The Rules Series

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Enforced Rules 3: Landon

I’m sat at my desk by half eight drinking a cappuccino as I shift through my emails. There are several emails that have been flagged as urgent but there’s nothing pressing about them at all. It’s tedious work replying to them. I find my mind drifting to thoughts of Aurora asleep in my bed. It takes all my self control to stop myself from calling her. To stop myself disturbing her sleep I pull out my phone and call Henry, “yes sir?” he answers on the first ring.

“Can you get an egg bap from Cafe Le Mers and deliver it to my apartment.”

“Yes sir,” Henry quickly replied.

“Leave it on the breakfast bar in the kitchen and message me when you’ve delivered it.”

“Yes sir,” Henry says before I hang up. I hold the phone in my hand; my thumb hovering over the call button. I’ve never been so tempted by the idea of speaking to someone before. Fortunately, I’m distracted by a knock at the door.

“Come in,” I call out.

“Sir,” Lisa, my assistant walks in with a pile of files for me, “I’ve got about ten new possible accounts for you to consider.” Hopefully that will distract me; perhaps for an hour.

“Fantastic,” I grin at her, “Are there any messages for me?”

A part of me is hopeful that Aurora has woken up and has called for me. “No sir,” Lisa shakes her head, “your first appointment is at nine. Catherine Jenkins from HR.”

“That’s great,” I begin to leaf through the files on my desk as Lisa leaves my office. By ten to nine I have three piles of different sizes. My yes pile is by far the smallest, with only three files. The second largest pile is the ‘for future consideration’ pile. The third pile, my no pile is by far the largest with ten files. I pick up my office phone, asking Lisa to come and collect the files. As she enters the office, I hand her the no pile first, “these can go straight in the bin.”

“No interest,” she nods her head, taking the files in hand.

“These can be saved for next month’s considerations,” I pass her the second pile, “and finally can you distribute these amongst the directors so that they can arrange initial interviews.” It was always a challenge to decide what new accounts we should take on. Advertising was a form of investment. By promoting these businesses or authors or whoever, I was investing in their future, investing in my future profit.

Before she leaves I pass her a last file, “make an appointment with Jack and Jarrod. I’ll take a personal interest in this one. I didn’t realise they had plans to open a new restaurant.” My company had been responsible for advertising each of their previous restaurants and had even invested in them on occasion. It was good business sense but more than that it was friendship.

“Very well sir,” Lisa smiled benignly at me.

“Who is responsible for their account?” I ask. I know that Lisa will know. She knows everything that happens at TWR; that’s what makes her a bloody good assistant.

“Andrew Contius.”

“I want to see him some time today, please.”

“Yes sir,” she nods before turning to leave.

Just as she reaches the door I ask her to get my doctor on the phone. She looks at me; confused. I’m never sick. She doesn’t express a concern for my health or even say a word. She just nods her head and leaves. I like that. It’s hard to have privacy when you have an assistant arranging everything but at least with Lisa, she does her best to give me as much privacy as possible and if it’s impossible she gives me the illusion of privacy.

A moment or two later, I’m speaking to Dr Elizabeth Landing. She’s one of the highest profile private doctors in the city, yet she is willing to go to my apartment on a Friday morning for an impromptu appointment. I know it’s because of how much I pay her for her services. Services I very rarely need. It might also have something to do with all my mother’s donations to her non-profit work. My mobile buzzes as I’m talking to her. I quickly glance at the screen. It’s a message from Henry. I rush out a goodbye to Elizabeth and call Aurora automatically. It’s still early but I can no longer resist.

I try to be patient as I wait for her to answer. I’m not the sort of man you keep waiting. I’ve never been put on hold and people usually answer my calls on the first ring. “Hello?” Her voice is hoarse and I’m not convinced she’s awake. I wonder if she talks in her sleep.

I grin as I tell her that I’ve had Henry deliver her breakfast. I hear her shuffling, probably getting out of bed. I can’t stop myself from asking her if she’s wearing my shirt. I left it out for her on purpose, just so that I could think about her wearing it. There’s nothing better than a mental image. I don’t mean to tell her though. I frown as I hear myself saying; “I like you wearing my clothes.”

I can picture her blushing. She’s really not used to compliments. I like that about her. I like the way she reacts to me. “Are you in the kitchen yet?” I’m impatient and it’s not because I have an appointment in five minutes. It’s because I feel like a child at Christmas. It’s disconcerting; I shouldn’t feel like this over a girl eating breakfast in my kitchen.

“Yes,” She says, “breakfast?”

“There’s a little cafe round the corner,” I tell her. I fail to tell her that my company are responsible for all their advertising. “They make the most amazing egg baps.” That was a good investment. They were currently considering opening another branch on the other side of London.

“It smells so good,” I think she might be moaning. I never knew hearing someone talk about food could be so hot.

“I’m quite jealous,” I tell her.

