The Billionaire CEO

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My First Time

The limo pulls up to a grand hotel, when it is parked he helps me out. Bags are grabbed from the trunk then toted in behind us. We go to an elevator where he swipes a card over the pad, then step in as the doors close taking up to the top floor where it opens into a breathtaking space. The bags are set down as the men return into the elevator.

“This place is beautiful, I love this place” walking over the the huge windows.

“I figured that this would be better than having my brothers hear you scream” he says with lust in his eyes.

“Giving yourself a lot of credit there aren’t you?” still looking out the large windows.

“No, just speaking the truth” he says grabbing my waist from behind “Women I have bedded have a tendency to scream pretty hard.”

We walk around the place while looking at all of its beauty. His eyes never come off of me as I walk from place to place looking at the skyline of LA along with the neatly decorated place. As I am standing looking out over the place, he steps back up behind me starting to kiss my neck as he wraps his arms around me again. Shivers run down the course of my body making him smiles against my skin.

“Enjoying the view” as he nibbles on my neck.

“Yes” with a shaky voice “I have always wondered what the skyline looked like from up here.”

“I have seen it so much that it is nothing new to me now. I only come here when I need to on business” working his way down my neck.

“What kind of business” trying not to melt into him.

“When I have late or very early mornings meetings, I will just stay here since it is just about five blocks from my building” he mutters into my neck.

Stuttering “Yeah, I-I noticed that is was close to there.”

He grabs my hand walking me around the place deeper into the back where we venture upstairs as he shows me where everything is. There is a sitting room, a huge kitchen, living room, the main area we stepped into off the elevator, and past the kitchen is a beautiful winding staircase that leads up to a landing that we are standing on. He spins me around as we walk into a huge bedroom that is all white with a ton of windows everywhere. He closes the door, I hear the lock click shut. He snakes his arm around me.

“I have waited as long as I can for this, it has been torture so far” growling in my ear.

He shreds his clothes all the way down to his boxers as he kisses me, backing me up against the bed. He slowly takes mine off until I am just standing there in my underwear as Itey to hide myself because of being embarrassed. Sucking in a deep breath, his eyes slowly roam over my body then he grabs me in a lighting quick motion kissing me sweetly.

“Just relax” he whispers “you are really going to enjoy this.”

He strips me out of my underwear and slowly lowers me onto the softness that hits my naked body. Kissing me deeply as he plunges one finger inside me, then another while slowly pumping in and out of my center. Grabbing one of my breasts, he rolls the nipple around in his fingers, then his lips leave mine trailing down my body. Latching onto one of my breasts, he sucks and nibbles on one and then moves to the other. Adding a third finger he trails down my stomach. I feel a pressure building up inside me where it feels wonderful. His mouth descends on my clit as he circles it with his tongue, his fingers has picked up speed making me arch my back. Laying his free hand on me, he pushes me back down holding me there while he continues to ravish me relentlessly until I shatter around him hard. He licks his lips after drinking up all my juices.

“That was a good one” as he trails kisses back up my body. Looking me in the eyes “I will be as gentle as I can with you. There will be some discomfort and pain, but I will help you through it as we proceed.”

With that being said, he pushes the tip of his dick inside me making me arch my back with the fullness along with the wide stretching of my center trying to take his length and width in.

“Oh shit!” screaming “that hurts, please stop, please.”

“Just relax baby, it’s fine. It hurts more when you are tensed up like this. If you relax you muscles, your body it will not hurt as much” stroking my hair slowly.

I take long deep breaths trying to relax my body as he kisses me deeply trying to take my mind off the pain of what is happening.

“Good baby” he smiles “now, this is going to hurt some.”

“Wait, there is more? Ahhhhh!” I scream out.

He swiftly pushes inside me making a pain rip through my entire body like I have never experienced before. It is burning as he goes deep inside me. I am screaming out his name in massive pain as he sinks deeper and deeper inside me.

“Calm down” caressing my face with one of his hands “the pain will go away here in just a second. I promise I will not move again until you start to relax.”

He is soothing me with his touches and kissing trying me to help with the pain as it slowly subsides. When he feels me relax, he start to slowly move in and out of me. I groan with the pain now leaving being replaced with pleasure as he gets a little faster and then even faster.

“Oh god!” trying to arch my back but his body weight hold me down.

I feel the pressure building inside me again as he continues. It feels like a warm fire that spreads over my whole body slowly. He holds me close to him as he grunts and growls with his own pleasure that he is feeling as he continues to move inside me harder and harder. I start to think, is this why women are addicted to sex? I start to feel my orgasm getting closer to the top, I have heard women talk about having sex makes them feel loved and desired. Now I know why so many women crave this feeling of a man, taking control of them, taking them to the edge of this wonderful feeling before your body erupts then shudders with every pulse. I feel my orgasm crash over me again as he shoves in deep spilling his seed inside me again and again. His whole body shudders and shakes as he cums, his head is buried deep in my neck as he grunts or growls with pleasure. He grunts one last time as I feel his cock twitch then he catches himself before he crushes me underneath his weight.

