The Billionaire CEO

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St. Vincent Island

We are woke up some time later by a knock on the door, the stewardess saying that we will be landing in twenty minutes. Danny kisses me sweetly.

“I guess we should get dressed then huh?” throwing back the covers off him.

“I guess. I would not want anyone seeing that gorgeous body of yours without any clothes on” I tease.

“Same here love, come on” he walks around the bed helping me up.

I go to the closet pulling out a light blue pantsuit that is made of a nice, light material slipping it on. He picks out his blue slacks with white button down shirt.

“Very nice pick. Love that color on you. You look like a woman who knows what she likes and wants. I like that very much” kissing my nose.

“Now, where are we landing?” brushing out my hair in the bathroom.

“Nope” he calls out for the bedroom “I will tell you when we get to our destination.”

“Ugh!” stomping my foot “You are so frustrating sometimes.”

“I know but trust me, you will love it” grabbing my hand.

We get into a seat then the plane lands. It rolls up to another red carpet that has been stretched out to a huge black limo. He helps me down the steps so we get in, taking off for whatever destination that he has planned. We ride for about twenty-five minutes pulling up to a huge iron gate. The driver punches in a code then we drive up the driveway. I gasp when I see the house.

“This is stunning. I love it” looking at the huge mansion as we are rolling up the front entrance.

“It is one of our many beachfront homes, plus we are in Florida” as the car comes to a stop.

“Really?” I sound like a giddy child “I have always wanted to come here, but never got the chance to.”

I am bouncing like a small child while he laughs at me. The door is opened for him to get out then his hand helps me out. Before we get to the front door, he swoops me up again carrying me across the threshold kissing me, then sets me down inside the house. “You ready for the tour of our house?” as my feet hit the tile floor, he grabs my hand walking me through all the rooms.“

This place is amazing and massive” as we walk all over the house.

“I only do the best for myself but also for my wife” as he opens the bedroom door.

Our bags are brought in then set down on the floor of the closet. As we start to unpack I see there is way to many clothes for just the few days that we are staying.

“Um, honey” turning towards him “Why is there so many clothes here? There is way to much for just a few days.”

“That’s the other part of the surprise” as he hangs a suit up “We are here for two weeks. Well, we will be exploring different places in Florida over the next two weeks. We leave here on Tuesday then we will be going to Orlando until Saturday. We are then flying down to Daytona until Tuesday and then finally Miami until Sunday.”

“Oh, um where exactly are we now?” hanging up a dress.

“We are on St. Vincent Island right now. It is up at the top of Florida. We will have a tour here seeing the surrounding areas for the next few days, then we load up to move on to the next stop” stepping out of the closet.

“So, we are just here in this huge house for only a few days” looking around the massive bedroom.

“Yes, as we move down into Florida, we have new areas we will be staying at. Everything is booked for each place. We were going to stay here for just a days, but then I changed my mind on everything. My dad encouraged me to take longer on our honeymoon to just enjoy it since I never take vacations” sitting down in a chair.

“So, what are we doing at each stop?” trying to figure out what each one will bring.

“That is still a surprise as we move down the state. Trust me, I think you will love everything I have planned for us” as he yawns.

“I can not wait” putting the last few things in a drawer “Crap, I forgot to pack bathing suits. I was so busy trying to get everything together, that I forgot to pack a few in case we went somewhere I might need them.”

“That’s fine. You married a walking bank so buying a few suits is not a big deal” he smirks as he looks at me “You can swim in the indoor pool without one of course.”

“Are you trying to get me naked again” looking at him with a sideways glance.

“Maybe, I absolutely love that perfect body of yours. If it was possible, every time you were in the house with me, you would not have any clothes on as all. But since we have people who live and work in our house, that would be impossible to do because I would beat them senseless for looking at you” as he watches me finish closing the last drawer.

I slowly start to take my clothes off as his eyes turn to a lustful look. I see his breathing pick up some.

“What are you doing” sharply inhaling.

