The Billionaire CEO

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History Course

I wake up the next morning with my head on his stomach to see his morning attribute is right in my face. I smile as my face slowly move down his stomach hearing him snoring loudly, so I flick my tongue on the head and it twitches. I slowly take him in my mouth then start bobbing up and down. Grunting a little but still asleep, I grab the bottom of it with my hand going down on him as far as I can. His hips buck as he growls lowly. I pick up my speed just a little then his eyes snap open as he grabs my hair, groaning with pleasure. I feel him getting close but he pulls me off then up onto him as he slowly lowers me onto his long, thick length. Picking up speed for a short time, he releases in me hard pulling my head down to his and crashes his lips onto mine with a hard, passionate kiss.

“I love you so much” as he kisses me again.

“I love you too” whispering in his ear.

“Let’s lay here for a few minutes then we need to get up, get dressed to head out for the tour I want to take you on today” as he lays me down beside him. He presses a button on his phone then puts it back on the nightstand.

“What is that for?” laying my head back on his chest again.

“The driver to the limo will be here in thirty minutes” pushing a lock of hair out of my face.

Groaning a little, I roll out of bed, get up to go to the bathroom to do my morning business, also to freshen up. Walking into the closet, I find a solid black pantsuit, pair of black flats, a light black and white long open front shirt to put over the sleeveless outfit.

“You just get better and better looking every time you put on clothes” scanning my outfit “I love that one a lot.”

“Where are we going to start off today? What is your first thing you would like to go do?” fixing my hair.

“Let’s get the bathing suits, then we can spend the rest of the day exploring the island” combing his hair back.

“That sounds good, I would really love some seafood for lunch since it is already ten-thirty” looking down at my phone.

The limo pulls up to where we get in. We first go to a small mall walking in. For being small, it is two levels with tons of stores all over it. We go to a few of the big stores looking at bathing suits, picking out a few that we really like. The first one that I find is a red bikini that has fringes on the top and the sides tie. The butt area is a little high, could be a larger thong but I look good in it. Stepping out his eyes go wide as I twirl in the big mirror looking at it.

“Uh” his eyes raking over my body “That one will be for our pool only! Every man’s eyes would be on you with that as we walk by them.”

“It does not show that much” pulling on the butt area a little.

“If you want it we will get it but like I said, this one is for me only. Get it off before I get hard looking at it for to long” he pinches my ass while chuckling.

The next ones I try on are not as reveling, he says they are more suitable for beaches and pools. They are still bikinis but have wider bands around my hips but are cut better in the back of butt area where it is covering more. I find a one piece that I fall in love with, it is a alligator print but in a beige color. The back is open where it fastens at the back of the neck.

“All those will work. I have never seen an animal print like that. That is definitely different. Now, while you get changed back into your clothes, I am going to try on mine for you” grabbing his stack he picked out earlier.

I look at him with a smirk on my face “Oh! Model time for me then?”

He chuckles as he walks into the room beside me while I get changed. Plopping down in the chair that he was in, I wait for him to come out to show me what he likes. He comes out in a pair of speedos and my mouth drops at how it barley holds him plus it does not cover much at all.

“Those are only for our pool also. Your almost hanging out of them baby” pointing to his crotch area that is having trouble holding all of his blessed privates.

“Deal. I was not going to get these at first, just wanted to see what you would say if I stuffed myself in these” walking back into his room.

He comes out in a lot of blue trunks. Black with blue trim, one that has black up top and then fades into a dark blue as it goes down, blue tropical flowers and then a blue with black stripes on them.

“My baby loves his blue I can see” as he walks out in his last pair.

“My favorite color” sticking his hands into the pockets.

“I like all of them, at least you would have some new ones to wear if we go to the beach” waving him back to the room so he can change.

“I could use some new ones anyway” as he turns his back wiggling his hips “I brought some but they are old.”

“Will you try one pair that I found? I love the colors on them, us would like to see what they look like” as I hand him a pair that is blue and a light pink plaid.

He sighs “Yeah, I will try them on to see what they look like.”

When he comes back out, I bounce in my seat and clap my hands “Ah! Love, love, love!”

“I am not much of a pink person, but I guess I can get use to it in the long run since you love them so much” shaking his head.

“That will match my pink suit that I am getting” holding up the suit.

He walks back into the room then changes. We grab the trunks and bathing suits, then walk to the checkout to purchase them. Handing his bodyguard the bags, we walk back out to the car. For about the next two hours, we are looking around small shops on the island buying a few things. I picked up a few trinkets for the house to remind us of this trip.

“Are you getting hungry yet?” he looks at his phone “It is getting close to one, I know I am getting there pretty quickly.”

“Yes, I am starving since we did not eat breakfast” as my stomach growls.

He tells the driver a name of a restaurant, soon we pull up to a very nice looking restaurant that faces the ocean.

“Reservations for Tucker” he tells the hostess at the front podium.

