Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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A spacious area named Messe Düsseldorf P1 that used to camp cars where located in Stockumer Kirchstraße actually was quite far from their campus. So did the distance of their campus with Christopher Schlösser’s apartment. The Germans had ridden a bike without feeling tired. It was just like Indonesians’ habit to ride motorcycle from Java until the end of Bali. However, there was almost no motorcycle in Germany.

Christopher and Anggia who arrived first chose the most comfortable place directly that sheltered enough for them. Among the very big trees of the Araucariaceae family, several meters far away behind the caravans that made a row in the area. So did the officer on guard who had a task to clean up the caravan and serve every visitor to check in.

“Is it Ok, we are here, Christ?”

“What should you worry about? We aren’t doing a noisy party or the other crimes. If you feel uncomfortable, do you have any better idea?”

“But....” Anggia felt uncomfortable indeed. It was just like she was entering a prohibited area and policemen or the other legal authorities could catch them anytime.

“Come here! You don’t need to think hard about it. Everything would be Ok!” Christopher pulled Anggia at his embrace. “Hey, your neck is so cold, meine schöne Frau! Just wear this scarf!”

Anggia rejected it firmly. “Christ! I gave it to you. It’s taboo in Indonesia to take it back. Although, just borrowing.”

Christopher didn’t comment. Because, in the moment their friends arrived. Breaking their both comfort to share time together completely.

“It’s a good choice, Christ. A dimness after the dusk, eh? How about if we’ll do three-some?” Karina wasn’t joking about her statement. Her grayish green eyes was staring at Christopher intently while tightening the dark blue line-patterned sweater and a shade of blue scarf that wrapped around his neck. As if she affirmed that she was the same chill as Anggia.

Christopher didn’t answer. Just turning his face toward Anggia. “In the winter like this, the consumption of Germany on cigarettes and alcoholic drink increased sharply—” The distance of Christopher when he was spoking to Anggia was very close. Until Anggia could feel Christopher’s breath on her cheek. The blowing gave off a warm air up to the entire face. Anggia’s heart felt so painful at the same time.

Karina didn’t wait Christopher for finishing his words. He backed off with a cavalier attitude whilst joining to Sara and Ralf, as if she had never said anything to Christopher. Sara and Ralf themselves had stretched out in the front of a box of food and beverage.

Christopher didn’t seem to want to continue his words. Even, there was no signs that he wanted to hold his hand off from Anggia’s shoulder. “Can I get you a drink?”

Anggia smiled innocently to answer Christopher’s offer. “How long time have you lived with me, Christ?”

The way of Anggia stated it, as if they were cohabiting and Christopher had been failed to recall their important moments. Until a man who had been silent during minutes choked and sputtered greatly near them when he was gulping down his first gulp of Paulanee beer. The grayish dull blondie-haired man had a height of six feet five inches just arrived there and wanted to join to Ralf and friends before Christopher prevented him. “Arm! This is Anggia Selestina. She lived together with me since the last autumn.”

Anggia was so shocked to hear the way of Christopher overstated it. As if they had been together since the beginning of autumn.

The man called “Arm” reached his hand out reluctantly. “Aram.” Her tone wasn’t cold, not warm, also not too mysterious. Flat. The dull taupe droopy hooded eyes looked very pale between the snowflakes in the early winter. Moreover, because of the skin was very pale. And he wore a pale colored sweater. Pale gray one.

The flat impression in himself made Anggia curious to ask, “Where do you live? What major?”

“Design,” answered the man who had the triangle face briefly while leaving Anggia who was still dazing, because the question didn’t answer fully.

Christopher who was very familiar with Anggia’s character just smiled faintly. Barely visible. He ran his hand through Anggia’s hairs passionately before getting up from his position. Anggia prevented his step with pulling Christopher’s hand with two fingers.

“I’ll be back soon,” promised him from the bottom of his heart.

Finally, Anggia released her both fingers from Christopher’s arm reluctantly. Somehow being together with Christopher made her feel protected from the aura of irony, cynicism, and sarcasm of the Germans!

Christopher seemed to take something from a box of food before talking seriously with Ralf at the distance while looking towards Anggia occasionally. Anggia wondered what they were talking about. Their point of views couldn’t be guess easily.

Meanwhile, Sascha who just arrived by bicycle beside Anggia sat in her right side. “Damn! Snowflakes made my cylinder become worse. Luckily, I still could take your some photographs.”

Anggia hadn’t had time to say anything when Sascha was handing some pieces of Anggia’s photographs. Starting from the occasion of their meeting in the cafeteria, the tragedy of outporing a glass of drink by Sara, until the last three photos that make Anggia was so interested and impressed.

“You took my photographs secretly?” Anggia protested. However, Sascha just grinned innocently to answer it.

Christopher who just arrived there took the photographs over directly. Including Anggia’s pictures when she had been kissing Christopher, embracing him, and when Christopher had been kissing the Anggia’s crown on the bicycle.

“Christ, is there a profision to denounce Sascha’s act? I had objections fully.”

