The Rules Series

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Enforced Rules 1: Landon

Forty eight hours; that’s all it’s been since the moment I first saw her from across the bar at The Kent Mockery, one of my best friend Jarrod’s clubs. It’s literally been a couple of days but she’s somehow managed to get me to do things I would never normally do. I’ve broken rules in the last forty eight hours that I’m convinced I’ve never broken until now. I could check them off on my fingers if I wasn’t too scared to realise just how much she’s affecting me; the things I’ve done with her that I’d never have done with or for another woman and the things I’ve allowed her to do that I would never have allowed anyone else to do. What’s more scary is the fact that I can’t bring myself to regret it. She makes me want to break every rule I’ve ever given myself, so long as I break them with her. That is the scary part – the fact that I’m so comfortable with her. I want to tell her everything; how I feel, what I think, what I’ve done, who I am. I’m used to keeping my cards close to my chest but with her I feel like I’m about to lower my hand in defeat. My poker face doesn’t seem to have the same opacity that it once did; I’m pretty sure she seesthrough it and that is beyond terrifying. She’s sitting on the sofa in my living room wearing one of my shirts. I can see her through the glass doors as I pour us both some wine and it’s perhaps the most intoxicating sight I’ve ever seen. Her dark, chestnut coloured hair is in a messy bun on the top of her head with a few tendrils framing her face and my shirt is hanging off one shoulder, giving me the perfect view of her collar bone. It’s clear and pronounced. She’s quite thin with small, pert breasts. Usually the women I sleep with have slightly bigger breasts but for some reason I think hers are perfect.

After dinner, I’d rushed her back here so that I could fuck her. She’d had me hard from the moment I saw her. There’s power in that; this ability she has to make me want her with just a smile or a wink or merely the look of her. It’s a power no one has ever had over me before. Normally by this point I’d have sent her home but with Aurora that feels a lot harder to do than it ever has before. That’s an understatement. It’s never been hard before. It was always routine; usual practice. Screw and say goodbye. No exchange of numbers. No option of more hook ups. However, the idea of saying goodbye to Aurora is not an option and that makes everything else a preference. Even if it goes against all of the rules I’ve set, I won’t let her go just yet. There’s something about her that compels me to be different with her. I’m seriously considering talking to her about everything my mother told me today, but I don’t know if I can. Perhaps more importantly, I’m not sure I want to. What I really want right now is to take her back to my bed. We’ve had a fantastic evening and I don’t want to ruin it with all this stuff with my family. Besides, I have definitely not had my fill of her yet. I’m not sure I ever will. It’s strange because I don’t know what it is about her that is so different from all the other women I’ve slept with. Of course she is beautiful, but so were they. There’s something about her that makes her different, better, more important to me but I’ve yet to put my finger on it.

When I walk back into the living room with the wine, Aurora is curled up on the sofa with her feet hidden beneath her. She looks incredibly at ease and I can’t stop the smile that covers my face in reaction to seeing her like that. I’ve never tried to make the women I sleep with feel welcome in my apartment before. I’ve always been a fuck and chuck sort of guy, until now that is. I slide onto the sofa next to her and pull her against myself, putting an arm around her. I need to touch her. I grab the remote control for the television from the sofa beside us and quickly flick the tv on to the news. I check the headlines before turning my head towards Aurora, “is there anything else I can get you? You aren’t hungry or anything?”

“No, thank you,” Aurora grins at me before looking back at the television.

“Will you stay?” I ask and I can hear an urgency in my voice that I don’t recognise. Before meeting Aurora, I had rules for everything from work to dating to dealing with my family. I’d never allowed any of the women I dated to stay the night in this apartment until I met Aurora a few nights ago. But one of the things I like most about being with Aurora is waking up with her in the morning; her hair spread out on my pillow with a smile on her face as she dreams. I sound like a sap. Ayden would laugh at me. He’d enjoy this.

“Sure,” her eyes are sparkling. I almost sigh with relief.

“Do you want to go to bed?” I ask her quietly, stroking her hair gently.

“I guess I could sleep,” she yarns.

“Who said anything about sleeping?” I wink at her.

A second barely passes before she’s blushing again. I love teasing that blush out of her. I take her by the hand and pull her to her feet. I take the wine glass that she’s holding before leading her down the hall towards my bedroom. Aurora pauses in the hallway, waiting for me as I place our empty glasses in the sink in the kitchen.

