The Billionaire CEO

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The Next Morning

I do not know how much time has passed but I am woke up by someone shaking me softly.

“Danielle” his soft voice ghosts over my cheek “Wake up. Come on, our food is here.”

“Oh no, I am so sorry. I did not mean to fall asleep in here” sitting up quickly.

“It is fine, You were tired” offering me his hand.

He helps me up so we walk back into the bedroom. I slip on some sweats then head into the breakfast area where he pulls out my chair then he sits down beside me.

“Here” handing me a plate of food “Try and eat as much as you can. We need to keep you healthy along with a good diet.”

The plate he has fixed me has all kinds of fruit on it from what I told him to others I did not even think about asking for. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples kiwi, pineapples and watermelon. I smile as I start to eat because it is some of the freshest fruit that I have ever tasted. He also eats some fruit along with some pancakes. After a short time, we finish as he cleans up the plates putting them back on the cart.

“We need to go and make sure that the cake is to your liking, then we will return home. You will sleep in your old room just for tonight and then tomorrow we will be married” as he sits back down holding my hand.

After a few minutes, he helps me up so I go get on some proper clothes to go out with. Slipping on a white pair of slacks, white shirt with lace sleeves that has lace at the top over the breast area and silver flat sandals. Clearing his throat as I walk out, he smiles really big.

“You look stunning” his eyes roam over my body “I am going to be the envy of men today with you by my side.” I blush while looking down. He kisses my cheek as the bellhops come in grabbing our bags so we can head out to the car, helping me in first then slides into the seat beside me. “Kelly’s Cakes please” he tells the driver who nods as the door is closed. “What is one of your favorite colors?” grabbing a juice out of the mini fridge.

“I absolutely love purple. Blue, green, teal, and pink are also nice colors” as he hands me one also.

“Well” takes a sip “You can put your favorite color on the cake when we order it here shortly.”

We ride along the busy streets when the car finally pulls over in front of a very nice bakery that is tucked on the corner of a long strip mall.

“Oh” looking at the fancy decorated cakes in the front window “This is a very nice looking place.”

“She is a friend of the family” as he steps out behind me “I have known her for years. Come on, lets get out cake ordered.”

He tucks my hand into the nook of his arm as we walk into the the dainty bakery. Pushing the door open a older lady looks up then smiles really big as we enter.

“Hello Mr. Tucker” in a happy tone “I have not seen you in a long time.”

“Hello Kelly” nodding towards her “Looks like you are doing well for yourself.”

“Yes, business has been wonderful here lately. Thank you so much for running that advertisement on your website for me. I have people calling in droves now wanting things from here. How may I help you today?” her eyes shining with excitement.

“We need a wedding cake for tomorrow. Nothing spectacular, but nice enough for a wedding” as we are handed a cake book.

“So” she raises and eyebrow “You add did work, huh?”

He chuckles “Oh yeah. Had tons of women that was after it just to say they were married to the richest bachelor in all of America. Took us two days to weed out all of the gold diggers along with the fakes before we decided on just one.”

“Well, I can tell you what” she guides us to a round table to sit at “She is a beautiful woman. Come on, I have your samples set up ready for you to try.”

We sit down at the table where she brings out samples that are on plates with two forks. She sets each sample down at us then explains what each one is.

“This one is a spice cake. It has a small bite to it but a lot of people like that in their cake.”

We both take our forks and try a bite. The spice hits me making me do everything I can not to scrunch up my nose at the taste.

“What do you think” he asks.

“It is good, but not one of my favorites” washing it down quickly with the water.

“This next one is a chocolate cake. It has chocolate icing on it now but the color can be changed to what ever color you want it to be” setting down the next sample.

We both take a bite and it is absolutely delicious. I moan a little as the flavors burst in my mouth.

“That good huh” looking at me with a little heat in his eyes.

“That one is very good” blushing knowing I am accidentally turning him on.

“This next one is German chocolate cake” setting the next sample down.

As I take the bite, it melts into my mouth. The moistness along with the flavor of it was so very good.

“That one is so good” as he sets the fork down.

“I agree, that one is very moist plus the flavor is divine” placing my fork down also.

“We have two more here, this one is red velvet” putting the next one on the table.

I taste it but shake my head no, it is nothing like the two before.

“This is the last one here, it is a yellow cake that has white icing on it for right now” puts the last one down.

I take a bite and it is also very good but I don’t think it was my favorite.

“So, which one do you like the best” he asks me.

“I love the chocolate cake and the German chocolate also” pointing at the two plates.

“Which one did you like the best out of those two?” giving me another sample so I can make the choice.