“Is the pool heated” dropping a arm of my suit off my shoulder.

“Yes, I had them cut it on this morning for us” he stands up.

I sashay out of my clothes then walk up to him. His eyes have darkened as his nostrils flare some when he breathes. I slowly walk my fingers up his chest as I feel his chest rise and fall quickly beneath them.

“You said I could swim naked inside, so that is what I am doing. I want a quick swim before we go to bed. Maybe even some dessert before we go to bed” stroking his hardening manhood.

I slip on a robe then take off running. He stands there for a second, then I hear him running after me. He is shredding his clothes as he closes the gap on me. Slinging his shoes off he finally he catches up with me wrapping his arms around my waist. He halts us then starts kissing my neck trailing up to my ear. I shudder as he climbs up kissing me.

“You minx” he nibbles on my earlobe “Your good but I still caught you. Now, let me get my pants and socks off so we will go together.”

When he lets go the I wait until he is in the middle of pulling his pants off, I take off again. Laughing and squealing as he chases me through the house.

“I have my clothes off now” he shouts at me “When I catch you, I am going to have to punish you for making me chase you like this.”

He catches up to me, his hands finally grab my robe just before we get to the pool area. He picks me up pushing me up against the wall.

“Your fast honey” trailing kisses down my chest “Just not fast enough.”

He kisses my neck while rubbing his dick at my entrance. He does not enter me, just runs it back and forth slowly through my wet, slick folds. He has me whimpering then begging for him.

“Nope” as he latches onto a breast and sucks “This is your punishment. I will make you beg for me until you are dripping wet and soaking my cock.”

“I am already doing that” trying to make him move so I can push him in me.

He lets go with a pop, then leans closer whispering in my ear before flicking it with his tongue.

“I warned you” in a deep sexy voice “Now I am going to see how long I can make you beg.”

He presses me against the wall hard as his hand wanders down to my center. He starts circling my clit with one finger then plunges another one in side me. He plays for what feels like forever while he sucks and nibbles on my breasts. I am squirming what little I can, but he has me pinned to where I can not move. Letting out moans along with groans with my mouth pleading with him to please take me. He gets me right to the edge, then stops, waits a few seconds then starts again. I am hitting my head on the wall because I want my release so bad, but the feel of him smiling against my skin as he keeps me wanting and begging for more. He kisses his way up my body and back to my lips.

“What’s wrong love” he smirks “Frustrated with me?”

“Please, I need it so bad. Please make me cum. I am right there, please” breathless while I beg for my release.

“I know you are” he smiles as he looks at me “I am keeping you on the edge. Now you know what I can do to you. I can do this for hours, then after you are exhausted and spent, I then can take you my way.”

“I promise I will listen to you from now on” my eyes closed tightly “Please, please, please!”

“Good girl” he whispers in my ear.

He curls his fingers inside me making me have the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I scream out his name as I cum over and over again. I have never squirted in my life but he has me doing it hard.

OH MY GOD! AH!” as I hit my peak.

He slowly brings me down off my high then sets me down on my feet. He kisses me slowly but sweetly.

“Now” he takes my robe off “How about that swim. First, I will have my fix then we can swim for a short time. It is really late and I know we are getting tired. When I am done with you, you may be ready to turn in then.”

He takes my hand so we can walk to the pool, then picks me up jumping in with both of us. The pool feels so good on my skin but then he pushes me up against the tile on the wall shoving into me hard. He groans as he sinks into my wetness.

“I will have to do that more often” kissing my neck “You are so wet.”

He makes love to me until we both shatter around each other. We hang onto each other for a short time until we are off our highs. He pulls out then puts me down on the pool floor, then just swim for a very short time. I stop to lay against the side of the pool exhausted for everything. He picks me up carrying me to the bedroom where we take a quick shower to get the chlorine out of our hair and off our bodies. We dry each other off, quickly drying my hair then we lay down for the night, as he pulls me to his chest where I am out within seconds.

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