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Our Wedding

I am woke up at seven in the morning by a squealing body slamming into me on the bed. Her body lands on top of me making me groan.

“Come on, get up!” bouncing the bed hard “We have thirty minutes until the car leaves. Take a shower but don’t wash your hair. The salon is doing that for us.”

“Ugh! What the hell” pulling a pillow over my head.

“Cory gave me some money so we can stop at the cafe down the street to eat breakfast. We have to be out of the house by seven-thirty. Danny is getting up to take care of some business that he did not get to last night” yanking the pillow off of me.

“Cory came into your room to wake you up” wiping my eyes.

“Uh” she stills for a second then diverts in a different direction “Come on! I am ready to get pampered big for the day.”

She skips out of the room but I know immediately that she slept with him last night. I have to talk to her about that, she can not get attached in case we have to move on. I get up, take a quick shower, throw on a comfortable short green dress, jacket, white shoes then grab the clutch that I put my card in last night. As I am walking downstairs, there is Bailey along with Cory making out as I get to the bottom step. Clearing my throat loudly they both jump apart.

“Hey sis” his clothes are rumpled along with his hair is messed up “You look good today. If Danny catches you in that, he will not let you out of this house. You had better get out of here before he is up to moving completely. I heard his alarm go off a little bit ago.”

“Why is he getting up so early? With us leaving, you do not have to go to the penthouse to stay away from us” staring at my sister with a stern look.

“He has some things he has to take care of real quick before the wedding. Something about being preoccupied and not making it down here last night” he wiggles his eyebrows.

“We were busy getting everything ready for today” my face is blushing, I know it is “We were gone basically all day making sure everything was ready then picking out the last few things we needed to finalize for today.”

“Uh huh!” not looking convinced “So he was wore out from running around all day. Yeah, if you say so. I can really see that of him” in his sarcastic tone.

Just then a voice booms down the hall “Cory, Steven! My office in five.”

“Oh shit!” Steven jumps up off the sofa he was sitting on “You had better scamper out of here. He is on his way down to his office, he will be here any second.”

I grab Bailey’s hand as we rush out the front door with the guys holding it open for us. When we get into the driveway there is a huge, white limo waiting for us there.

“Ah!” Bailey squeals with delight “This is amazing. He has pulled out all of the stops for us. Come on, we need to get out of here before he comes out the front door wondering why the limo is still here.”

She drags me to the car while I shake my head getting in behind her then sit down, shortly we pull out to head to the café down the street. Getting out, they take us straight to a private table towards the back with reserved on it. I order a bagel with cream cheese, blueberry muffin and a large cappuccino.

“Ok” crossing my arms at her “Tell me what is going on between you two.”

“Who?” acting all innocent like she has no idea who I am talking about.

“I am talking about what is going on with you and Cory?”

Just then our food is set down as she takes bites trying to avoid my question.

“This isn’t over, you will let me know what is going on between you two” biting into my muffin.

We finish eating then are taken to the next stop which is a huge spa building. The front door is opened for us immediately as we are taken inside. They take us into a huge room that has only two massage tables in it. We are given robes then are told to strip down for the massages. Each of us step into the dressing room that is in the corner putting our robes on, then both us lay down on the tables after getting situated taking our robes off.

Two men walk out putting hot rocks on us, oils, then use their hands to give us a very deep massages. I fall asleep during mine si the gentleman has to wake me up when he is finished.

“That was heavenly” I tell Bailey “I feel so much better now.”

“Me too, he had the softest hands and was so good with them” she tells me.

We are taken to another room that does our nails, toes and facials.

“Gosh, this is amazing. He is making sure that we get the royal treatment. I am loving this so much” as a lady does her nails beside me.

“It is very nice isn’t it. We are living the dream right now” watching my nails get filed.

We finish getting our French tips on our fingers and toes. The driver comes to tell us we are expected at the salon so we need to leave quickly. They finish the last couple of touches then off to the next stop we go. Pulling up in front of a very high end salon, we are taken in. Our hair is washed, dried and styled to perfection. When that is done, a makeup artist takes us to their area putting on all of the makeup that we ask to have put on. Finally at twelve, we are finished then headed back to the car.

“Oh my god, we look amazing” Bailey says as she bounces her curled hair.

Her hair was curled up in long layers and then a hair piece of white beads was put near the top towards the back of her hair holding her top part of her hair in it.

“Yes” I nod “You look beautiful, they did a good job with yours. I love the curls.”

“Yours is so pretty” she touches it gently.