However, Christopher seemed very interested in the pictures. He looked to not hear Anggia’s question. “Here they are your food. Take it! Pfeffer Rahm Schnitzel—spicy sauce steak—and Hacksteak—mince rolled steak. There are cheeses and mushrooms as the addition of sauces.” Christopher gave also the part of his dinner meal to Anggia. That matter made Anggia excited and forget her grievance about Sascha.

Anggia ate greedily. Even, she felt to remain to be able to finish all of her friends’ meals.

The Germans economized too much about taking hard and big meals, Anggia thought herself on mind. As a common Indonesian, she had never felt satisfied if she hadn’t eaten rice yet. The other food was just like snacks. Indonesians had felt so hungry constantly after taking another kind of meals.

Meanwhile, the other friends was joking whilst beginning to sip any alcoholic drink. Perhaps it was too early for them to take big meals like Anggia.

Sara looked to drink wine mouth by mouth with Ralf. Before Ralf transferred it to Karina’s mouth. The scene didn’t stop until that action, Ralf continued his kiss deeply. Tongue by tongue with Karina. His right hand grabbed Karina’s boobs that had a measurement 38 D. While, his left hand gropped Sara’s tight blouse, trying hard to enter. And when he found Sara’s 36 D boobs, he pinched the teats.

“Don’t look, Christ! If you care about me so much, please don’t look over there!” Anggia whispered to herself. But, her voice was still to high to hear. Christopher didn’t need to look at the direction that Anggia was seeing to know what was happening. Anggia’s expression had changed like that every time she felt envy or jealous of Karina.

Christopher didn’t look at that direction indeed. Pulling Anggia’s shoulder at his embrace again while throwing his gaze to the other direction.

Karina moved from her position to Ralf’s lap. Undressing her sweater and blouse and throwing it away to the grass near them. Bringing one of her tits to Ralf’s mouth. Seeing Karina like that, Ralf tried hard to cover Karina’s body with his hands, in order to the other men couldn’t see it. Attracting Karina to hide between the row of shrubs. Ignoring Sara completely.

Sara who was burnt by the flame of sexual passion undressed her blouse. Showing her tits to Aram who sat in the left side of her. Her both tits appeared clearly from Anggia’s position. Until Sascha murmured ill at easely beside her. Looking clearly that Sascha tried hard to look for a topic of speaking. “They are Schl’s special orders for you. The Germans wouldn’t want to take a heavy meal like that, except in a lunch time.”

Anggia saw the last slice of steak strangely. Feeling very odd with Sascha’s statement before Christopher cut off hastily, “You couldn’t pass your painting art class, meine schöne Frau?” he said softly. His whisper was just like to disappear between the air particles between them.

Sascha wouldn’t hear the topic of the conversation if only Anggia didn’t answer too loadly. “Ralf reported it to you? He’s really the type of braggart. 大嘴巴. Gaduła. Boşboğaz. I wouldn’t be so shocked if the news had also delivered to Karina and Sara.” Anggia grumbled in Chinese, Polish, and Turkish, to show how deep the pain in her heart was.

Christopher shook his head. “He doesn’t like that. I was forced him to say the truth. I just wanted to know your progress of study, meine schöne Frau.” Christopher kissed Anggia’s crown deeply before continuing, “He said that you just drew the air particles during the class. I don’t understand anything.” Christopher looked so confused completely.

At the moment, Anggia knew that she didn’t get hallucination. Christopher really kissed her crown.

“You don’t need to understand about it, Christ! Nothing important. It was just the most boring class I had ever taken since I had been still in the playgroup. I had been absent frequently in the drawing or painting class in the past.”

At the distance, as far as the eyes could see, Sara looked to light the heavy cigarette. Seeming that she had done with her sexual importance. Although, all of people could know well that Aram wasn’t as warm as Ralf in that matter.

Anggia shuddered to see that scene. In Indonesia, just sluts and criminals had consumed that kind of cigarette.

Florens Micek who just arrived, out of nowhere, muttered while walking towards Ralf and his friends. “You know, Schl, except Moslem men with hard and strict principles, just pansies, sissies, transvestites, and transgenders who had never smoked in Indonesia,” he muttered for seeing that just Christopher and Anggia who weren’t smoking.

Christopher who was holding several pieces of Anggia’s photographs almost squeezed them.

“Flo! Shut up your mouth!” Anggia had objections.

“Paulanee?” Sascha handed a can of beer to Anggia.

Anggia wanted to open her mouth when Christopher said sharply. “She doesn’t like beer, just like me.”

Sascha looked at Christopher annoyedly. His attractive thin eyebrows frowned sharply. Instead of replying Christopher’s statement, he complained to Anggia sharply, “What the hell he is doing around you?”

Anggia was so shocked because of Sascha’s sarcastic voice. The annoying nerds she had ever known in Indonesia had been never able to say sarcastically like that. “Com’on! Don’t be kidding! Don’t say like that about Christ!”