“That was absolutely amazing. I have never had an orgasm that big before” trying to catch his breath.

After a few minutes he finally moves collapsing on the bed beside me as his strong arms pull me to him kissing me passionately.

“Go to sleep now love, you will need it and I know you are very tired after that” kissing me one last time for the night.

I feel his hot breath on my neck as he covers us up to where we both drift off to sleep together. He has his arms around me like he is holding on for dear life.

I wake up the next morning to a wonderful feeling on my body. I am still half asleep but feel a warm body hovering over me. A warm mouth exploring my body as it slowly roams over my chest. I slowly open my eyes to see it is not a dream. He is latched onto one of my breast, rolling his tongue over my nipple slowly. His other hand is on my other one cupping it and gently squeezing it. I moan and he looks up at me.

“Good morning” kissing my chest “I thought that might wake you up. I wanted to give you some pleasure while you were waking up.”

He comes back up to my mouth kissing me deeply. He lines up with my center and slowly sinks inside me. I flinch hard feeling the very soreness come pouring through my body.

“I know your sore love” kissing my cheek “I will work it out of you here very shortly,”

He takes is easy at first until he feels my muscles relax, then he pushes harder for a short time. He pulls out, flips me over on my stomach pulling me up onto my knees. Grabbing my hips, he slams back into me going deeper than yesterday.

“Ow damn!” turning to look at him over my shoulder “Stop, that hurts.”

“If you would relax and quit tensing up, your muscles will take me and it won’t hurt as bad” he barks back at me.

Laying my head down on the bed trying to slowly breath like he tells me to it does start to feel better. He is slow at first but then he picks up speed. Grunting hard, he throws his head back with a growl as the pleasure he is feeling. He pushes deeper and deeper with each thrust. Reaching around with one of his hands, he starts to circle my clit at a steady pace. I feel that warm feeling start again going from my toes then starting to wor its way up my body slowly. Soon, he is pounding me hard as his thrust are deep and long. I crash around him making him moans loudly, then shortly after he releases inside me as he shoves as deep as he can. He is slowly pumping in and out of me as we both come off our highs together. His head comes down on my back as he is breathing very heavily.

“If..we..keep..this..up..I..won’” saying as he tries to catch his breath.

I stay still for a minute breathing heavily myself as the sweat slides down my body onto the sheets below me. He pulls out then falls over flat on the bed. I crash down onto my stomach trying to catch my breath. Finally when I have slowed my heartbeat and breathing down, I curl up into a ball. Damn, I am hurting bad. Laying there for as long as I can, I finally have the urge to move because I really have to use the bathroom. Rolling out of bed then awkwardly walking to the bathroom I pee but see that there is a very nice shower in there.

“Take a shower with me” padding into the bathroom “It will help with your soreness.”

“Can I sit in the sauna also” pointing to the wooden room with a glass door that is sitting in the corner.

“Yes, but let’s get you cleaned off. Then you can relax in there for a short time. I need time to recoup anyway” turning on the shower “The bed will be changed here shortly, it has a small amount of blood that is on the sheets from last night. I am also going to order room service. Are fruits fine with you?”

“Yes, I love strawberries, watermelon, bananas, grapes and apples” slowly standing to get into the shower.

“Come on” he helps me up “Let’s get you cleaned up, then you can relax in there also.”

He turns on the sauna so it can be heating up as the shower is already steaming from being on. He helps me step in making me sigh as the water hits my body, running down it soothing my muscles. He takes a washcloth to slowly start washing me off.

“Are you feeling better” with concern in his voice “I did not hurt you to bad did I?”

“No” slowly turning around “I am sore as crap but other than that I think I am fine.”

He chuckles as he washes my legs off then slowly comes back up. He gently washes around my center, then does my back, front and shoulders. He then helps me wash my hair, and I marvel at his touch being so gentle where it feels really good.

“The maid should be here by now changing the sheets. I have to get your broke in one way or another. I was to tired to have them changed last night but it was not a huge area anyway. It is also hard to make love to someone when their sign of virginity being lost is in your way.” as he finishes my hair.

I return the favor of washing him off, I am actually able to see exactly how big he really is. Even as I look at him being soft, he is huge. I finish washing him off then he wraps me in his arms kissing me.

“Don’t stay in the sauna but for about fifteen minutes. I will set a timer for you so you don’t pass out in there” as he cuts the shower off.

“I won’t, just want to stretch out to let my sore muscles relax a little” grabbing a towel.

He nods “I will let you know when the food arrives” as he grabs his towel to dry off with.

He leaves so I step into a very hot, relaxing room. Settling down in the lounge chair it does not take long to fall asleep almost immediately.

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