Düsseldorf: Russet Melody in the first autumn

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“You can drive a car, Ia?” Christopher Schlosser broke the silence between him and Anggia between the roar of a sports car Audi R8 output of Germany’s latest father metallic blue.

Anggia nodded without looking in the direction of Christopher on his left side. He tossed his gaze toward the car window on the right side. Staring row along the streets of Germany in Düsseldorf Kuntskademie up to Lessing apartment. Germany orderly traffic. Unlike the traffic in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia. Almost no motorists who dared to violate the rules. Even, pedestrian leg. They seemed to have understood the corridors, when the car had to walk, when cars must yield to pedestrians who want to cross. The only irregularity is only the cyclists who sometimes still dares to entrench privilege pedestrians at pedestrian.

“I can it in Indonesia where the traffic is chaotic and disorganized. You know, racing cars is common on the streets of Indonesia. ”

“Passing the exam genuinly or paying the officer?”

“Passing an original test. But, what all of these questions for, Christ? “Now Anggia shifted his gaze toward Christopher. She stole a glance at the man who always made strange thumping’s sake do not want anything that was in his eyes to be read by Christopher.

Realizing gaze, Christopher nearly touched Anggia's hairs were being unraveled the wind blowing through the window grille of the car. If only Christopher could not remember that he was driving a car in Germany. He pulled his fingers back toward the steering wheel. “No. I was just thinking about something. You know, the car loan is almost paid off. I pay it to my father every month. ”

Christopher smiled wryly as he turned his face to the Anggia before said, “On December 25th all of campus activities would be off. Do you want to go with me to Frank’s house in Munich?”

Anggia not answer. At that time they had arrived at the apartment Christopher. She threw her face toward the opposite occurred Christopher sake of something. Today, just, Christopher expressed love to her on campus, and although Anggia not answer, they will remain one apartment.

“Come on!” Who knows when, suddenly Christopher had been there before Anggia. Opening the car door on his right hand while holding out his fingers and stared at the faintly reddish Anggia face. Tinge was very faint, but more real when Christopher said nosy, “Or should I give you a piggy ride until upstairs?”

“No. No. I can walk by myself, Christ. “Anggia hastily moved from his seat in the right seat of the car while trying to get out of the crush of bodies Christopher who filled the doorway of the car. Almost alone he staggered when he felt the scent of after-shave and cologne spash that wafted from the sidelines Christopher body. The aroma reminded Anggia something. However, his last conscious brain, must be quickly dragged away.

“Hey, watch out!” As if not understand what was churned in the minds Anggia, Christopher grabbed Anggia waist tightly sake do not want the girl who captivated his heart it fell down in the parking lot Lessing apartment.

Instead of receiving the arms of Christopher, Christopher’s fingers Anggia actually reduce waist. And tried to step ahead of Christopher few steps. Christopher himself did not try to catch. Just enjoy the scenery awkward girl in front of it. Anggia not the type to save his feelings. Facial expressions and behavior very clearly legible.

Only when Anggia opened the door of their apartment and tried to take off his sneaker, Christopher resist movement by blocking arm Anggia. “You should train to become a true German, Ia. The Germans had never taken their shoes off in the house. ”

Anggia Christopher stared in disbelief as he alternately throws gaze to the blue carpet in the apartment and toward Christopher.

Tanned white man was grinning broadly. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you to clean up this room! All of couples in Germany divide their household affairs equally. ”

“Christ! Even, I haven’t answered your love statement yet.” Anggia had objections.

“Actually it isn’t necessary at all in Germany. But, if you insist, all right.” Christopher Anggia pull the arm and dragged her to the living room sofa. Heart Anggia increasingly jumping abysmally. “Well, please answer it now!”

Christopher cross-legged on the living room couch while facing Anggia in his right side. The grin widened in order to feel confident that Anggia will not reject it.

“I can’t, Christ,” softly Anggia. She bent her face deep in order not want staring at him enchant it. Because if that happens, Anggia would not be able to reject.

Christopher stunned. Almost forgot to haul and breathed. “What did you mean? You didn’t receive my love statement?! You rejected me?! ”

Anggia increasingly subjecting her deeply. Twirling her both fingers nervously, staring toward the dark blue carpet under her metallic purple sneakers. The carpet had appeared snow-wet droplets of his sneaker. Anggia eyes began to wet.

