The Billionaire CEO

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Danny's POV

I walk out of the room having to finish some paperwork before we get married. I can not believe that we are getting married. Am I not the one out of the three of us that said he would never have a wife and a family? I have enjoyed my bachelor life, having women whenever I wanted them. Fucking them then leaving a trail of broken hearts behind me. Ever since Ryan screwed things up for me that one time, I promised myself that I would never fall in love again, or tie myself down with one woman all the time. Listening to them whine or gripe about everything that I have to do or what they want or need.

Women have always thrown themselves at me, doing whatever I wanted to make sure I took them to bed with me. Just to say they slept with the Billionaire Bachelor. Thinking back now, there have been a ton of women behind me that wanted me to fuck them, then I would leave them panting hard as I would push them to a certain point. If they were not satisfying me, it was fun just to get up, get dressed throwing them out into the hall of a hotel or just up and leave finishing myself off by my own way just to have my release. I have had so many women mad at me, but they have said their bodies were satisfied by me. Making them shake or tremble as I took them time and time again until they couldn’t take any more.

She had asked me how many times in one day have I done it? I was not about to tell her it was four times in one day with four different women. I am planning on breaking that record with her on our honeymoon. Of course it will be just with her so we may not get out of bed for the day but hey, she will be my wife, my property to make sure that she has my child in the next year or so. I want to take time to bond with her, making sure I can make love to her whenever I want but also we can explore the different parts while we are there. She is inexperienced in those areas but I can train her to do it the way I like to, the way I want it when I want it.

I walk by my brothers rooms which are on the way down to my office as I hear moans or pleasurable sounds coming from both their rooms. Damn, they are both getting their fix while I am not? My cock twitches as I think of my woman laid up in my sauna room, naked in all her glory with her perfect curves. I could make it a quickie, then finish what I need to.

Turning on my heels, practically racing back to my room, I shred my clothes as I head inside the door then straight to the sauna. There she is in all her beauty, laying there, eyes closed, lips parted just a tad while begging to be fucked by this man. She cracks an eye open then gasps as she sits straight up.

“Oh God! You scared me. What are you doing?” her hand flies to her heart.

“Getting my fix real quick. Supper will be done in a hour or so we will have plenty of time” as I pick her up in my arms.

“I thought you had work that needed to be done” looking at my eyes.

“I do” cuddling her naked body up against mine “My manhood needs to do his work first. I barely got down the hall then had to come back because it would not leave me alone.”

He is at full attention as I take her hand to gently rub it. She gasps as I lay her down on the bed then lay down on my back. I beckon her to come on top of me as she slowly crawls over towards me. Hoping her to straddle me, I slowly guide her down on my full, thick length. Damn, this women feels amazing, she is so tight, wet and all mine. I slowly start to bounce her as her wet juices allow me to slide into her deeper and deeper with each bounce. I have begun to have feelings for her because I can not get her out of my mind, how she looks and even how it feels with me. Being around her it is hard to control myself. Wait? Did I just say what I think I did? Nope, I can not be doing this can I?

Is this woman going to be the one who breaks down the walls I have built up? No! I will not be subjected to that. I have a contract to live out for a year or two only. There is just something about this woman that is different. Has high society women made it where I thought my heart was secure from these feelings?

As she moves on me, I grip her hips holding her softly. She moans loudly making me smile knowing that I am satisfying her but definitely making myself extremely satisfied. I reach down to rub that precious nub as she let’s out a huge moan that comes out of her throat. Her body tightens around me hard as she crashes on me with her hot liquid.

“Oh Yes! Ah! That’s it!” she screams.

I grab her hips to start slamming into her again and again. Her head is thrown back as her screams become louder.

“Oh my God! Danny! Ah!” again screaming my name.

I push her hips down on me to shove in her as far as I can. Growling in the back of my throat as I spill into her for what seems like forever. When I am done, she falls on my chest where we both are breathing very heavily. I wrap my arms around her pulling her tightly against my sweating body. This woman may just be the one who breaks me, makes me say that four letter word that I swore I would never say in my life. I am not ready to say it yet but I feel those walls starting to crumble. I just do not know what our relationship will bring out of me or her in the future.

“That was amazing” her breathing finally slowing “My heart is flying. My god, I could not have asked for a better man. You are perfect.”

