Forced To Marry My Ex

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Bailey is a twenty-one year old virgin that is waiting for the right guy to come around so she can start her life with a man that will cherish her like her dreams and how her parents have that type of relationship. All of changed at a friend's party when she meets Shawn Collins, the richest and most powerful man in Texas thanks to his dad. She turns his head and then he goes after her with everything he has to get her to be his. In the eyes of the public, he is a total gentleman but he has a dark side that no one knows about. He gets what he wants and his eyes are trained on Bailey. He tries to befriend her, but she sees a side of him that she does not like so she shy's away from him. This just makes him mad to where he strikes up a deal with her dad to make sure she will have to date him. When she tries to break it off, he ignores it and still drags her out on dates to make sure that the rumor he is available again gets put to rest. When she runs away due to his abusive behavior towards her, he tracks her down then makes sure that she will be his for the remainder of time. He asks her dad for her hand as an arranged marriage and of course his dad accepts it. She is then trapped in a life that she hates. Can she escape this relationship before she looses herself into a world that she will never be able to recover from? Big Shoutout to manaalwrites for this amazing book cover

Romance / Adventure
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This book is based on a really good friend of mine that went through over twenty years of abuse from her marriage. I took bits and pieces of her life that happened while she was married putting my own spin on this book making it into my own version. She finally got fed up with all of it and left her husband one day for good but some of the things that happen in this book is what she went through in her life. It is sad that people get into relationships like this but unfortunately he was not that way when they first met. He changed after their marriage and it just got worse.

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