“But I heard by my own ears your statement to Florens in the corridor of—” Christopher broke off abruptly. Something flashed in his mind and began to hurt him sharply. As if thousands of middle knife thrust into his trough. His face hardened. The books also bleached her fingers when she clenched her fingers tightly. “Is it because I don’t have a private car? But, by the name of God, Ia, I tried hard to buy that car in installment. I’ll sell my bike if you feel embarrassed to cycle with me. I’ll work double in the winter vacation to rent a better apartment in the region—”

Anggia actually cried. His shoulders shook violently. “You don’t need to do all of those, Christ. I really can’t receive your love statement.”

Cries Anggia increasingly becoming hysterical, until Christopher pulled her close. “I’m sorry, Ia! You don’t have to accept me if you don’t want it. Really!”

Rather than stop crying, Anggia increasingly hysterical. Christopher held him more tightly without saying anything. Only after Anggia cries subsided, ditengadahkannya Anggia face toward him. “Look into my eyes, Ia! Was it true what I heard at the end of the hall that you were paying attention to me more than just friends? ”

Anggia not answer. Only complied Christopher to meet his eyes. There was something in blue eye shade Christopher increasingly slashed with something. Perih. Until Anggia hastily closed his eyes. There was a puddle of tears that still left there.

Christopher kissed puddle of tears and shrinking with the fingers of his left. “I care about you, Ia. Really! I could wait for you until you have the same feeling to me. Although, it would be taken during years. If only you would never love me, I would be Ok. I do everything for you heart-wholly. ”

Christopher’s hair gently Anggia up involuntarily, Anggia shoved his head into the chest of Christopher. At the moment she knew what kind of aroma it was. The aroma of pine mixed with mahogany.

“My parents forbade me to have a relationship with a German man, Christ. I made a promise,” whispered Anggia. Her grumble mingled with the sound of loud rattling buliran snow in the window. However, Christopher ears sharp enough to capture the murmur. Until involuntarily, Christopher Anggia waist clutching tightly.

“Because I’m a German?” Taste of tightness in the chest Christopher has now turned into pain very severe strokes. “Why did your parents hate the Germans?”

Anggia shook his head softly. “Because you are a western man. My parents don’t want if I acted westernized. Drunkenness, promiscuity—”

Christopher looked up menelusupkan Anggia and left index fingers on the lips Anggia. “I promise, I’ll take care of you, Ia. You don’t need to do anything that you don’t want. Really! I also could learn Indonesian culture if you want. ”

Anggia eyes staring into the depths of Christopher. They were so calm and soothing. Until Anggia Christopher hugged tightly and slipped her head back to Christopher’s chest. “I want it, Christ. I want to be with you.”

Düsseldorf, Germany, Deutschland. Winter, December 20th 2015.

“Christ, Ralf is on the way to come here. Maybe five minutes later he would arrive. Do you mind? ”

Christopher who was rummaging something on her gas stove looked away for a moment toward Anggia. That face remained expressionless. Still as cool as their first encounter and snow blowing in from outdoors. “Are you happy with him?”

Anggia felt a little strange to question Christopher. If in Indonesia, such questions may be due to jealousy. “No,” said Anggia trying to choose the right words. “I’m happy with you. But, he is a German who cares about me. At least, he is the type of garrulous person, like me. ”

Christopher laughed loose after hearing a plain statement Anggia. Wanting to run his hand toward the girl’s hairs that always exasperated it. But, he did not want her cooking destroyed. Meanwhile, Anggia heart shattered to hear the laughter. If only there because of the prestige, I feel like she hugged Christopher all day and never take it off again.

“You don’t like me if I’m chatty. I have obeyed your wish to be not chatty as much as I could,” commented Christopher. “Okay. You can do whatever you want. But, tell him to bring his own food! I’m not cooking for him. ”

When Christopher threw that last speech, Anggia open side of the kitchen wall phone microphone. Until Ralf grumbling across. “Your boyfriend minds?! Just wait! I’ll bring you a basket of Indonesian cuisines. And he’ll regret if you wouldn’t love to touch his cooking food. ”

Anggia no comment. Just laugh very crisp across the phone before say, “See you later!”

Christopher stunned laughter Anggia. Throughout his acquaintance with Anggia, never Anggia laugh after and serenyah it for her. Until Christopher grabbed the pot on the stove vigorously with bare fingers.

“God, Christ, you don’t need to approve my request if you don’t like it.” Anggia quickly responded by bringing Christopher fingers to grasp. “Wait a minute, I’ll take an ointment!”