My body freezes for a minute so I do not breath either. Perfect? She thinks that I am perfect? Oh, this woman definitely does not know me at all. I am no where near perfect love. Wait! Oh shit, I said the word that I promised myself I would never say. Damn this woman, we have only been together for a few days and here she has me saying that word. WAIT! Oh fuck, I have said it before to, it slipped out before I knew it. I was hoping she did not catch it but I did. Maybe, I will just let my walls down a little letting her in. She may be the on who just breaks me completely.

“That was amazing baby” coming down off my high slowly “I could not have asked for another woman to satisfy me. You are absolutely stunning right now.”

Sitting up, I pick her up off me setting her down to wrap her up against my body. Her petite body frame fits perfectly into my muscular frame. It is like a puzzle piece that is snapping into place correctly. It blows my mind that a woman could actually do this, be this good and perfect for me. The question is, am I good enough for her? Can I actually provide her with the love that a husband relationship requires and she deserves? Only time will tell on that question.

“Come on” unwrapping my body from hers “Let’s get a quick shower then supper should be ready here in about ten minutes or so.”

“Ok, give me a minute. I am too weak at the knees to move right now” she rolls on her side.

I get up and come around her side of the bed, picking her up then carrying her to the shower. Reaching in, it is turned on as we stand there letting it warm up. I step in to gently place her down on the warm tiles while kiss her passionately. FUCK! My dick is hard again. Her sweaty, naked body against mine has turned me on again. That is what the contract is for right? It was in there saying she is to satisfy me when I want it. Picking her up placing her on the small shelf, I slide back into her deeply. She gasps as I begin to move hard and fast inside her, pressing her into the wall with every slam I do against her beautiful body. Her back tries to arch in my grasp as she moans very loudly. FUCK! That was sexy as hell. I pick up speed as I feel her walls starting to clamp down on me hard.

As I am pounding her, it feels amazing. She is tight again, to feel her gripping my raw skin makes me want to cum so fast. I have to control myself so that I can enjoy her along with pleasuring both of us. She is clamping down harder now and I know she is on the edge. I slam into her a few more times as her climax hits like a tidal wave, her body starts shaking, trembling and I can not hold it anymore. I shove in deep then grunt with my own release as I slow my pace down bringing us both down from our highs together. I lay my head on her neck kissing it.

“Each time with you just gets better and better. I can not control myself with you baby. You just drive me crazy to where I want you more and more each time I touch or kiss you” pulling back to look into those beautiful eyes of hers.

“It does. It is easier to do this now then it was at first. I guess I am getting more use to you now” her eyes are dancing with happiness.

Setting her down gently, we wash each other off then I help her out, dry off to get dressed so we can go grab dinner. She is walking a little funny making me snicker at her.

“What?” she whips around to look at me.

“You are walking a little weird there, are you feeling fine?” trying to play dumb.

“Ok, so you can still make me a little sore. Happy?” crossing her arms over her chest.

“Maybe?” smiling inside to myself “Come on, we need to get down there so we can eat.”

“Yes, I am hungry plus we need to eat so we can leave so I can go to bed. I am so tired now” pulling on her dress.

“That tired huh” chuckling to myself.

“You wore me out today with everything. I am just wanting to eat then get into a nice warm bed for the night. I will be about ready to pass out after supper” sitting down on the bed waiting for me to pull as shirt over my head.

When we walk downstairs there is Cory and Bailey sitting very close to each other, Steven is with one of his, lets see how can I put it, fix girls. He brings them over from time to time to have them then sends them home after a meal.

“So, you ladies enjoyed yourself today” smirking at my brothers.

I know good and well they both had their women in their rooms. Hell, it is what made me return to mine so I could make love to mine. They all smile then we dig into our food. I see my baby’s eyes starting to droop as her eating is slowing. I rub her leg making jumps a little, then I smile at her while she smiles back. That smile is one of those that I just can not get out of my mind. She gets up yawning, I know she is exhausted so it is to far for her to go to that place that my brothers set her up in.

“Why don’t you just stay here for the night?” wrapping her up in my arms “We will leave early in the morning so you will have the house to yourself. I can go to the penthouse then we will get ready there.”

She nods her head so I help he up to her room. Closing the door behind us, I kiss those lips that I just can not get enough of. Deepening the kiss as I hold her in my arms. We break apart as she looks at me.

“Well, tomorrow is the big day. Are you ready to tie yourself to me for a year or so?” her eyes have a little sadness in them.

Hell yes, hopefully longer as I look into those eyes that can hold me in my spot for way to long.

“I will be waiting at the end of the aisle for you tomorrow” kissing her one last time before I slip out of the room then gently close the door behind what may be the best woman that has ever walked into my life.

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