“How did you know we were coming here to make a reservation?” as we walk to our table.

“You said you wanted seafood, so while you were changing into your suits, I called to make reservations here. It is a very good place to eat” as we climb up some stairs to the top level.

“This place is beautiful. I love all the dark wood that they have around here” as we reach the top where I look back down towards the bar area.

“Their food here is amazing, plus I love to eat here when we visit. The seafood is off the chain since it is fresh” pulling out my chair.

Within a few minutes, a waitress comes by to get our drink order.

“Red wine for me and a tea for her please” as he picks up the menu.

She walks off so we look over the menu. I see a platter that I really want.

“Look at this” turning the menu towards him “I have never seen a platter done like that.”

“There food proportions here are very big. That does look very good” as he looks at the picture.

“I also want crab but it does not come with it” with a little sadness in my voice.

“Then get a side of crab. If you think you have room to put it” he chuckles as he looks at how much comes on that plate.

I smile at his challenge. The waitress comes back to take our orders. I get the huge platter since it has everything I want to try on it. He gets a platter like mine but without oysters he also adds crab legs. She nods then leaves to put our order in.

“So, how do you feel about being married now” reaching across the table to my hands “Feel any different?”

“Still getting use to it. I mean it is nice, but my head is still trying to wrap around everything that has happened in the last few days. It is also weird to hear my last name now” intertwining our fingers.

“It has been different for me too” rubbing his thumb across my knuckles “I have enjoyed it so far. Being able to go to sleep with you in my arms, waking up with you being in the same bed as me. Now, to show you what kind of world you will also be in, plus you have been fitting in so good to where it has surprised me to say the least. Once your tutor helps you along with my teachings, it will be like you have always been in this lifestyle. I hope it will make you more comfortable with everything because I want you to feel at ease around all these high life people.”

“I have somewhat starting feeling better being around them as long as these women know that you are off limits” peaking at him through my eyelashes “I do not want to see you with another woman at all unless it is for a business deal.”

“Well” he lets go of my hands sitting back in his chair” If we are making sure about that, then I have the same expectations for you. I do not want to see you around another man either. Especially Justin. If he comes near you, I want you to walk away without even looking at him.”

“Trust me” as a shiver runs down my spine “he gave me a bad vibe anyway. I did not like him being close to me at all.”

“Good” he steeples his fingers “keep it that way. I do not trust him at all around you.”

Just then our food comes out, I look at my plate with my mouth dropping open. It has so much food on it. Two lobsters, oysters, crawdads, shrimp and corn.

“I told you that their platters are big here” chuckling softly.

“Yeah” closing my mouth “I can see that now. The picture does this no justice. It looks ten times bigger than what it shows.”

Still chuckling we start to eat. I get through most of mine then sit back groaning as my stomach is stuffed. Then I just start talking to him as he finishes the rest of his plate, the bill is dropped off where he pays it. We get up after I have let my food settle a little to head back out to the car.

“We are going to tour this side of the island today, then go to the next town over to tour that one tomorrow. Then on Tuesday, we will leave se we can head to Orlando” taking a seat beside me.

“Sounds good to me. I can not move right now anyway, I ate way too much” laying my hand on my belly.

He kisses me as the car drives forward. After driving around for a couple of hours as he shows me all kinds of different sights that are around the island. We visit a museum where I really enjoyed listening to him tell me about all the items that were in there. His knowledge of different cultures along with the history were amazing.

“How did you get so smart on all of this?” as we stand in front of a Egyptian statue.

“History was my favorite course in school. When I got to college, I studied it as a profession getting a master’s and bachelor’s degree in it” as he points out another Indian statue.

“Wow!” looking at the Native American items that he stops to talk about them “You really loved it didn’t you?”

“Yes” he kisses me quickly “I had to have a degree per my dad to take over the business so I did the thing that I was best in. Aced it all the way through.”

“So there is not like a course of taking over a business 101 I guess?” raising a brow at him.

“I also have a degree in business management for the company but knew that the history would be a breeze for me so I also took it. I don’t use it much but it has come in handy a few times especially when I can show off for my lovely wife” he wiggles his eyebrows.

“You have definitely have done that” as I take his hand in mine “I have really enjoyed myself along with your knowledge and the stories that you have told me.”

We walk around some more then it starts getting dark. We leave to head back to the house. A cook is leaving just as we arrive so he walks into the kitchen where there is a huge meal sitting there hot and ready for us. We sit down to have a exceptional dinner for the night.

“I really have enjoyed the day today” setting my fork down “I tell you what though, I am tired. I think I am going to take a shower then go to bed for the night.”

“I have a few things that I need to take care of here quickly, then I will be up. I want to check in with my brothers real quick plus there are some e-mails that I need to handle” as he walks with me and then stops at the office.

“Just don’t work to hard” kissing him deeply “I will see you soon.”

He kisses me back before I head up to take my shower. He still has not come to bed when I am finished so I snuggle down into the covers passing out for the night.

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