Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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Lessingstraße,Düsseldorf, Deutschland. Autumn, November 23rd 2015.

Anggia was kneeling on the floor near the sofa of living room where Christopher Schlösser laid out and slept tightly. Admiring his glassy pellucid deep sky blue eyes that closed a half. She didn’t look uncomfortable and to be disturbed with the soft snore that came out from Christopher’s mouth while intervening hard breaths.

Anggia standed on tip-toes, closer to the direction of the owner of glassy pellucid deep sky blue eyes that had a face of a certain kind of diamond. There was an aroma of mint that was sucked in the fresh air from the gaps of his opened lips. But, it wasn’t like the aroma of mint that was contained in an alcoholic drink or a menthol cigarette.

Anggia standed on tip toes closer and closer. For sniffing in the aroma of mint. Guessing whether that kind of mint came from a breath freshener or a high-fat candy. But, her left arm that supported her body on the table could’t hold up the weight of the body that inclined towards the front too much.

Anggia fell headlong, falling on Christopher’s body that was stretched out on his back while wearing a white casual T-shirt and tight short pants that just covered his body until his hips.

Christopher moaned and growled a moment while reaching out Anggia’s body in the first second.

Anggia twisted and wriggled uncomfortably. She had promised to her parents, in order to not fall in love with any German. And Christopher’s fragrance drove her crazy and almost scattered everything.

Christopher jumped up suddenly in the fifth second. Almost rolling Anggia’s body—that lay down upper him—over the floor.

Ia, was machst du denn hier?—Ia, what are you doing here?” Christopher’s bass voice was just flat when the words were happening to be uttered. But, Anggia felt to be intimidated.

“I didn’t do anything to you if that matter you want to know.” Anggia was offended. “We, Indonesian girls, aren’t like European ones. We aren’t too aggressive to any men.”

Christopher moved his eyebrows. Feeling so weird to hear Anggia’s statement. But, he didn’t say anything, as he had done many times.

“I just wanted to wake you up. But, I didn’t have the heart to do it seeing you so comfortable in your sleep. Before you have reached for me in your unconsciousness.” Anggia started to lie.

Christopher’s glassy pellucid deep sky blue eyes were directed to her. Staring and gazing at her sharply and intensely to hear the strange frequency in Anggia’s voice. That voice was heard too fast and tremble up-down-up. Based on the psychology, it meant, that person who said it was lying.

Anggia couldn’t hold out to see the way of Christopher stared and gazed at her. That kind of gaze made heart-moving and caused her whole body to quiver. She walked to keep at a distance from Christopher. “Honestly, I don’t know how is the way to prepare and cook for your breakfast, Christ. I’m incapable to cook. Moreover, I don’t know too much about German cooking food.”

Christopher stole a glance at the alarm clock in his small television’s screen. He groaned a load to see it, then. By the name of God, it’s seven o’clock in the morning! Do Indonesian girls always take breakfast so early like that?

Christopher was forced to get up from seated. Preceding Anggia to the kitchen and heating a frying pan.

“Let me try it, Christ! You just should say what I should do.”

Christopher didn’t say anything. He was stock-still in the front of frying pan. Neglecting Anggia who standed up uncomfortably behind his body.

Anggia didn’t look so small and short for Asian people. Her body that had a measurement of five feet seven inches looked so matching if it was compared to European girls.

The modern kitchen that had a measurement of four times four meters had the navy colour. A kitchen cabinet and food storage racks hung in the left and right side of the wall. A flat table, spices storage places, coffee blender-mixer put down in the left side of the kitchen. In the right side, there were a wash basin and dishes racks. A three flames on gas stove set up in the corner of the room in the front of the window, far from the door. A few meters from that part, a small two door refrigerator lay down regulated nicely.

The kitchen was almost full of the davenports and a wooden long table in the middle of the room. Looked so contradictory with the living room of the apartment that looked almost empty without furnitures.

Perhaps Christ had spent almost of his whole time in this kitchen. Anggia thought.

Christopher put slices of onions, slices of garlics, slices of large yellow onions, slices of paprikas, mushrooms, bars of cheeses, and butter into the frying pan. Stirring it up a moment before putting two eggs into it and mixing it. After that, he took cold rice from the rice cooker, also putting it into the frying pan and stirring it up.

Anggia grimaced horrifiedly to see the way of Christopher was cooking and stirring up.

Ten minutes after that, when Christopher had finished with the practice of cooking, he prepared the cooking food in the very big plate.

Their bodies rubbed against each other when Christopher was turning around the body suddenly. And Anggia was stock-still in the position. There was no intention to move her body from there. Anggia’s attitude at the moment was just like a shadow.

Christopher curled into a grin before handing the very big plate to Anggia. “I hope, you wouldn’t miss Indonesia after this time.”

