The Billionaire CEO

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The Reception

When we are done with the pictures, he drives to the reception area. We are announced as we walk in together then he stops kissing me passionately as everyone cheers. We are at a very large outdoor tent with white lights lining the ceiling. All the décor is gold plates, white cloth napkins, wine glasses, and gold or peach candles everywhere. The table clothes are a pale peach color while the flower centerpieces are peach, white and gold colored flowers. There are round tables set up for the guests then the long head table for us to be at. We walk around getting greeted, having them tell us congratulations by tons of people everywhere. Dinner is announced so we take our seat in the middle of the head table.

“I know I have said this quite a few times today already” he whispers as he helps me sit “You look absolutely stunning. I did not image that you would be this pretty today. I tried to imagine what you might look like, but it was not even close to what you are.”

“So brother” Cory asks before he takes the first bite of the food in front of him “How are you feeling now? I know you were excited about this but now your finally married to a very lovely woman.”

“I am very happy. To have a beautiful wife at my side, soon we will be trying for a child now that we have secured our marriage then move on from there” as he lays the napkin in his lap.

Steven pops in adding “Well, I am very happy for you. To find such an amazing woman that will keep you on your toes is not easy. She has a fire in here that when it comes out, it makes her be tough. She might not let it out much, but it is there when she wants it to be.”

“Yes, I know” looking at me “I have seen it quite a few times now. She can stand on her own very well and I am proud of her for doing that.”

“Well, I am very happy for you son” Allen pats him on his shoulder “I hope you find happiness with your life now. Take good care of her, enjoy yourself and the time you spend together.”

“I will dad” patting his dad back “I am very happy now but can not wait to get our honeymoon started.”

“What time does your plane leave?” Cory asks like he is not curious.

“It leaves at eight. I want to get there to get settled before it gets too late in the evening. We should be there around twelve or one in the morning since they are three hours behind us” Danny says in between his bites.

“Your bags are already on the plane and it is fueled. If you need to leave any later, the pilots said that they would be on standby for your phone call” Steven says as he looks at me with a smile.

“Thank you” he nods “Also, you guys have everything until we get back. If you need me, then do not hesitate to call.”

“We got it brother” Cory puts his fork down “The company will be fine, dad can step in to help if needed. He did build it so he knows a thing or two.”

“Please enjoy your vacation, do not worry about what is happening back here with the business. I did run it for years, so we know what we are doing” his dad pleads with him.

“We will” squeezing my hand “I can promise you that.”

“You never told me where we are going. Can I know now?” looking into his dancing eyes.

“No” he grunts “It is a surprise, but I promise you will love it.”

After we all finish eating, they call the first dance. Danny extends his hand for me to take, then we walk out to the middle of the dance floor.

“I am glad that you have learned how to dance so well” as we work our way around the floor “Did you learn this from the tutor I hired?”

“No, we did not really have a lot of time with her” I giggle quietly “Your brothers took over helping us out the other day some. We went down to the gym so they walked us both through some of the dances. I have also watched dances like this before on TV so it was not hard for me to pick up on them. Steven is a very good teacher.”

“He has always been light on his feet” he chuckles “He is also the best dancer in the family. I am glad that you had time to learn.”

“I did not want to look like a fool out here in front of all our guests. I made sure we both looked like we came from a decent background knowing a lot of the things we needed to learn before today.”

He stops and looks at me for a minute.

“Is that what you are worried about? Embarrassing me?” he looks shocked.

“Yes” nodding slowly “I do not want people to know you picked a common woman to have your child. At least I can look like I come from a decent background.”

“I picked you for other reasons” shaking his head while laughing a little “You would not embarrass me anyway. I do not care what people think, you are my wife by choice, not forced or arranged marriage.”

We start back up finishing the song. People flood the floor as their bodies twirl around us. He kisses me pulling me close to him.

“I love kissing your lips, they are so soft. You are an amazing kisser” as his lips brush mine.

“I think you are too. I know you have had plenty of practice with all your flings though” feeling a little sad that he was my first on everything but I do not even know where I would be on his list.

“Look” he tilts my chin up “My past is my past. I no longer care about what happened, who was there or where I was. You are my life now, my main priority, so is my future child. That is all I care about.”

We dance for several more songs then I go sit down. My feet hurt plus I am feeling a little tired since I could not sleep much either.

“Can I get you a drink, love?” as he helps me back to our table.

“Please, I could use a little something” I nod at him.

He waves a server down telling them to get me some sparkling cider. I take my shoes off to stretch my toes out trying to relax my feet. He is talking to some people who have sat down on the other side of him.

“Hello, how are you this evening” some brown hair guy sits down beside me.

“I am fine, my feet just hurt a little. I did not have a lot of time to break these shoes in for today.”

“Pity” he moans “Those feet could have done a dance with me.”

“I am sorry. I remember your face but not your name. I was introduced to so many people today” feeling stupid for asking.

“Justin” he props his chin in his hand “I am one of Danny’s business partners.”

“That’s right, I remember now” trying not to look like an idiot.

“I tell you what, he was lucky to have landed such a beautiful woman in such a short time. I can see why he picked you” his eyes are on my face.

“I was not the prettiest one there that day. There were women who looked like supermodels. I was just lucky” I shrug.

“You are beautiful, do not let anyone tell you otherwise” he leans forward looking at me hard “He picked you to have his child, he loved your hair color from what I have been told. When the marriage is void, I would like to take you out. I can wait for the year or so to be over.”

“Well, thank you very much” I straighten up in my chair “You do not need to hit on a married woman. You know that is bad luck.”

