His Little Star (Book 1, the His series)

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Winter wasn't prepared to find out his Celestial was hidden right beneath his nose. Emaia wasn't prepared to hear she was the King's Celestial right before he left her. Having no memory of her childhood, she had felt a sliver of hope for the familiarity she felt with him, that he might've known her. Returning a year and a half later, he was hellbent on keeping her away from the castle but the bonds between Royal Celestial's aren't to be taken lightly. Especially when the hidden organisation, InGen, had made their mark once again. Starting with Emaia's little sister. Dark secrets from her forgotten past are beginning to reappear and she's starting to remember things. Things Winter isn't aware of. But the dead is making his move on her, someone else who remembers her. And Emaia is ready to go behind Winter's back to find out how deep the faceless male's hatred for Winter goes and protect her little sister. But what happens when she delves too deep into the King's mind? Into her memories and discovers things that were more than what she had bargained for? Something that breaks down everything her and Winter had built. His choices had risked the life of her sister and overwhelmed by her feelings, will Emaia stay or will she find comfort in the arms of her newfound ally?

Romance / Fantasy
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Authors Notice

This is the first time I’m putting my work up on reading websites and this book I’ve been building up since 2014. I know it sounds long but it’s been constantly changed to be where it is now. I don’t want any hate for my story or how it’s written because writing is what makes me happy. There’s always a certain standard for writing and it makes people scared of showing their work off but writing is yours. We all have our specific writing style that’s made for us and I’m not doing it for it to be perfect. Every story is told different and written different and I just want to put my work out there for myself and for others who’d read it. It would make me the happiest if people actually do and if there’s any corrections that need to be done or what people think about certain parts, I don’t mind taking them into account to better my book if I can. Thank you for everyone who takes part. It means a lot.

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