Christopher reverted to the living room, preceding Anggia. Anggia followed behind him, so close. Tasting Christopher’s cooking food that was felt so weird in her tongue while swinging of the arms when she was walking, like the custom of Indonesian people when they had walked. Indonesians had moved his hand every moment they walked.

“How is if only I miss you after I would return to Indonesia, Christ?” Anggia expressed it loadly unintentionally. Blocking her pique of emotion that became suddenly to not can be restrained. Imagine! A man cooked for me!

Christopher turned around his face to Anggia’s direction. Stared at her intensely. There was clear wrinkles that appeared in his brow and forehead. His jaws also became so hard. Looked so clear that he felt so strange with Anggia’s statement. Before a knock of the door scattered their enjoyment to share a time.

Christopher looked to debate at length with someone in the doorstep of living room when Anggia ladled up full of spoon of fried rice that had a strange taste into the mouth. Anggia felt that it wasn’t polite at all to turn around and look towards by turning the head to Christopher and his guess’ directions. Although, more than another time, she was so curious with the guess who could make Christopher talked too much. Almost never stopped.

“Katl!” Christopher snapped at the guess, so loadly. Until Anggia almost jumped up and was flung off the sofa of living room that was placed behind the door.

Anggia hadn’t been successful yet to put the very big plate on the table in the front of her—to save it from a shake of her shock—when a German hot girl had an age of eighteen years old that had grayish green eyes and red metallic tangled long hair standed up in the front of Anggia with hands on hips. There was no sign that the girl would take off her luxurious glittery canvas shoes she wore.

Without trying to be corteous like Indonesian custom, that girl mentioned her name sarcastically. “Karina. Ich bin Schls Freundin—Karina. Schl’s girlfriend.” The accent of Frankfurt was so clear in the alto voice. The accent was sounded so firm, sharp, and full of stress. “Ah, sorry! Certainly, you don’t talk in German,” She stated sarcastically again. But, in English. Looking clearly from her gaze that she despised Anggia’s figure.

Anggia stole a glance at Christopher’s direction. That man looked so upset. His face was redden to block his anger.

Christopher shaked his head faintly in his position behind Karina. Clenching his fist, like wanted to hit something in the front of him so hard.

Anggia wasn’t too stupid to understand the signals that was directed to her by Christopher in one second.

Was für ein verdammter Unsinn!—What a fucking nonsense!” uttered Anggia with the low, calm, and fast accent. There was also an impression to despise in her thick lips when she was staring Karina sharply and sarcastically. She was intentional to utter shortly to not look so awkward, un-easy, and unable when she was trying hard to keep her ability equaling with Karina’s.

“Munich, eh?” Karina didn’t believe what she had been heard. Anggia’s accent was clearly like Munich people. “I think, you was just a Asian dumb girl.”

“I’m an Asian girl indeed. But, I’m not too stupid to understand that your English is so terrible and awful. So awkward. And you are the same arrogant girl who had ever chatted with me in a social media. I’m so shocked to know that Düsseldorf is so narrow. Until it should bring out again into my view an arrogant girl like you in a real life. And why Christ wants to be friends with a girl like you.”

“Christ? Just you call Schl with that nickname, beside of his parents,” grumbled Karina, completely didn’t understand and had objections with the name that was heard so intimate in her ears.

Karina had never known if that nickname was created by Anggia intentionally without knowing Christopher’s special nickname. To be adapted with her Indonesian tongue that was unhabitual to spell three or more hard consonants in a series. But, Anggia didn’t respond the utterance at all.

Christopher held on Anggia’s hand without saying anything. Taking her to stand up with the circle of his left arm while signaling something with his glassy pellucid deep sky blue gaze.

Anggia understood so much the meaning. Indonesian people were so well-versed to send signals with expressions behind the person they had talked about. “I and Christ want to go around to buy some drink—” Anggia felt bored and reluctant.

Ja, OK, gehen wir einen trinken!—Fine, Ok, let’s go to drink!” Karina replied so fast while following them to exit from the place. She was completely shameless to join them in the program without any invitation.

Karina standed up arrogantly in the doorstep of living room while waiting for Christopher to change his clothes behind the door of closed bedroom. She raised her face while putting her hands on hips. Her gaze was directed at the interior of Christopher’s apartment, like was evaluating and estimating it.

Few minutes after that, Christopher emerged with the dark blue jeans. It was completed by his navy blue T-shirt. He took a dark blue heavy overcoat from behind of the door and putting it upper Anggia’s shoulder. “It’s so cold outside, meine schöne Frau.

Karina curled her thin small lips. “Are you kidding me? The temperature of this morning is 14° Celcius and you feel very cold, My Pretty Lady?” said Karina by allusion to Anggia in order to tease, by following the way of Christopher called.