She looks stunning stood there in my blue shirt that shows off her legs perfectly. She’s barefoot with one leg curled around the other as she leans against the door post. I feel myself getting hard just looking at her. I stride across the kitchen and through the open door back into the hallway, practically dragging Aurora into my bedroom. By the time I’ve got her on my bed I’ve already got the buttons of the shirt undone and she’s completely naked underneath it. She’s exquisite. I kiss every inch that I’ve uncovered. I want to take my time with her, relishing in her, but I don’t think I have the self-control. I remove my clothes as quickly as I can. I kiss her. She kisses me back and it’s like I’m a drowning man getting my first burst of oxygen at the surface of the darkest, most cavernous ocean imaginable.

Without breaking the kiss, I grab a condom from the bedside cabinet and pull it onto my hard, throbbing cock. I’m inside her in a flash. My hands are all over her; I have to touch every inch of her. I want to possess her. I want to own her completely. If I’m too rough, she doesn’t complain. I’ve got both her hands above her head in one hand as I assault her neck with my mouth. I kiss. I suck. I bite. I lick. She moans as her toes curl in ecstasy. She looks at me as if she can see right through me and suddenly I feel an incredible sense of vulnerability. How is it that I have her completely at my mercy, literally under my control, and yet she makes me feel like I’m completely defenceless against her? I close my eyes as if to hide behind my lids. When I open them again, she’s not looking at me. Her eyes are screwed shut as if she is fighting for control too. It must be hard for her. She’s completely thrown away the rule book. I can’t help but respect her for it. I’m not sure that I can do the same. “Let go,” I whisper, “Trust me.” I don’t know where the words come from but they are exactly what she needs. She takes me over the edge with her and I can’t help but take pride in the noises she’s making because I know that I’m the only one who has ever heard those sounds from her mouth.

Moments later, she’s curled up against my side like a tiny kitten but I can’t sleep. I stare at the ceiling but I don’t know what I’m looking for. I glance down at the girl beside me before climbing out of bed. Looking down at her, I see how her body searches me out, as if her sub-conscious feels the loss of physical connection. I walk out of the room and into my closet, grabbing a pair of jogging pants. I pad barefoot through my apartment to the stairs and head up to a part of my home that Aurora has never seen. I contemplate going into my home office and doing a couple of hours of work but that is the last thing I want to do and I don’t want to exercise so the gym isn’t an option either. So instead I turn left and head into my apartment’s second living room. Two of the walls are made completely of glass and allow me the most beautiful views of the city. I head over to the bar and pour myself a whiskey before going to stand at the window to look out. Even though it’s cold out, I step out on to the balcony for some fresh air.

I don’t know how long I stand there lost in my thoughts about Aurora, my thoughts about my mother and my brother, and my father’s company... but she takes me completely by surprise when she wraps an arm around my waist, “you’re freezing,” she says shyly.

I look down at her. She’s wrapped up in a bed sheet with her hair flying about in the wind. If I had a camera handy, I’d snap a quick picture because that image would be iconic. I’d print it onto a massive canvas and put it on the wall. She looks sexy as hell. “I’m sorry,” I’m not sure what I’m apologising for; perhaps leaving her alone downstairs? I’m not one for apologising usually.

“Couldn’t sleep?” it’s a question I don’t think she needs an answer to. She already knows. So I just smile at her.

I don’t want to answer any more questions so I pull her closer until I’ve got her trapped between my body and the balcony railings. I begin to remove the bed sheet from around her. I’m excited. I’m hard. She doesn’t seem to blush as I unwrap her like a Christmas present but maybe that’s just because it’s dark. I lick my lips before kissing the skin I expose. Her skin is so unbelievably soft, even covered in goose bumps from the cold. The sheet drops and she’s exposed to the world but fortunately we’re too high up for anyone to see her, even if they were looking. That doesn’t stop me from teasing her though, “look at you... you’re on fire... do you like the idea of being seen like this?” Her breath hitches and I smirk before falling to my knees in front of her, “open your legs,” I demand.

