The Billionaire CEO

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Time To Leave

As we go down the highway, Danny looks at me hard making sure that I am fine from where those ladies had said so many mean things about me.

“You know those women were just jealous that they did not land me first” he shakes his head a little “Yes, at first I did not want to do those interviews, but when I met you everything changed.”

“I was worried that this was all a show for your dad since he basically made you go through with this” tears prick at the corner of my eyes.

He wipes my tears with his finger “I refused all the women trying to prove a point” he quietly chuckles “The first day, no one made the cut at all. Then came the second day and I was determined not to buckle and reject everyone. When you came into that interview, I never saw you coming. I was prepared to turn down everyone from that day also and then I would not have to go through with the contract.” He looks away for a minute and then back at me “After you left, I know that I was in trouble. When I talked to you, my heart was flying. As I looked over your resume, it actually shocked me. The sacrifices you made for your sister, then when you turned Cory’s offer down, that was it. I knew you were the one for me. The perfect match to have my child to plus to keep me on my toes. You challenged me then, and there’s been a few more times you have put your foot down standing your ground with me.” “You are an amazing woman” his shaking hands run through his dark hair “I do not want you anymore for the person to give me a child. I want you to stay by my side forever. I have fallen in love with you so now I want you to be my wife for real now, not just for the year. I decided this morning in that meeting I had with my brothers that if you want to, the contract will be void. I will shred it as soon as we get back then we will be a real couple. Everything I have is yours, all my belongings, properties and money. I hope you will agree to truly being mine as my wife until death do us part.”

I sit there blinking at him in shock. He wants me to be his true wife, not a contract. Bailey and his dad was right after all, he did fall in love with me even though he said he could not. A smile slowly creeps across my face as I think about everything. He sits there rubbing his thumbs across my knuckles then he takes a deep breath as I look at him.

“I love you to” slowly in a quiet voice “I have since yesterday. The way you have taken care of me, my sister and everything that I have wanted and more.”

“I am glad to hear that” a long breath slowly comes out of his lips “I was worried that maybe it was too soon. I talked to my brothers about this, they told me that I needed to tell you immediately. They knew you were the one for me permanently and so did I. Even though I acted like it was still nothing but when I saw you walking down that aisle in this dress on my dad’s arm, that sealed the deal for me right then and there.”

“I would love to do this as a real relationship and not as a contract” my eyes light up “If for some reason if we see it will not work out, then we can still abide by the contract terms. Deal?”

“I hope that we do not have to go back to the contract but I can agree to that. I will do everything in my power to keep you happy in this relationship” his smile creeps across his face slowly.

The limo pulls up to the plane, it has a red carpet rolled out on the pavement. I get out looking at the massive plane that sits before us.

“This is our plane love” pointing at the plane. I can’t believe how it looks brand new “It is one of the biggest private owned ones that you can buy. Come on, let me show you around.”

He takes my hand walking me to the steps, at the top I am stopped as then swoops me up into his arms as he carries me across the threshold of it. As we step into the plane, he kisses me passionately.

“That’s one down but so many more to go” as he gently puts me down.

“What?” looking at him in a confused manner.

“I am going to do that at every property we own the first time we cross the threshold” he kisses me again.

He grabs my hand again to give me a tour of the massive plane, all I can say is that it is absolutely beautiful. A huge lounge area with a big flat screen TV greets us at the first turn, a dinning area big enough for fourteen people to sit at, a very nice bedroom that is in the back of the plane and then two more that are in the front along with a very big bathroom.

“Oh wow!” as he opens the door to the back bedroom “This is impressive. We even have our own bedroom.”

“Yes, this one is ours” pulling me inside with him “My brothers have their own at the front that we looked at.”

“Do you use this much” running my fingers over the soft comforter.

“On a lot of business trips, yes. My dad had this one built but now we all use it when we need it. Personal or business trips” standing there watching me closely.

A knock on the open door makes me jerk to see who it is, there is a beautiful blond hair lady standing there in a Tucker airline suit.

“Are you ready to take off sir?” she asks as she looks at him.

“Yes, when the pilots get clearance to leave then we are ready” he nods at her.

She smiles at him, then disappears back up to the front of the plane. He walks me over to a large closet opening it.

“Our clothes are in here in case you want to change. I figured you would want to be out of the dress so that you could be more comfortable on our flight” picking out a set of slacks and a button down shirt.

“Can you help me out of this dress” slowly turning around for him “I need someone to unbutton me.”

His eyes go dark as a smile crosses his face.

“Oh yes” he growls “Of course I can help you out of your clothes.”

He comes up behind me as his hand unbuttons my dress very slowly. His fingers brushing my spine as he slowly undoes each button then unzips the back. He kisses his way down my neck, back and legs as he slowly pulls my dress down. He spins me around inhaling sharply.

“You mean to tell me you were only wearing thongs this whole afternoon” he kisses my neck making me shudder.

“Well, yes” saying in a short breath “I could not wear a bra with the open back that the dress had, it had a built in bra in the dress.”

He yanks my underwear off then has his suit is gone faster than I could track. In a flash, he has me on the bed before I know it, he shoves into me deep and quickly.

“If I had known that, you would have never gone to the restroom alone” as he buries himself deep.

“Well” I gasp “You never asked or tried to touch.”

We hear that engines start to roar as the plane moves.

“This will be my first time doing this” he whispers in my ear.

“What?” asking quietly.

“Making love to a beautiful woman before we are in the sky” kissing me senseless “I intend to continue until we finally join the mile high club.”

He smirks at me as he slowly pushes in and out of me. It is almost like torture from where he is going so slow. We feel the plane take off as he buries himself deep in me as we climb. He groans as the force shoves him harder into me.

“This will have to be a rule from now on. Sex while taking off. God! This feels amazing” his eyes are closed while his body shudders.

“It is a different experience” he has pinned my hands above my head “It does feel extremely good.”

As the plane levels out, he picks up the pace until I am moaning with pleasure. He swallows my screaming with his kisses over my mouth.

“Shhh!” he ghosts against my lips “We are inside a plane love, the captain is going to hear you. We do not need him distracted right now.”

My eyes have rolled back in my head as he continues his pounding pace on me.

“Welcome to the mile high club my lovely wife” as he smirks at me.

He slams into me again and again like he is trying to get me to scream out again but I do my best to hold it together and just moan.

“” groaning in between each word “Oh God! I’m there! AHH!”

I crash around him making my whole body shake with a huge orgasm. He follows not far behind me as slows his pumping down bringing us both down from our highs together. Pulling out, he falls onto the bed beside me pulling me close to him. Kissing my neck and wrapping his legs around my hips.

“Take a nap love” as my eyes start to drift closed “It has been a long day.”

He pulls the covers over us then we both fall asleep for the rest of the trip.

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