Anggia didn’t respond it. She just walked in a row with Christopher after locking the door of the apartment.

“Why do you keep the key of Schl’s apartment?” Karina protested. Trying to make in a row her step with them.

“It’s better if you just shut your mouth up if you still want to join with us, Katl!” admonished Christopher.

Bolkerstraße, Düsseldorf, Deutschland. Autumn, November 23rd 2015.

Christopher gazed at the change of Anggia’s demeanon closely that had changed every minute since she had met with Karina. From wondering, keeping to guess on her mind, feeling confused and revolted, until Anggia’s last expression that had made Christopher smile slightly. Jeaolusy. Do I just think wrongly? Christopher said to himself on mind.

At the moment three of them was sitting in the outdoor veranda of Lousiana café. A full of russet and green-painted American-style café placed in the middle of Altstadt. If it was compared with the outdoor, actually the indoor of café looked precisely more gorgegous and luxurious. The indoor walls were made by the layers of grayish blue and red bricks that had been still original and hadn’t varnished yet. The russet simple ceilings had a shape of rectangulars. They were completed by the simple headlights that had styles like cups or upside down sepals. Russet simple chairs and tables were setted ordinarly in a row and in a line side by side all along that very big café.

The table in the front of the cocktail lounge was so artistic. With the parts and corners in tiers were made in the shape of rectangular and semicircles.

But, the outdoor of café offered the scenery of Altstadt. Altstadt or Old Town was one of interesting tourism objects in Germany. With high architectures of buildings that hadn’t influenced yet by the modernization.

“Schl!” Karina made the voice become sweeter to attract Christopher’s attention in a gray ironed chair when a waitress who wore white uniform with a black long necktie was approaching them while bringing two very thick brownish green books of menu titled “good food & drink” and “handmade burgers.” A Lousiana logogram appeared in her pocket.

Anggia seemed to throw her face across the street, toward the enormous old building that stretched on her right side, for the sake of seeing Christopher took over the food and beverage menu. Seeming to obey Karina’s orders.

“Double cheese Italian burger two and hot tortela burger one.”

The waitress took Christopher’s orders with a very rapid movement on her little notes.

“And raspberry peach mojito—a typical Cuban beverage derived from a mixture of rum, mint, carbonated water, canned sweet juices, and fruit—three. That is all. Thank you.”

Anggia glanced at Christopher. First, because she was surprised with her favourite food that was ordered by Christopher. She felt that she had never said about it yet to Christopher until that time. And second, because Christopher moved his finger toward the waitress when he was hinting the number three.

More than anything else, Anggia wanted to make sure that the Germans moved the fingers in different ways when they pointed number three with their fingers.

Christopher who captured signs of Anggia’s curiosity clenched his fingers and hid them immediately from Anggia’s view. Teasing her deliberately. It made Anggia turned away again.

Fortunately, Karina didn’t pay attention to that light movements. If she noticed, perhaps she railed Anggia’s curiosity that looked like showing excessive stupidity.

A few minutes after that, another waitress who wore the same patterned uniforms arrived to bring their orders on a tray.

“Thank you.” Christopher represented them.

Although, gratitudes that were spoken by Christopher tasted so weird and too much in Anggia’s eyes, but Anggia remained in her position to face across the street.

Guten Appetit!—Enjoy your meal!” exclaimed Christopher in the left side of Anggia. Heaven knew whom he talked with! Karina repeated the call up to two, three times before the situation of silence returned to exist between them.

Anggia herself was just silent and stirred the glass of mojito—in a small brown circular table in the front of her—without any intentions to gulp it down to tens of minutes.

Christopher also was silent. Just sipping the glass of mojito slowly. Waiting for whatever the German girl who had exotic thick eyebrows in the front of him wanted to address.

However, the girl who wore dark blue transparent casual overalls dress just enjoyed the hot tortela burger until all was over. She didn’t appear tremble because of the cold air of autumn that made Anggia shiver. That weather was just like pained to Anggia’s bone and down to the skin.

Wie heißt du?—What is your name?” asked Karina after the plate of food in the front of her was exhausted. Looking disgustedly toward Anggia suddenly she lighted a match for the sake of firing a cigarette without clove favouring in her lips. She looked the same disgusted as Anggia’s view that she threw across the street.

Meine schöne Frau!” Christopher pulled Anggia who was sitting beside him at his embrace. However, Anggia didn’t answer. And not taking her eyes from the old building across the street that soared up majestically.