Mine is been pulled up into a loose bun, then curled while being tucked back in. I have one piece of a bang that is curled and hanging down on the side of my face. They put a band in my hair that the hair is tucked around but it is visible on the side and back of my head.

We stop to grab a lite bite to eat, then reapply the lipstick that we were given to help touch up our makeup. The driver approaches us telling us we need to leave for the thirty minute drive to the venue. I take a deep breath as we are loaded back into the car. I am wringing my hands, the ring sitting on my finger is being played with between my fingers.

“Relax” she looks at me with soft eyes “You will be fine. Everyone gets nervous before they get married.”

“I am scared to death” looking at her with fear in my eyes “I am tying myself to a very powerful man for a year if not more so I am scared that I might fall in love with him. What happens if I do then he does not love me back? My heart will be crushed. I have to do all these things with him, sleep with him, be by his side every time we go out of the house. How can someone like me not fall for him?”

“How do you know he will not do the same?” She grabs my hand “The more time he spends with you, the more he will see just how wonderful a person you are and there is a huge chance he will also fall in love with you right back.”

“But what if he does not?” trying to keep the tears back so I don’t ruin the makeup that took forever “I will be heartbroken and then left with no one. You and Cory are getting close, and if it goes good with him, you will be getting married while starting your own family.”

“It does not matter what happens with our lives” she brushes the piece of hair out of my eyes “You are my sister, you will never be forgotten. Even when I do get married, start having a family, I will still come to see you all the time. I am not going to abandon you, we are family and always will be.”

“Now that I have you talking about that, what is going on with you and him? You sure were happy this morning. He is wanting to be with you isn’t he?”

“Well um....” she looks out the window blushing.

“Have you had sex with him?” basically knowing the answer to the question.

She drops her head while blushing really hard. She fiddles with her clothes but does not look at me.

“That is what I thought” narrowing my eyes at her “I told you to be careful. You may be moving to fast, now you also let him take your virginity.”

“I know what I am doing” she sighs heavily “He is very sweet, thoughtful and is a gentleman with me all the time. I like him a lot, he is a stud in bed too.”

“Ah!” covering my ears “No, no, no, no! I do not want to hear that about what you two are doing behind closed doors.”

She giggles while looking out the window as we go down the street.

“Got ya!” she slaps me gently on the arm.

“Yeah, yeah. Just remember what I said, be careful please” looking at her beaming face.

“Don’t worry” waving me off ” I will be careful.”

We finally arrive at the destination then get out. We are escorted to a room where we find our dresses hanging up on hooks in the small dressing room.

“Hello ladies” I jump at Cory’s voice behind us “You have about an hour to get ready, then my dad will be here to stand with you. When the time is right, he will bring you both out walking you down the aisle. Both of you look very beautiful.”

He grabs Bailey then kisses her on the cheek. She hugs him making me smile at the chemistry that they have for each other. He leaves so we touch up our makeup then help each other into the dresses.

Bailey’s dress is a floor length aqua colored dress. It has lace around the neck, the chest area is loaded with sequins all over the fabric. Her skirt has multiple pleats all the way around, also very light material that moves like an ocean wave.

“Ok, we have mine on” she twirls “Turn around so I can help you get into yours.”

She helps me step into mine doing the zipper and buttons in the back. I have lace around the neck area that goes down my arms to my wrist. The back is see through with the buttons joining it together, it hugs my hips then flares out into a dress that has a very small lace train on the back. The entire bottom of the dress is done in lace and sequins. She helps me put my veil on that is a two tier lace with pearls then takes the comb placing into my bun.

“There, now time for our jewelry” she starts pulling out boxes.

Her diamond necklace is a longer one that has diamond shapes up half of it then just single ones to the back. The earrings are five single diamonds that then go into the diamond shape just like her necklace.

My diamond necklace looks like the waves of the ocean spraying up on rocks with a pearl in the middle. It travels all the way around to my neck getting smaller as they get towards the back of my neck. The earrings are in the same style but are about five inches long along with being very heavy in my ears.

We bought lace arm decorations to go on our hands to complete the lace look all the way over the top of my hands. There are two knocks at the door then Bailey opens it as Allen walks into the room. He is dressed very nice in a black expensive tux. Taking a look at both of us, he smiles big then takes my hand in his patting it.

“Bailey, you look very beautiful in that dress. The color looks stunning on you” then he turns to me “Danielle, I have no words for how good you look, my son is a very lucky man today.”

