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His Little Star (Book 1, the His series)

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Nineteen year old Emaia was not expecting to find out she was the King's Celestial. Winter was not expecting to find his Celestial right under him after years of searching. Having no memory of her childhood, Emaia clung to the sliver of hope for the familiarity she felt. Spending their days together, Winter is intent on protecting this chance with her. But when the hidden organisation, InGen, make their mark again on the Nine Realms, it proves hard to do so. Especially when they start with Emaia's little sister. Dark secrets from her past are beginning to reappear. Things her enemies know and the longer she remains with Winter, the more she remembers. A darkness within InGen is making his move on her, desperate for her to remember. And if Winter cannot provide her with the full truth, she is prepared to go behind his back to figure out her past and protect Izzy. But what happens when memories of a faceless male from her past start tearing apart the veil of everything she had ever known and come to know? The forgotten promise that was made. Will she trust Winter's truth, or his enemy's truth?

Romance / Fantasy
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Authors Notice

I've been building this book up since 2014. I never thought I'd think of continuing Emaia and Winter's story in two more books but I guess it's happening. I don't want any hate for my story or how it's written. I just want to put my work out there for myself and for others who'd read it. And honestly it would make me the happiest if people do and any corrections that need to be made, please do let me know.

I've written many drafts but this is the first one of HLS that I've ever finished. I took probably a month off but the free time felt illegal so I went back to editing so I and people could at least read a clearer better version of this book and I'm nearly done with the full edit so I'll start posting chapters every day so I really hope people enjoy it this time around. This probably won't be the last last draft but the one that'll have the full entire plot and is sorted.

Thank you to everyone who does read. It really means the world to me!!

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