

However, the reddish brown curly haired man who he was staring at, agitated fully. Twirling a plate in front of him while lowered his gaze to the carpet.

“I’m almost surprised to find you speak Indonesian to us. Remembering that your meeting with Anggia very shortly. I tried to look for your faults, but you are getting to insist to show that you aren’t a western German in general. Especially, since a lefty like you were trying hard to change the habit. ”

Florens who sat in front of the fireplace nearly blistered. “Christ, Christ! You are insane. I learnt Indonesian for my importance, not for the sake of any girls. ”

Anggia’s father ignored the unimportant comment. “That’s why I decided to stop carrying out my duty to be a father.”

Papa! Papa wouldn’t decide to break our relationship just because—”

Anggia’s father didn’t listen to her daughter’s complaint. At the moment he came to Christopher’s direction. “Stand up!”

Anggia held directly Christopher’s arm tightly. Especially, when her father looked at them intensely. During Anggia’s life, she never saw his father to look more terrible and cruel than at the moment. The last time her father looked like that when the father quarrelled with her to hear that Anggia would go to Germany. “Promise me that Papa wouldn’t...!”

“I’m not talking to you, Nggi!” said his father. “Stand up, Young Man!”

Christopher released his both fingers from Anggia’s body. The face flushed completely.

Anggia was very tense in her seat. Preparing to take the fight and rebellion on her father if her father had to be rude to the Christopher and their relationships. Everything in the room was waiting for the scene anxiously. In fact, Christopher almost forgot to breathe.

“I forgot when the last time I found a young man like you.” Anggia’s father threw his fists toward Christopher.

That matter made Anggia hit his father hard and cried hysterically on the carpet. “All of this isn’t his fault. I promised to Papa to not marry with a German, not him—“Anggia continued to cry with her face a deep invert. Also, after the two men in the front of her were hugging each other.

“Welcome to Waluyo’s family!”

“Waluyo? Not Slst?" Sara exclaimed surprisely.

“Indonesian people didn't embed their family names to the last names, Sra,” Florens commented.

Anggia who was hysterical too much didn't hear none of their statements. Until Christopher pulled at her from the carpet and sat her back on the couch. “Don't cry, meine schöne Frau! Everthing has gone. Your father just hit me lightly like the way of you hit me in a daily life. ”

Anggia stole a glance at her father. Her father just threw a wry smile.

Christopher pulled Anggia at his arms. “Next week we’ll talk about it to Frank.”

“Why should it be next week? Tomorrow. I also want to know how is your father look like," said Anggia's father who was stretching again in the front of the window of the living room.

Ralf raised his wine glass up highly in the air. “Let us toast to Slst and Schl! Come on, Slst! Schl! You also need a toast." Ralf thrusted a small glass of wine for both of them.

Anggia's father nodded to give a permission to her daughter from a distance. “Do it!”


Instead of drinking a glass of wine, Anggia kissed Christopher's cheek deeply with her lips.

“Anggi!!! I allowed you to drink wine, not for kissing. ”

Ignoring her father’s rebuke, Anggia stole twice more kiss on Christopher’s cheeks before running towards her room in a hurry. Because, at the moment the father chased her with a broom in his grip.

“Just three times, Pa. Not too much. “Anggia laughed a lot, completely being happily to tease her father. Like her father who had loved so much to tease Christopher and her.

Meanwhile, in the background, the exclamation of “Happy New Year” was sounded loadly. It was the moment for couples to kiss.

Karina who just got a winter gift to travel to Nice, Paris and Nice and the most expensive perfumes and cosmetics made in Paris leaned her body towards Ralf in the other side. Ignoring any food and drinks were lined up on the rug. Even, Sara and Florens were forced to pass through. Ralf kissed her lips with all of affections.

“... You, Guys, are just the same. Uuuhhh... you both are the same disguisted as Schl and Slst! Next time I’ll take my girl to our reunion. So that you would know why many girls are crazy about me. My way of kissing is more qualified than you," grumbled Florens at length.

“Open the door, Nggi!!! Papa vowed to smash you for the three kisses.”

Anggia and Christopher didn't have time to kiss lips each other and congratulate the new year. However, both of their hearts were very warm. As warm as spring would arrive at the middle of March. As warm as the sun shines all along the seasons in tropical countries, such as Indonesia.

Anggia laughed a lot. Trying to withstand the laughter and weap the tears of happiness before kissing the locket affectionately. “Happy New Year, Christ!” Just one step more to make their dreams to get married to come true.

“Congratulations for the beginning of a new relationship, meine schöne Frau!” Christopher muttered to himself while finishing Anggia's food that just was over in a half.

While, the winter temperature at the end of December brought the cold aura to become colder and colder. The different of aura with Indonesian weather and temperature completed Anggia's happiness fully. Meanwhile, Christopher who loved Anggia's completely like the aroma of winter in the year more than years before. The aroma made his heart slipped and moved.

*Special thanks to: “Holger 2014” in the part of Germany close to Danish border.

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