At the moment Christopher didn’t hear Anggia and Sascha’s conversation that changed fierce a little bit. He was standing up to take a bottle of white wine for himself and Anggia in the opposite corner where they sat.

to “Christ? How much interesting is Schl in your eyes? He wasn’t too much different with me. Working in the summer. Looking for a part time job in the winter,” Sascha said cynically. “His father is in the list of richest people in Düsseldorf indeed. Just see the car that Schl uses! His father’s car!!! I know that the condition of economy of each person could be up and down. La roue tourne.La vita dà e la vita toglie. La suerte, como viene, se va. 潮起潮落. Rad van fortuin. Raz na wozie, raz pod wozem. But. Schl’s condition never be up. Never would!” Sascha grouched sharply while bending his lips to insult to affirm the last words. He gave Anggia the idioms in several languages—French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, and Polish—to affirm Christopher’s worst condition.

“And perhaps you haven’t known yet. I’m smarter too much than Christ. I could speak Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, and Polish. Mck could speak Indonesian and Danish. Arm just like Sra, could speak French and Russian. Christ? Oh, Mann! Just Dutch.” Sascha talked rubbish at length, just like girl’s attitude. “Or Indonesian people are always blinded by the wealth of the parents indeed? Wealth of the parents are also yours?”

Anggia slapped the man in the front of him strongly. “It’s for your insult about Indonesian people. I’m still legally an Indonesian citizen. Perhaps you forgot about it.”

Nobody noticed Anggia’s and Sascha’s quarrel. The others were lifting the wine glass up while saying “Prost!—Cheers!” in a corner not too far from Anggia’s place. The shrill voice of Karina’s laughter that was seducing Christopher again blured Anggia’s voice in the air particles in the front of her.

Aram noticed the scene a moment. However, the expression was just flat and cold. As if there was nothing to happen. Just Sara shouted hysterically while trying to shut her mouth tightly with both hands.

Anggia didn’t stop her action. She slapped Sascha’s cheek once more. At the moment in the left one. Although, Anggia wasn’t a lefty, but the emotion that had burned herself was able to make her left fingers to move nimbly and strongly from the right ones. “And this is for Christ.”

Christopher was so shocked to hear his name was mentioned with the very shrill intonation. “Ia, what are you—”

Anggia who was being mad shredded herself pictures were taken by Sascha secretly throughout the day. “Just forget about your desire to make me as your model of photographs! I wouldn’t accept your offer without Christ’s permission.” Anggia threw the pieces of the photographs to Sascha’s face.

“Ia, what is happening?” Christopher pulled Anggia firmly at his embrace from behind for the sake of the girl didn’t want to continue the anarchist action. Christopher knew for sure, in the crazy situation like that, Anggia would be capable to break any bottles of wine and destroy it to Sascha’s head.

“He insulted you, Christ. Nobody is allowed to insult you. Not in the front of me and as long as I alive,” screamed Anggia hysterically. She almost cried. However, she was still struggling to get loose to escape from Christopher’s arms. As if the action of twice slap twice didn’t relieve herself at all.

“Heh, arrogant Asian girl! A stubborn Indonesian! Uparciuch! İnatçı keçi! You think, my photography exhibition wouldn’t be held if I don’t contract you as a model? So lucky that you’re a girl, if no—” Sascha insulted her in Polish and Turkish.

“Sasch!” It’s Ralf’s wise voice. “We are here to celebrate the beginning of winter. Not to make any quarrels. Just forget everything and end it! Slst just came in Germany. You should be more careful to be friends with her.”

“Schl, teach your girl German culture!” exclaimed Ralf again.

It was the umpteenth time persons around them to consider Anggia and Christopher as lovers. However, Christopher never said anything to deny. And Anggia felt to not need to make clear everything, except to their families.

“Going home now?” asked Christopher while kissing Anggia’s crown from behind.

Anggia nodded firmly. “On foot.”

Christopher excused to their friends to represent Anggia to pass first from the place.

They passed a few meters from that place when Anggia remembered suddenly something. “Sas, however, thanks for the bike. If you couldn’t take it home alone, you could ask for Sara’s help to take it home. If it wasn’t because of Christ, I wouldn’t—” Anggia smiled wryly without continuing her utterance.

“Eh?” Sara was astonished to hear her name to be mentioned.

Christopher smiled meaningfully toward Anggia after they passed back from that place.

Anggia explained without being asked, “In my country, it is necessary to be a matchmaker. You know, Sas couldn’t stop staring at Sara since we was in the cafeteria. There is a love twinkle in his eyes.”

Christopher ran his hand through Anggia’s hairs passionately like before after they disappeared from their friends’ views. “We could ride the tram to go home.”

“But, I really want to take a walk with you, Christ!” Anggia took Christopher’s arm. Putting her both fingers around it. The arm felt cold. “Mann, Christ, perhaps you are getting colder because of me!” Anggia tightened her body to get closer at Christopher for transmitting the warm of her body.

Christopher turned a moment, smiling at Anggia’s act. However, he didn’t say anything. While, the moonlight upor Düsseldorf city was still shiny and bright. Brightening Christopher’s heart that began to feel something deeper and newer to Anggia. A new deep sensation he had never felt to any girls before.

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