“I’m not” he looks into my eyes with truth in his “I am just stating the facts. Just to let you know that there are other options out there when you two have fulfilled your contract.”

Danny finally looks over at me seeing Justin sitting there. He glares at him just as my drink is set down in front of me.

“Justin” he says dryly “What business can I help you with today?”

“None at all” as he goes to stand “I was just giving your wife my congratulations on your marriage. She is a very lucky woman.”

He snakes his arm around my waist giving me a kiss on the cheek while he grins.

“We both are. Thank you for your acknowledgement on this.” he almost hisses out.

He gets up walking off the area that we are at. Danny relaxes when he leaves.

“I do not like him” he glares at his back as he leaves “He is a sex addict that is after women all the time. A lot of women we interviewed had been with him.”

“Oh” I turn to him looking into his brown eyes “He is not the only one I hear that is or was like that.”

“Like I said” he growls at me “The past is the past, the hear and now is what I want to focus on.”

We sit there for a short time sipping on our drinks. He rubs my feet a little to help with the soreness that is still there. When he is done, I slip my feet back into my shoes.

“Come on” he stands up offering me his hand “We can do a few more dances before we have to leave. I want at least two more with my wife please.”

He helps me up then wraps his arm around my waist as we make our way back out to the floor. There are a few slow songs where he pulls me close then kisses my deeply. I put my arms around his neck staring into those eyes that are going to be the death of me in the end.

“I need to use the restroom before we head out. I will be right back” pecking him on the lips again.

“Don’t be long or I will come looking for your. I want my wife right here in my arms tonight” he lets me go.

“I will be right back. I promise” turning to make the short walk to the restroom.

I walk into the multi stall restroom closing the door. Shortly after the door opens where I hear two pairs of shoes clicking on the marble floor as two women come inside.

“Ugh!” one woman says “Can you believe he actually went through with this? He could of picked any high society woman he wanted, and he picked a butt ugly red streaked haired woman to carry his child. Any one of us would have done that for him without any hesitation.”

“Yeah, he stooped pretty low marrying a common woman” the second voice says “I thought I had a chance with him. He told me he would take me our on a date after the contract is over. He also told me there was no way he would find a woman that would fit that add either. I published it for him, but he did not want to do it willingly. His dad made him do this.”

“Well, think of it this way” the other woman speaks again “He will dump her after a year or so then he will be free again. He is just going to fuck her because she is a fucking virgin. Who is the world waits that long to have sex with anyone? Obviously someone who can not get men on their own looking like she does, I know if I was a man it would make me puke to look at her.”

“She must have had a very lowlife upbringing to have never had a man” the other one says in a very ugly tone “I think the men took one look at her then ran for the hills.”

“What was he thinking anyway? If that child has her hair color and his looks, it will be one messed up looking child. The only way they will be able to date someone will be because of the money in the bank” the other ones laughs hard.

As they leave the bathroom, they are laughing and giggling about everything. It clicks as it shuts then I burst out into tears. Is all this just a show he is putting on for his father? Is that true he did not even want to go through with all of this? I cry for a few minutes because my heart is broken at the mean things that were said. Thoughts go flying through my head, I just do not know what to make of this anymore.

“Danielle” Bailey’s soft voice comes over the empty bathroom “Are you in here?”

“Yes” sobbing a little “I am here.”

I open the door where she pulls me into a hug hard.

“What’s wrong? You were so happy just a few minutes ago on the dance floor. What happened between then and now” still hugging me.

I gather myself up to stop crying telling her everything that I heard those women say while she stands there with a shocked look on her face.

“It’s not true” she finally speaks “Cory told me that at first he was fighting his dad because he did not want to go through with it. Then when he met you, he changed his mind since he did not want to find anyone off that add that had all the qualities. That is why he rejected everyone that showed up to answer it. Your interview blew him away so he changed his mind about everything. He also chose you before his family did. He told them after you left that you were the one for him then they all agreed with him. He chose you first, no one else did. They just all agreed with him.”

“It’s just hard to hear people talk about someone that they don’t even know anything about where they come from or what they have been through. Now it is becoming clearer to me why he never found a high society woman that he wanted. They are all spoiled, rich, arrogant people who care for no one but themselves” I sniffle on last time.

“Here” she pulls out her clutch “Let’s fix your makeup, he is waiting on you. He sent me in here to check up on you.”

She fixes my makeup while drying my eyes. Smiling at me, we head towards the door.

“Come on” her chipper voice is back “Hold your head high to show these people you do belong here. You have just as much right as they do to have him. He loves you for who you are, not where you came from.”

“What did you just say?” I jerk to a stop “You said he loves me?”

“Shit!” she clamps her hand over her mouth “I was not suppose to say that. I said it without thinking. Please don’t let him know you have been told. Cory told me this morning after their meeting, he was asking advice from them because he had never been in love before. Please, let him tell you when he is ready.”

I light up and smile really big. she takes my hand then leads me out of the bathroom. I find him so we can do our last few dances of the night.

“What is going on with you?” his eyes look worried.

I tell him about what happened in the bathroom about what the women said really hurt me. I broke down crying so Bailey had to help me gather myself back up. He stiffens then looks around the tent area to see if he can find who I was talking about.

Touching his arm “Hey, I am fine now. It just showed me how those ladies are jealous plus how bad women born and raised in this lifestyle can be. They do not care about other people or even bother to try to get to know someone before they judge them.”

He smiles down at me then kisses me with a heated passion. The last song ends as he takes my hand. We make our rounds saying goodbye then head out to the waiting limo. He helps me in as we are taken to the airport to board the plane.

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