There was a khaki plain building that had very wide windows and casements. However, the simplicity attracted too much in eyes. Then, there was a taupe building filled with sculptures and statues in every part of the windows that were divided into five partitions per floor. The building reminded Anggia on the design of several historic buildings in Italy. There was also a russet asymmetric—a sort of triangle but full of arches—unique roofed building. Almost of all of high artistic buildings in that area converted into cafes and restaurants.

“Anggia Selestina.” Finally, Christopher answered to represent Anggia.

“Ah, Slst!” repeated Karina while exhaling the cigarette smoke strongly into across the street. The light breeze that drifted around them carried the smoke away. However, Anggia felt to be disturbed so much.

At the moment Anggia glanced at Karina astoundedly. “Could you call me ‘Nggi’, like the way of Indonesians have called me, Rin? You called me like that, as if I’m a species of female snake.”

“Ah, I forgot if your German are still in the pre-beginner level! Of course, you can’t say ‘Schl’ or ‘Katl’ well,” sneered Karina. Her small thin lips seemed to bend firmly.

Anggia splashed a large glass of mojito towards pinky white skinned girl had a diamond face in the front of her before running away. Her feelings of contempt towards arrogant girl had a measurement of height of five feet nine inches was unbearable. Although, more than anything else, she could just drag Karina to return to Christopher’s apartment and show her German certificate in advance level.

“Katl!” At the moment Christopher thumped on the table in the front of him. “Whatever you wanted to talk about us, it’s all over.”

In spite of what Anggia had done to Karina really didn’t deserve, but Karina’s behavior was more uncivilized.

Christopher pursued Anggia’s step that had run all along Bolkerstraße.

Although, the Europeans used to run in the morning or afternoon all along that path. But, not with warm clothes that were worn by Anggia. Until a few people looked at them curiously while saying “Guten Tag!—Good afternoon!” Anggia hadn’t been interested at all in replying.

“N... g... g...i!” Christopher almost couldn’t breath well when he was trying to pronounce the nickname. The voice of hard breath was very real, until Anggia turned her head and stopped the step. Five hundred meters precisely from the Louisiana café located.

“You can call me ‘Ia’.” Anggia was concerned. She leaned her body against a tree trunk of Sequola sp that grew up on the road. In the front of the cafes that were made from khaki and fawn tents with umber and ebony tables. Neglecting several Germans and foreign tourists were talking while joking there.

Christopher followed her movements in her right side.

The temperature of autumn that was about 14° Celsius on Bolkerstraße really chilled Anggia’s body so much. Understandably, the place wasn’t too far from the Rhine river. A wool overcoat she wore was unable completely to warm the shivering body.

Christopher touched Anggia to move closer and pulled her at his embrace. Stroking Anggia’s left shoulder for delivering a sense of warmth in her body.

Anggia looked into the far distance. To Louisiana café’s direction that she had left. Karina had gone from there. It had been completed by her blue metallic Mercedes Benz SLR McLarren.

Anggia wondered why Karina didn’t buy a car with the same type and style with Christopher’s one to show their harmony. Although, Anggia didn’t know who Karina and the background of the girl were. However, the impression of a high level of Karina’s ownership and possession to Christopher looked very real. As real as the Old Town Anggia was standing up.

“You don’t need to do it, Christ. Karina has already gone.”

Bist du mir böse?—Are you upset with me?” Christopher just tightened his grip on Anggia’s arm. “Sei mir nicht böse wenn….—Don’t be upset with me if….”

Nein!!! Ich beneide sie nicht, falls es das ist, was du sagen willst, Christ!!!—No!!! I’m not jealous to her, if that matter you want to talk about, Christ!!!”

Christopher didn’t answer. Just holding Anggia’s hand to take her home. Although, Anggia’s squeaky voice was too shrill and unnatural. Contrasting with the words came out her lips that denied any questions which wanted to be asked by Christopher before. Even, actually, Christopher hadn’t asked whether Anggia felt jealous or not to the presence of Karina. Not when their meeting still lasted a matter of hours.

“Next time, we’ll go just two of us, not three of us.” Christopher soothed any thoughts that existed on Anggia’s mind and heart.

Christopher pointed his right thumb, forefinger, and middle finger to the front of Anggia’s view when he was stating it while shaking with laughter and ran his another hand through Anggia’s long straight black hair. He knew doubtless, since the beginning, that matter Anggia wanted to know so much. Knowing the way of the Germans counted with fingers that looked so different from people of other countries.

If people of other countries counted with the forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger to point number three, the Germans weren't.

Anggia didn’t comment anything. She was just sullen, completely having objections with Christopher’s unpredictable attitude. It was many times indifferent, cold, expressive, warm, and relaxed.

Anggia had struggled to withstand the beats of her heart that began to slip, due to the movement of Christopher’s hands moved around Anggia’s body. Although, perhaps Christopher just did it as a good friend.

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