“Why?” she asks. I don’t tell her the truth. The truth would be that I want to see her eating her breakfast, sat at my breakfast bar, in my shirt. That just the thought of her, half dressed is making me hard.

“Because I’m practically drooling just thinking about eating your breakfast,” I tell her instead. Although I’d much rather eat you for breakfast.

“How’s your work going?”

“Not well,” there’s a ping as I receive a new email from Lisa telling me that Catherine is waiting for me. I quickly type out a reply and press send.

“Oh no,” she is frowning. I can practically hear it down the line.

“You’ve got me all distracted,” I tell her, “I’m sat here at my desk, thinking about you sitting there eating that roll, in my shirt... your long legs crossed as you sit at the breakfast bar... you asleep naked in my bed... you see, there is no chance of actually getting any work done.” I have to adjust myself. I’m hard as a rock and it’s beginning to get painful. I’ve got to sort this out. I can’t spend my whole day with a hard on.

“Well, in that case,” she tells me, “you better give up and come back and fuck me.”

“Don’t tempt me Miss Stone,” I growl at her. I don’t want her to know how much that idea really does tempt me. I’m literally almost out of my chair and on my way out the door.

“But tempting you is so much fun,” she giggles.

“I’ve made an appointment for you with my doctor,” I tell her, “so we can get you on the pill.”

As I tell her about the appointment, I realise that I’m investing myself in this relationship. It’s no longer just a couple of nights of sex. I try to tell myself I’m just investing in the idea of more sex but it’s not convincing. The only thing that eases my mind is the knowledge that I’ve never made a bad investment yet; they’ve always been profitable. Ayden’s voice in my head tells me that probability will eventually win out and I’m scared that this might be the investment I lose out on.

I really don’t want to say goodbye but I know I have to; if I don’t my entire day will be delayed. I wonder if I should try and make plans with her for the evening. I know I want to but I’m not sure if I should. “I’m going to have to go,” I frown, “I’ve got an appointment.”

“Oh okay,” she’s disappointed, “will I see you later?”

“I’m not sure,” I tell her honestly, “but I’d like to.”

When I put the phone down, I’m disappointed at the idea of not seeing her. So disappointed that I quickly type out a text message;

Aurora, I’ll make time. Let me take you to dinner tonight. L. X

I’m about to press send when Catherine Jenkins enters my office. I quickly delete the message before giving Catherine my undivided attention. The meeting is short but incredibly productive. She tells me about the position she has arranged for Louisa at a rival company in Birmingham. She then begins to walk me through the applicants we’ve received to replace Louisa. Between us we decide which we will interview. I struggle to focus though; I keep checking my phone, desperately wanting to message Aurora. There’s a buzz and I wonder if it’s Aurora. My hand automatically reaches for it but it’s not Aurora, it’s my mother.

Hello Darling, wondering if you would like to go to dinner with your father and me tonight. It would be lovely to see you. Mum.

That’s the last thing I want to do. There’s too much to discuss. I’m grasping at straws trying to think of a way to avoid it.

I can’t. I have a date.

I’ve sent the message before I’ve thought it through. My mum’s reply is far too quick. I groan as I read it;

Bring her.

I don’t do introducing dates to the parents but a part of me doesn’t think Aurora is just a date. But even if she isn’t just a date, it’s still against the rules. In fact it’s not just against the rules, it is so far left field that it’s not even in the jurisdiction of the rules. It was such an impossibility before, that I didn’t even need a rule for it. I send my mum a quick reply.

I’ll ask her.

It’s a lie. I have no intentions of asking Aurora to meet my parents. I’ll come up with an excuse before I leave work for the evening and then I’ll invite Aurora round for dinner. I’ll cook for her and then I’ll fuck her until she’s screaming my name.

Just before lunch, I find myself sending Aurora a text;

My mum wants you to come to dinner tonight. Is that okay? I can make an excuse if you want. X

I wait for her to reply. I’m suddenly nervous. I’ve put it in her hands and that makes me wary. I’ve never invited anyone to my parents’ house before. A part of me wants her to say no, so that we can avoid it altogether, but I know that I’ll be disappointed if she says no, even though it doesn’t even make sense to be disappointed.

I find myself tapping my fingers on my desk as I wait for her reply. It comes about twenty minutes later.

We can do whatever you like. If you want to go to dinner with your parents, then that’s okay with me. Just let me know. X

I grin at her perfect answer.

Thank you. I’ll pick you up at six. I probably need to go to my parents. L x

I send a brief text to my mother/

We’ll see you at half six.

I look forward to meeting her. If my mum is surprised that I’m bringing a date home, she doesn’t let on. I’m surprised at myself so I’m sure she is too.

Several hours later, I’m leading Aurora into my parents’ house. I’m nervous. This is new to me. My mother greets us in the entrance hall. “Ah, Landon,” she does a double take as she recognises Aurora. Of course she does. She’s very good friends with Aurora’s mother.

