Dare To Take A Chance

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(STEAMY!) BOOK #1 in the Dare Brothers Series Laken Chance is looking for an adventure in the Alaskan backcountry. She's a fiery little outdoor enthusiast. She books a month at the Dare Family Resort and soon meets all ten of the Dare brothers; a group of rowdy, crude bad boys. Jed Dare can't get this little blonde out of his head. She's clouding all his thoughts and driving him wild with her body and her sass. Can Jed make his one night with her worth it or will he go against everything he knows and spend more than one night with her? He's a player. She's a badass. Is their connection purely sexual? TRIGGER WARNING: Story contains NO details of rape but does contain a rape survivor.

Romance / Erotica
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Date: April 2021

Hi, guys!

Welcome to the first Dare Brothers Book. Thank you for checking it out.

I am currently going through to edit the entire series, so if you are reading before I have completed the editing, my apologies for all the mistakes and the ample curse words! haha

A few things I just wanted to say about this story/series in general:

1. It contains a lot of smut

2. The Dare family is foul-mouthed, so if that bothers you...eek.

3. I have SIX (6) completed books in this series that are currently on Wattpad. None of them have been edited yet, as I’m only starting now. (April 2021)

4. This whole series is about acceptance, understanding, respect, love, and kindness. Yes, the smut is there and the boys are sexy; the girls are strong-willed and the parents are understanding...so please keep that in mind when leaving comments. We are an inclusive community!

I have managed all 6 books (the original start date on Wattpad was July 2020) without receiving too much hate in the comment section. THIS IS AMAZING! I can handle criticism, so have at it, but don’t attack other readers or my characters. THEY AREN’T PERFECT! But who is?

5. We’ve built a great community here in this series and the number of messages I have received about sexuality, comfort, and learning something new about acceptance has blown my mind. I am so proud of that, and I am so grateful to have so many wonderful readers!

6. These books are an easy, fun, sexy, wild ride and I hope you enjoy them!


Strap in for Laken and Jed!

And if you are willing, I’m always curious about how you found this book! Let me know!





Copyright © Ky Loren (kyxcoffee) 2020

This is a work of fiction. Characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this book can be reproduced or used in any manner without the author’s written permission.

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