The Billionaire CEO

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Standing My Ground

After about a thirty-minute drive and him on the phone chewing out Cory for giving us the penthouse, we arrive at the restaurant. It is a huge glass place that also looks very expensive; it is on the upscale side of town while sitting on the harbor. We walk inside as he gives his name to the hostess then are retaken to a nice table overlooking the harbor and all of the beautiful ships in it. I see huge yachts, smaller boats, and even very nice sailboats.

“This is breathtaking. I love this view from here. You can see everything” looking out over the ships going by.

“It is one of my investment places. I come here at least one time a week to make sure that everything is going fine. This table is just a call away for me. I have to say that I will be stopping by sometime today, and this table is not given out at all until after I leave” shrugging his shoulders like it is nothing new.

“I have to ask, what is that like? To always be able to snap your fingers and have everything handed to you at your will?” still watching the ships cruise slowly by.

“It is all I have known my entire life. I was raised this way, so I have not really given much thought to it. If we do not get our way, everyone knows we can do something to ruin them. So everyone always does whatever they can when we make the call to tell them we will be there on a certain day. They know not to mess with us, so they all give us everything and anything we want” steepling his fingers together.

“So you would ruin a place just because you did not get your way or they did not do something you wanted” turning to look at him.

Dropping his hands “How do you think we got so powerful? Not by just turning our heads and doing nothing about what has happened. We took charge, sent out either bad reviews or something that made them look bad because we were not satisfied. When their business went down because we refused to do business with them, they knew that they messed with the wrong people.”

“I understand why you did what you did, but to hurt someone’s business just because they did not do something to satisfy you is just cruel” shaking my head.

“Good afternoon” A younger man walks up to the table “I will be your waiter this afternoon. What would you like to drink?”

“Bourbon for me” he says gruffly.

“Do you have a strawberry milkshake?” asking polity.

“Yes, we do” he answers in a quiet voice “with or without alcohol?”

Before I can answer “Without” he barks.

“Yes, sir. I will be right back with those” he scurries off.

I glare at him, but he opens the menu and acts like he does not even see me.

“Now let’s see what we can have here” scanning the menu “I think I will have the chicken parmesan with steamed vegetables. How about you?”

I am still glaring at him, but he seems unfazed by it.

“Either you pick, or I will. Your choice” he lowers his voice to a warning. I guess he must have felt the hole I am burning into the menu by now. He puts the menu down, looking at me “Do not attempt to intimidate me. I feel your stare on me, plus I told you no alcohol while you are going to be getting pregnant with my child.”

“I can answer for myself, thank you. I would not dare go against your wishes on that anyway” I bark back at him.

“You might as well get used to me speaking for you. I will do it when I feel like it and whenever I want to. You are going to be my wife, my property, so you will have to get used to someone doing things for you, even if you do not think they should” glaring at me.

The waiter comes back with our drinks then sets them down very carefully. I see him shaking a little then start to feel bad for him.

“Are you feeling fine?” nodding to his hand.

“Yes, mam” he says in a quiet voice “Are you ready to order?”

“Yes, I want the chicken parmesan with the steamed vegetables” his gruff voice is back.

“Yes, sir. Miss, what can I get for you?” looking like he is trapped in a box with no way to get out.

“I will take the lobster, mashed potatoes, and the Cesar salad, please” trying to calm him down.

“Yes, mam. I will put those in immediately. It will be done shortly. Sir, can I bring you more drink?” trying not to look nervous talking to him.

“Yes, bring me the bottle. That way, I will not have to wait for a refill” tapping the menu.

“Yes, sir, I will be right back” quickly gathering our menus then hurrying off.

“You could be a little nicer to the poor guy. He was scared to death” pointing at him.

“He should be. Whoever waits on me has to be on their A-game at all times. I get what I want here, so he must be a newer employee since I have never seen him before” taking a sip.

“I think he is doing a wonderful job. He is polite plus being very attentive to what we say and what you want” drumming my fingers on the table.

“He should be; his job depends on it” he says while smirking.

“You would not do that! That is just straight-up mean. What if he has not had a whole lot of experience doing this? You would ruin his chances of getting a better job like this because he might make a mistake? We are human; everyone makes mistakes. Even you do, you are not perfect in any way yourself” shock overtaking my face.

Danny grinds his teeth at my accusation. If looks could kill, I would be dead right now. He leans forward while gripping the tablecloth tightly in his large hands.

“You are damn lucky that you are my fiancee” his eyes are on fire “I would beat you for saying that to me. No one insults me, no one talks down to me, and no one definitely does not get away with saying anything like that to me ever.”

“You would hit a woman?” I rare back.

“Not usually, but if someone said that to my face, then I would probably backhand them before I knew it. I had to tell myself to calm down over here so I would not lash out at you” grabbing the table hard.

“Wow!” putting my hands in my lap “You really are a control freak. I would not have believed it if someone told me how bad you really are.”

“If you do not stop with your remarks” grinding his teeth “I will punish you severely for talking to me like this.”

He gives me a look that tells me he is dead serious. I gasp at the hatred and fire he has in his eyes. They almost look devilish, so I drop my head then apologize. The waiter brings my salad out just as I do this. He sets it down, looking at me for a second before leaving again.

“I am sorry” shrinking into myself “I did not mean to make you so mad.”

His body relaxes as I bend to his dominance. He smiles, sitting back in his chair. The waiter comes back with the bottle, refills his glass then sits it down gently. He bows, taking off again.

“Good Girl” grabbing his glass “I am glad you see it from my point of view.”