Anggia turn off the stove next to them, dragging Christopher to follow. “You know, Christ, most of the Indonesian girls always ask permissions to their boyfriends to do things. You also have the right to allow and forbid me to do something. Furthermore, Ralf isn’t my type,” said Anggia length, realized why beautiful creatures in his grasp until no focus in cooking. Gratefully, Christopher did not get accidentally spilled cooking.

Christopher made no comment. Only according to it when Anggia sat in his living room sofa circumference. Silent motionless while waiting Anggia taking topical medication in the box.

Anggia back a minute later with a tube of ointment and two bandages. She put the ointment to Christopher’s blistered fingers exposed to heat while muttering, “You know, Christ, the Indonesian people prefer greasing toothpaste than topical medication like this if they were exposed oil or hot water.”

“So, do it to me!”

Anggia who was sitting on his knees on the carpet, staring fixedly Christopher’s eyes in order to find something in his eyes. The eyes looked at him seriously.

“I’m serious.”

Anggia no comment. Just remove the topical medication that just diolesnya. He took a basin for washing the hands of Christopher and a towel to dry before applying the toothpaste on both fingers Christopher. At that moment a loud knock mediate them.

“Come in!” exclaimed Anggia while pressing a remote on the table to open the automatic doors of the apartment before continuing its activity in treating Christopher.

“Are Indonesian people always welcome their guests with that way?” Ralf grinned at the end of the door while removing the triangular knit cap and a thick coat of dark brown and draped in a coat hanger near the door.

“Never mind, Ralf! You are just like to not know me well before,” grumbled Anggia. “Moreover, there is something more important than just to welcome you.” Anggia pointed towards both Christopher blistered fingers. Anggia entirely joking his words. Although it was delivered with a serious expression.

Ralf himself did not comment on the joke is not important. He just smiled, caught sight of the Anggia still sneaker in the living room. “Schl managed already to make you become a German, eh?”

There is something in the eye glance Ralf can be captured well by Anggia. Until Anggia faintly reddish. “No, Ralf, we didn’t do anything like what you were thinking about.”

“Don’t say ‘no’, but ‘not yet’. You’ll regret your words.” Ralf threw his ass in the farthest end of the couch as he placed a bottle of white wine. “You both don’t like beer, right? So, I’m bringing a bottle of wine. And this is for you, Ia. Indonesian food. I bought it at a nearby Thai restaurant. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the same as the original one. But, it is the only one in this district.” As usual, Ralf explained at length without being asked. In fact, sometimes, like Ralf did not need other people to comment on the long explanations.

Anggia finished with activity in treating Christopher. And took a seat right beside Christopher. Very close. Until Christopher is able to smell the body’s natural Anggia. Anggia never wear anything other than soap fragrances in each of his days.

“You don’t bring any food for your dinner? Schl didn’t cook too much.”

“Ia, I said, I didn’t cook for Cyzk.” Christopher put his arm around the body Anggia as he kissed her hair from behind. The hair tropical fragrant roses.

“Uufff ... you, Guys, really made me sick!” Ralf leaned his shoulder to relax into the back of the sofa while throwing an A4 sized book toward Anggia. “Here it is, the design stage art book for basic one. I’m sure that you are already proficient. Your design stage art’s professor who saw you in the other day was absolutely gobsmacked with you. You’re recommended to choose the majors. ”

“Is it true? It’s a good news, Cyzk.” Christopher pressed circle Anggia his arms and kissed her hair back with all my affection. “Ok. You may take your dinner rations if you want to prepare it for us.” Christopher joked.

However, Ralf immediately went out of his seat with pleasure.

While Ralf prepare dinner for them, Christopher kissed her maiden hair who was thumbing a new book giving Ralf.

“Christ, I would not be lost, even if you stop kissing me.” Objection Anggia. Anggia actually very like the attitude of Christopher. However, not in front of a sharp look droopy eyes hooded Ralf.

“Take it easy with me, Slst!” Said Ralf sake of capturing a reluctance on the body Anggia, one hundred percent of it. Ralf handed me a bowl of oxtail soup and a plate of white rice towards Anggia before taking his own soup ration.

Christopher fed Anggia directly. Which obviously could not feed herself with her fingers blistered condition. Once. Twice. Prior spooned himself white rice and soup to her lips.

“So now, you’re the people of Indonesia, Schl?” Comments Ralf when Anggia white rice stuffing into the lips Christopher. Complete with typical Padang rendang and satay Ralf performed a moment ago.

“I can not resist the desire of my girl,” said Christopher lightly. That’s when Ralf stop spooning broth soup, as if remembering something.