I’m practically drooling; I can’t wait to taste her. I flick my tongue across the inside of her thigh. I feel her quiver beneath my touch. I want her to beg me. I look up, challenging her, waiting for her to ask, but she doesn’t, she just raises a perfect eyebrow, returning the challenge. A rush of laughter escapes me as I look back to my prize. I start slow, sensually exploring her, taking in her scent and taste. It’s intoxicating. I’m sure she’s going to beg me when I feel her hand in the hair at the back of my head but she doesn’t. She moans though. It’s loud and resonates in the cold night’s air. I don’t care who hears her though. If any of my neighbours have their windows open, they’d hear her as clear as day. I look up again, taking in the sight of her. I see her stomach, tort from the way my tongue is making her feel. I see her breasts. They are heavy and full and her nipples are peaked from the cold wind brushing against them, “you like that don’t you... the feel of the wind against your skin...” I blow on her sex, causing her to moan again.

I look up as I see her lose herself to an orgasm like no other. Her head is lolling back in bliss and she’s holding on to the railing behind her so tightly it looks painful, but it’s the only thing holding her up. Her legs have given in to the intensity of the passion between us. I don’t stop though. I want to fuck her now. I get to my feet and lift up her legs so that I’m holding her up against the railings. She wraps her legs around my waist as I enter her. I quickly find a hard pace. The feel of her hands pulling my hair, the satin soft feel of her around my dick and the sound of her quick breaths in my ear are enough to have me emptying myself inside of her.

After a moment, she drops her legs back to the ground as I pull back. We both try to get our breath back. “Come on,” I take her hand and lead her back inside, “let’s clean up.”

On the way through the living room, she glances to the corner where my grand piano sits. “Do you play?” she asks.

“No,” I lie. I don’t know why I lie to her. It’s not as if it’s overly personal. I used to play as a child. I don’t any more. So I guess it’s not really a lie, I tell myself but I know differently. Truth is its incredibly personal and I’m not just lying to her, I’m lying to myself. I feel exposed. It’s strange. I’ve just exposed this girl to both the elements and the world’s view and yet she makes me feel as if I’m completely bare before her and not in a physical sense. It’s as if I’m baring my very soul to her. “My mum helped me decorate,” now I really am lying, “she thought it would look good.”

It’s like saying the books on the shelves are just there for ascetics instead of reading and a glance at her face tells me my words have displeased her. I want to take them back immediately and tell her the truth, that I sit at that piano and think about playing every day but I can’t bring my fingers to touch the keys but I can’t and not because it’s against the rules but because I can’t get my mouth to utter the words.

In my shower, I take care to wash her, savoring the touch of her skin against my own. It’s only when I have her wrapped in a fluffy towel that a thought hits me, “I didn’t wear a condom. Are you on the pill?” I know it’s unlikely as she’d never had sex until a few nights ago. I find myself mentally crossing my fingers.

She shakes her head like a child who’s in trouble before looking down at the floor in what I can only imagine is embarrassment because she couldn’t possibly be ashamed. “It’s okay,” I lift her chin before kissing her gently; “we’ll get you on the pill tomorrow.”

She nods. I grin at her, “that was fun,” I try to lighten the mood, “your parents would be shocked. That would definitely be against the rules.”

“For sure,” Aurora laughs and the sound is pure heaven.

“Right, bed time,” I sound bossy but it’s late and I’ve got to get up in the morning for work. “Have you got lectures in the morning?”

“Not until noon,” she replies.

“You’re welcome to stay here,” I’m not sure if I’m just being polite or if I really want her to be here in my apartment so that I can imagine her here whilst I’m working; probably both. She nods again before dropping the towel on a chair in the corner and climbing into bed.

“Are you trying to make me fuck you again?” I hiss, “Because I will.” I pull her against me so that she can feel the erection between my legs against her bum.

She wriggles, “tease,” I whisper into her ear before closing my eyes preparing to sleep, an arm wrapped around her, my legs entwined with hers, and the scent of her hair in my nose.

When I wake up, she’s fast asleep with her head resting on my chest. I bask in her presence for a moment before I hear the sound of my alarm. I switch it off immediately, hoping not to wake her. I gently move her off me so that I can get out of bed. I try not to look at her as I get ready for work because I don’t want to get distracted by her. I’m hard just thinking about her naked in my bed, ready for me, and it’s taking all my control to stop myself waking her up and fucking her into next week. I give in, just as I prepare to leave. I glance down at her from the bedroom door. Before I can stop myself, I’m at the side of the bed and I’m sitting beside her and kissing her on the forehead. Her eyes flicker and I’m scared I’ve woken her, but she just rolls over and sleeps on much to my relief. My behaviour shocks me. I’m getting uncharacteristically attached. A huge part of me wants to call the office and arrange to work from home this morning, just so I can be close to her but that is ridiculous. I barely know the girl.

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