“The chocolate one is my absoulute. I love how moist and tender it is” licking my lips after tasting it.

“Ok, so we have the flavor of your cake, now we need to pick out what design you want to have” opening the book to show us all the different designs.

After a while of looking at tons of pictures, I see one that is absolutely amazing and point at it.

“I want that design right there please, it is so pretty plus it is not to much for the small wedding that we are having” running my fingers over the picture.

“I like that one too. We are getting married tomorrow at two so that should give you plenty of time to make this for us, correct?” pulling out his card handing it to her.

“I will have it there. I promise” as she swipes the card.

We shake hands then leave the bakery.

“Now, we have a few more stops to check out. We are going to see where the venue along the receptions area will be at tomorrow. They are not decorated yet since they are working in it this evening, but I can show you where the places will be at” helping me back into the car.

We drive for awhile then arrive at a huge outdoor area that has a stone structure that is overlooking the mountains.

“I thought it would be done at your house?” as I look around at all the beauty that is there.

“Originally it was going to be but a friend offered this place to me so I wanted to come and see it. He told me it would be the perfect place to have a small but beautiful wedding” as we walk towards the structure.

“These views are absolutely breathtaking. I love the view here” putting my hands on the stone that is curved like a semicircle overlooking the mountains.

“We will be married here then travel down the road to the other location where the reception will be held at” pointing back from where we came from.

We walk around looking at the views taking it how pretty the rolling green mountains are the prefect backdrop for the wedding. He stops wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Can you believe it” standing behind me looking over my shoulder “Tomorrow we will be saying I do, then we will be husband and wife.”

My head is swimming at how fast this is all happening “Yeah, everything is happening so fast. It is hard to grasp it all.”

“It was part of the contract it also makes it quicker to start trying for a baby. I know we broke that usual tradition but the doctor ordered it” smiling against my skin.

“He did say that we needed to try very quickly. Between his test on me and that shot, he said that to me too. I just do not know what you wanted to do about it” he spins me around to look at him.

“To have my fiancée a little early? Ha, that is a joke. It was hard not to take you after you moved into the house” his eyes twinkle in the sunlight.

“I just was not sure, but am very glad that we had this time together to bond before we actually got married. Are we going on a honeymoon or just staying here?” trying to hide a hint of sadness in my voice.

“Yes, just for a few days but I think you will like where I am taking you” that sexy smile back again.

“I know you own a ton of places around the world, so I was not sure where we might go or if you could leave your work to do that” looking back out over the mountains.

“I have a nice house that I am taking you to. Eventually, I will show you everything but we will start out smaller then work our way up to the biggest places” kissing my neck softly.

We walk back to the car then drive about fifteen minutes down the road. We get out to see a very nice open area that has tables being set up along with a very nice dance floor over to the side of them.

“This is being converted into a huge eating area with tables, decorations and of course a dance floor over there” pointing to where the floor is being assembled.

“I love this place too. It is going to be a busy day for us tomorrow then” watching the workers getting everything together.

“You have a hair, nail and spa treatment in the morning. Then you have to be ready by one. The car will pick you up to bring you to the venue we were at. There is a small area that they will be putting you in until time for the ceremony to start but you will need to be fully dressed before you leave the house” as we walk back to towards the car.

“Bailey and I are staying in a hotel for the night. I thought your brothers told you that, they gave us a card to one of your places” saying in a shaky voice.

“They forgot to tell me about that part. I will speak with them after we get home. Also, my dad has offered to walk you down the aisle. So I think we are where we want to be for tomorrow from what it looks like” in a stern tone.

“What time is my first appointment?” asking quietly so I don’t upset him anymore than what he is.

“You and your sister will be doing everything together. Cory insisted she also get the same treatments. It all starts at nine so you will need to get some sleep early tonight of course. I will have to have my fix with you when we get back before you leave for the penthouse they gave you, which ever one that one is” he growls.

“Seriously?” looking shocked “What are you, a sex machine or something.”

“Yeah, I can be at times” he chuckles “Trust me, you will get use to it eventually though.”

“I don’t know if I will be able to or not. What is the most you have done it in one day?” stopping to look at him.

“Well, I will let you know” as he taps his chin like he is thinking.

He smirks at me so that tells me that he has been a one time a day guy so far, maybe two at the most.

“Come on, we need to grab some real food after those cakes. I am having a small sugar rush since we did not have a lunch break before we got out here but we also had a late breakfast” helping me back into the car.

“That sounds good, I could go for some food right now. I am getting hungry” sliding over in the car.

He gets into the car then rolls the window down that separates us. Telling him to take us to Shanahan, the driver nods as we take off for a early supper.

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