“There’s something wrong with the soup?” Added Christopher sake of seeing Ralf suddenly paled.

Anggia rapid response to changes in the expression of Ralf, hastily said, “Do you mind if you are moving the dirty dishes to the kitchen, Christ? I guess, the wound had started to dry. ”

Christopher rose from his seat without commenting anything. Fully understand the direction in which the question Anggia directed. Christopher lifted the dirty dishes to the kitchen and move it to the sink. He looked at the snow dripping outside the window in as far as the eye can see. For the first time in her life, she felt, winter is the warmest season of his life. And it seems that Ralf also feel comfortable in Anggia side.

“Mind if I smoke?” Ralf opens his voice, so Christopher showed no sign of him.

Anggia not answer. Simply shift the glass window in front of him a little bit with a remote control. Instantly winter breeze blowing into the living room. However, like Christopher, Anggia feel very warm. The warmth which spread to his deepest trough. “Need coffee?”

“I do not drink caffeine.”

Anggia about to open his mouth, responding to remarks when Ralf Ralf hurriedly say, “I know. Very risky for cigar and heavy cigarette addicts like me. But .... “Ralf shrugged as he lit a cigar. Disandarkannya his body slumped before the opening story. “After me and Katl officially dating, I invite Katl stayed in my apartment. But, Katl refused. I thought, he’s just not ready to live together before .... ”

Ralf seemed unable to continue his words before Anggia opened the refrigerator and handed me a few cans Paulanee cold toward him.

Anggia waited patiently until Ralf spent his first cans.

“Last night I went to the apartment Katl suddenly. I think, because we are now lovers, I have a right to it. But, it turns out I was wrong. I lost her, Slst. ”

Anggia not know what to berucapa what strengthens the sake of man-type bad guy in front of him. His views were met with Christopher view being sipped a box full of cold milk in the kitchen with a very wide aperture it. Christopher nodded.

Anggia attract Ralf into his arms. Ralf could not refuse. In that instant she cried. His voice was soft by sobs that break down airborne particles around them. “During this time I understand when Katl date with all the coolest guy on campus. Also, when I know, he desperately chasing Schl. But, no, with Sra. ”

Anggia heart cavity cools. Instantly felt covered with eternal snow. “You mean, Karina a ....” Anggia could not speak his heart.

Ralf merely nodded quietly while still sobbing. “I love her, Slst. I could understand if he was having an affair with another man. But this….”

Ralf Anggia clutching more tightly. Not knowing what to say about it. As Indonesia where LGBT people are not from recognized by the state, Anggia do not have much experience in the breaking of the case. And especially, to calm a man who was crying. Moreover, the type of Ralf. He was never heard that he was going to cry once in his life. Namely, for the woman he loved. But she never imagined at all that it will happen also in a kind man Ralf.

“It’s Ok. It’s Ok, Ralf. All problems must be a solution. I will try to help resolve the problem. You can stay here tonight to calm the mind. I’m sure, Christ would not mind if you stay here overnight. ”

Christopher who has spent his milk carton, squeezing hard, heard about it. Almost just about tossed it toward the street below. Although the distance the living room and the kitchen was wide enough, but the silence between them, were able to deliver Anggia mezzo-soprano voice to several meters away.

What is he crazy? I’m not going to share a bed with any man. Also, the apartment’s living room couch.

Slowly, Ralf tears began to subside. As if the words did not matter Anggia that last one, her mood improved slightly.

Anggia loosened his arms and keep a distance with Ralf suddenly feeling the aura sharply at Christopher’s eyes.

“You’d rather sleep on the couch or on the bed? We did not have a lot of places in this apartment, Cyzk, “retorted Christopher from the doorway of the kitchen. She folded her arms hold creeps sudden burst in his heart without mercy. He looked sharp in order Ralf wants to throw his objections. However, Ralf was staring at him.

Anggia Christopher stared sharply in order not spoil the mood Ralf getting worse. “Sleep in my room, Ralf! I think, Christ requires her favorite couch this time. ”

Ralf nodded in understanding as she moved toward the room in question Anggia. Anggia own cleaning the living room table before pulling Christopher from where he stood stiffly in the doorway of the kitchen.

“Come here! Do not be like that! Ralf was very good to me. ”

“But, you know, this is not a luxury apartment, Ia. I did not have room for you anymore. Are you going to let me sleep on the cold kitchen floor? ”

Anggia did not answer, just lay down on the couch circumference of the living room before pulling Christopher into his arms.

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