He takes a few sips while looking back at me. His eyes have softened to what looks a little calmer now than what he was five minutes ago.

“Can I ask you something?” asked shyly.

He sighs “Of course. You do not have to ask that either. Just ask me your question.”

“What gender would you like for your heir to be” slowly looking up at him.

He leans back in his chair again then looks at me. He crosses his arms over his broad chest, taking a deep breath like he was not expecting that question.

“Well, just like any man, I would love to have a son. That way, he could take over the business. If I have a girl, the contract may be extended for another year, so I can get the baby that I would like to have in the end” he smirks at me.

“What! Why?” that shocked the hell out of me.

“I desperately want a boy, so if I get a daughter first, then we may just have to try again until I have a son” roaming his eyes over my body.

“So you are saying that a girl is not good enough to run your business” that makes me mad to think that he is that way.

“It is easier for a male to keep up with our family’s demands that have a strong perspective. A male’s masculine personality and stature are more intimidating than a woman’s. Also, men are respected in a powerful position more than women would be in the long run. Women can do things as we can, but to be as intimidating as a male, I don’t think that could happen” his grin is in full force now.

“So men do not respect a woman that can be a powerful person in a powerful position?” bristling with anger now.

“As you have seen with my brothers and me, we are like a wall that can not be taken down. We have made our empire on the dominance of men. That is why so many people respect us. A woman can crumble under pressure because of the mood swings they have every month. Men have an easier time handling hard pressure” seeing he is getting under my skin with this, his smile is still there.

Our food comes out right after he says this, so I am a little relieved. The waiter first puts mine down gently, then puts his own very carefully.

“Can I get you anything else right now?” looking at my empty glass.

“Can I have another melted butter and just give me some tea this time to drink, please” taking a bite of my potatoes.

“Yes, mam, how about you, sir?” turning to look at Danny.

“I am good for now, thank you” he nods towards the door.

He hurries off to get the extra items; when he comes back, he refills Danny’s glass again then disappears.

“Now, let’s eat before it gets cold” digging into his plate.

I am about finished with my salad and push it to the side. I grab a new fork to start on my food, loving how it is all delicious. He is eating his food also, so we do not talk much during the meal. I am grateful for this, but I do see him glance at me from time to time.

“What” stopping for a second “Do I have food on my face or something?”

“No,” he goes back to his food “Just making sure that you are enjoying your food.”

“It is delicious; I have no complaints about it at all. It was very hot when it came out; the salad was excellent. The waiter has watched when my glass and yours has gotten empty, bringing us both everything we needed” as I push my plate away from me.

“Good, I am glad that you were pleased with everything. We have a few more stops before we head back home” as he finished his last bite.

As he stands up for us to leave, dropping eighty dollars down on the table for the tip. I smile as I take his arm then we walk out. Getting back into the car, we are taken to a suit store, this time for him. We get out, walking into the upscale place going to the front counter.

“Is my tux ready?” he asks the salesman that has greeted us.

The guy ducks into the back then come back out with a garment bag in his hands. Danny takes it while smiling at the guy. We walk back out to the car, where he hangs it on the hook, then he tells the driver our next stop as we take off again.

“One more stop” he adds “Then we are done. I had to order a lot of things since it was short notice.”

We pull up to a catering business getting out once again. We walk in as he is greeted warmly by the lady at the desk.

“Is the menu finished?” as he looks around the place.

The lady hands us a nicely done menu with different choices. He looks over the menu then hands it to me, nodding at it.

“This is what our guest will be choosing from tomorrow. There is baked chicken, lasagna, or lobster. The sides are mashed potatoes, asparagus, baked potato, rice, and gravy or green beans” looking at it again with me.

“This looks like a nice menu. I thought it was not going to be a big one” acting confused.

“After word got out, it has turned into a bigger event. We have close to one hundred guests now. A lot are family members, then some of our closest business clients. The family members had a fit that we did not invite, so mom decided to make it bigger than what I wanted. We had to increase the menu that we are having because of that” pinching the bridge of his nose.

“So you did not want it to turn into something this big?” scanning the menu one last time.

“No, not originally, but we did not have much of a choice when the family got involved. When mom decided to do this, I was not happy about it but had to go along anyway. My parents still have a lot of power even though my dad is retired” looking kind of sad in a way.

He takes the menu back while nodding. Taking my hand in his, we leave the store getting back into the car once again. We head home, taking my shoes off since my feet are hurting from all the running around we have done. My hands rub them for a minute or so.

“Here,” he grabs my feet swinging them onto his lap “Let me.”

He takes his hands, rubbing them deep but skillfully. I lay my head back, letting a small moan out. He pushes in deep and hard but gentle enough to where it feels heavenly.

“That feels so good; your hands are soft but know exactly where to hit” leaning against the back seat with my head.

“A hidden talent of mine” he smiles.

When we arrive home, he helps me out then into the house.

“Come on; we have been busy today. I know you are tired so we will have a small meal brought up to our room. Go to the sauna to relax for a short time” helping me up the stairs.

We walk into his room as he gets the sauna ready for me.

“I need to go to my office for a short time taking care of some things real quick. I will be back with the food shortly” as he walks out of the bathroom.

I slowly take my clothes off then wrap a robe around my body. I step into the sauna sitting in the lounge chair. As I lay there, my mind is running wide open about everything that is going on. Tomorrow I will be married to the most powerful man I have ever known. He is what every woman would love to sink their claws into. At least my sister will be healed out of all of this. We will be well off, so both of us can have the life that I would have never imagined we could have.

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