“Aurora,” she smiles generously at Aurora, much to my surprise, “let me take your coat, dear? How is your mother?”

Aurora passes her jacket over, returning the smile, “she’s well, thank you. She’s looking forward to Saturday.”

“So am I,” mother smiles, “it’s a fantastic cause.” She puts our coats in the cloakroom, “your father is in the drawing room. Do go through.”

Father is sat in his favourite arm chair reading a book, “Landon,” he nods his head at me before acknowledging Aurora. “Now you young lady must be something special if my son has brought you home.”

Aurora laughs politely, a gentle blush touching her cheek.

“Father, this is Aurora,” I make the introduction.

“Oh, I know,” he’s chuckling, “as if I could forget that face – you look just like your mother. How are your parents?”

“Very good sir,” Aurora replies.

“Do call me Alistair,” my father smiles.

“I wasn’t sure where you would like to eat,” mother was saying as she entered the room.

“We can eat on the terrace if you like,” I offer.

“Where would you like to eat Aurora?” Mother asks. I’m a little overwhelmed by this entire situation.

“I really don’t mind, although the weather is rather lovely.”

“Outside it is then,” father claps his hands, I don’t think I’ve ever known him to be so accommodating to someone outside of the family, “Landon, why don’t you give Aurora a quick tour of the house before dinner.”

I grin as I lead Aurora out of the drawing room. I’m grateful that we’ve managed to escape my parents even if it’s not for long. I show Aurora the house but secretly there is only one room I’m interested in showing her. I show her the kitchen, the dining room, the pool, the gym, the cinema room... before showing her my old bedroom. I pull her in and push her down on the bed, “my parents’ bedroom is right next door,” I whisper as I climb on top of her. “I’ve never had sex on this bed.” This is so far beyond against the rules, it’s insane.

“We haven’t got long,” she chuckles as I kiss her neck. I roll us over so that I am lying on my back with her straddling my hips. I push my hips up, searching for friction. “We’ve got plenty of time. They’ll wait.” There’s only one thing that matters right now and that’s this... this moment right now between us.

She moans as I ground my erection into her arse, “I want you,” I tell her but the words aren’t enough, “I need you.” I pull her dress up around her waist so that I can move her panties aside. She’s slick. My fingers enter her easily. She undoes my trouser and releases my cock from my boxers.

She giggles, licking her lips, “someone’s happy to see me.” She’s so much more confident than a couple of nights ago. We’ve come a long way together.

“Always,” I groan as she takes me in hand, brushing her fingers along the underside of my dick. It’s too much. I turn us over so that I’m back on top and I enter her quickly. I need to feel her silky pussy around me. I pull down her dress so that I can suck on her breast. She’s perfect; beautiful in that moment. The perfect girlfriend; fiery and passionate in bed yet sophisticated and polite in company. If I was looking for a commitment, I wouldn’t look elsewhere. She’s moaning. I raise my eyebrow at her, chuckling into her breast. She’s loud. I wonder if she’s forgotten where we are or if she just doesn’t care because she’s so lost in our connection and the pleasure I’m giving her.

She’s literally bouncing on my cock and the sight is intoxicating. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I crave her. “I’m going to come,” I grit my teeth, trying to hold myself back. I want her to come first but I desperately need release so I start to rub her clit with my fingers.

She comes loudly, taking me over the edge. If my parents were in their bedroom they definitely would have heard us. I can’t stop myself from chuckling. I pick Aurora up, my cock still inside her and carry her into my en-suite. I put her down on the ground before dropping down to my knees. I grab a clean flannel from the side of the sink. I wet it before cleaning us both off.

We wander back into my old bedroom holding hands; another thing I wouldn’t normally do. I don’t do holding hands, ever. It’s too intimate; too much like a relationship. Everything else I’ve done with her, I’ve been able to explain away with some convoluted logic. Making this a repeat thing; that made sense because I still wanted her, I hadn’t had my fill. Letting her sleep over; I could take her any time I wanted. Staying at hers led to wake up sex. But how could I explain away the hand holding. She was changing everything and it was intimidating and I’m not an easily intimidated man. She drops my hand as she looks around my room, taking it all in, she’s interested in me. I re-tie my tie around my neck as I watch her. She’s stood by my old desk looking at the photos I’d stuck on the wall there back when I was in my teens. Mostly they were of me and friends but there was the occasional picture of Ayden and Melody. I came up behind her, kissing her neck, biting her gently, hoping to distract her. There are stories on that wall I’m not ready to tell. “Let’s go,” I whisper as I notice her fingers touching a photo of Melody and I sat at the piano. It reminds me that I lied to her last night. I’ve never felt uneasy lying before. I don’t make a habit of it but there are some things a person just doesn’t want to share, stories you just don’t want to tell.

She turns to face me and I can see about a thousand questions in her eyes; but I’m not ready to answer them, not even one. So instead, I take her hand again, finally finding the excuse I need to break that rule and lead her out of my school boy bedroom.

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