I shake my head slowly ”I am the lucky one sir. He is a very powerful man, very handsome but we will only be together for a year or maybe a little longer. Just until I can give him a child or the son he wants.”

Allen steps towards me as his back straightens up to his full height. Looking me in the eyes, it is almost intimidating to me.

“He is a man, Danielle” saying in a harsh tone “He can fall in love. He may act like he has a cold heart, but he is human. I have already seen a ton of changes in him. Whatever you are doing with him, keep it up. He might change his mind about you plus we all are hoping that he will. It is time that he settles down with a woman to enjoy life like he needs to be doing. He can still focus on the business, but have a happy family to come home to just like anyone else.”

“You sound like you want me to stay with him?” looking up at this powerful, older man.

“I want my son happy in his life. If he can find a woman that he loves plus have a family with, then I will be very happy for him” he looks at me with soft eyes.

There is a knock on the door making him smile at us with that same smile his son has.

“It is time, you ready?” offering me his arm. I let out a long breath and nod. “Just be yourself today” patting my hand again “You will be fine, then you will be part of this family. This is a day that I thought I would never see with him. I am going to enjoy every minute of it.”

“Thank you so much for everything. You have been extremely nice to me and my sister through this whole adventure” looking at the door as we walk towards it.

“I am nice when I want to be. I think you are a very good match for my son. My other boys think the same thing, so that is why we told him you were perfect for him. Also, all those girls were nothing like you. We saw the spark in his eyes when you stood up to him. He has never had a woman do that so we were all impressed to say the least” opening the door for me.

Bailey takes her position out in front of me then walks down the aisle. I look at the beauty that stands in front of me down the walkway making a sigh under my breath. There is an arch just on this side of the two columns. It is covered in pink, purple and white flowers. Attached to it is a pink curtain that has been tied back on each side of the arch. Wooden chairs with white cushions are decorated with flowers down the aisle. As you look through the arch and columns, the green mountains joined with a bright blue sky is the backdrop beyond the white arched balcony.

We walk down the aisle to the music as my hand grips his arm hard. I do not realize what I am doing exactly until he pats my hand gently to where I loosen my grip.

“You are beautiful” he whispers in my ear “This will be the best day of your life.”

When we get to the end of the aisle, I see Danny standing there in his tux. I roam my eyes over him noticing he looks extremely handsome. You can tell by looking at him along with his two brothers that they are dressed in the finest that money can buy. He looks at me as a huge smile spreads across his face, I can see the twinkling in his eyes as he looks me over from head to toe. Could his dad and Bailey be right? Could he be the man that I could spend the rest of my life with?

The preacher asks who gives this woman to be married to this man so Allen says he does. Handing my off to Danny, he kisses my cheek then goes to sit down. Danny takes my hand as we step in front of the preacher. He starts talking about love, commitment and cherished relationships but I loose myself in looking into his face to see any hint of what his dad told me. If there is any, he is hiding it very well. We say the traditional vows, then comes the two words that I am not really looking forward to saying since I know it is only for a short time.

“I do” letting it out in a shaky voice.

When it’s his turn, he has nothing but a smile on his face as he says it.

“I do” running his thumb across my knuckles.

The exchanging of the rings are next then before I know it, the preacher is announcing us man and wife. When he says you may kiss the bride, he cups my face kissing me passionately. He smiles as he pulls away then whispers in my ear.

“Now you are mine, no one can ever touch you again. You belong to me from now on” his eyes are sparkling in the sunlight.

I look at him with a shocked look. Does he realize what he just said? Does he really mean that I am his, forever?

We turn towards the crowd to walk down the aisle hand and hand as people smile then give us their congratulations. When we approach the parking lot, there is an old vintage car sitting there waiting on us.

“This is our car to the reception. We will be stopping at a few places along the way to get pictures at some really pretty areas” he opens the door of the car that only has two seats for me.

“This is a very nice car” as he helps me down into the seat.

“The photographer will follow us in the limo” he nods as he closes my door.

“Your driving this?” asking in a shocked voice.

He chuckles “Yes, I can drive. I do have my license baby.”

“I just did not think that you would be driving. I have always seen you riding with a driver” as he gets in the driver’s seat.

“Well now, I guess this will be the first time I have drove in awhile, now let’s get out of here. We have about an hour before we have to be at the reception. I want to get some pictures so we can put them up in the house to show the kids in the future” as he starts the car.

We take off driving to several places he has picked out. Pictures are taken of us with the car, the mountain as a backdrop and even at a waterfall that was on the way down the road.

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