The Billionaire CEO

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Wild Kingdom

It is Tuesday finally time to get on the plane. He said our check in time was at three so we spent the morning making love then swimming one last time in the nude. Yesterday, we went to five different towns around where we were staying. There was a few older towns that was really nice to tour and look at, we even looked at an old mill village that was still in use. It was the best time touring the old buildings to where I could imagine going back in time seeing what it was like years ago when people lived in those times.

“That was amazing baby. You were almost like a historian guide, taking me though all those different places. I absolutely loved it” as we load in the car again.

He chuckles kissing me on the forehead.

“Glad that I could use some of my skills to impress you” tucking a piece of hair behind my ear “I also really enjoyed it. I could see myself stepping back in time looking at how people lived back then. Using older machines where people had to operate them and not computers. I loved seeing into the past like that, we have such upgraded technology it is hard to believe that people who have worked in those places for generations still exist.”

We board the plane settling down in a seat. It takes off as we fly for a very short time before landing in Orlando.

“So, what is on your agenda here?” sliding out of my seat.

“I told you to quit asking me” swatting me on the ass “You will see, I promise.”

We get into the limo then it pulls out of the airport. Traveling for a short time we pull up to a very nice looking hotel.

“Welcome to Animal Kingdom at Disney World” as he swoops his arm around the limo.

“Are you serious right now?” my jaw has dropped to the floor it feels like.

“We will be staying here for the next leg of our vacation” he kisses my nose.

“Oh My God! I can not believe it. I have seen pictures of this place and always wanted to visit it” grabbing his hand.

“Yes” as he holds both of mine in his “your sister told me. We were going to stay in Cinderella’s Castle but your sister said this would be better since you really wanted to see this.”

“Now I know why she kept disappearing into your office for a few days” narrowing my eyes at him.

“She did not plan this entire trip with me” he laughs “Just this one place. I was showing her pictures of it making sure you would be happy to stay here instead.”

“This is amazing. I can not wait to go on the safari ride out there. I have seen video’s of where people have put them on you tube along with how much fun they were having” looking at the animals walking by the fences.

“We have a private tour set up for later today” as the limo pulls to a stop “Come on, let’s get checked in so we can get settled in our room.”

We walk up to the desk then are given our wrist bands for the Presidential Suite, he takes my hand in his as we enter the elevator to go up to our room. When we arrive outside the suite, he beeps the band making it open the door to a grand suite.

“Oh Wow! I thought the house was big but for this being a suite, it is also huge” my eyes are a wide as saucers.

We walk around the luxurious room looking at all of the places it has. A huge living room with a round wooden ceiling, a dining area for eight, the entrance has hardwood floors with a branch design in it, the bathroom has a tub where you can see out the blinds and watch the animals, a king size four post wooden bed with a canopy like you would find in Africa. I step out on the huge porch that runs the length of the suite looking out over the preserve that they have set up. Looking the other way is a huge pool nestled in a tundra with sides and a huge swimming area.

“This is absolutely beautiful” putting my hands on the railing looking out at everything.

“I think I see something that is more beautiful than any of this” as he hands my band that is in his hand “Here, with this you can buy anything you like. It is linked to our account so it is like using your card, but it is on your wrist instead” he slides a green one on me and of course he has a blue on that he has put on his arm. “If you go out to look at the gift shop or to grab food, you will need this to get back into the room. The only time we take them off is when we go to bed or know that we will not be leaving the room again” holding my hands gently.

“I could sit on this balcony just watching these animals for the entire time” my eyes glued on the giraffes that are not far from us eating leaves.

“I know you could but then you would miss out on the rest of the things that I have planned. Trust me, you will have plenty of time to relax out here in the evenings” looking at me with those loving eyes of his.

“I know” watching a herd of zebras run by “I was just talking, there is no way that I would not miss anything you have planned.”

He chuckles “Well, I am glad to hear that. Now I know that I am loved” dodging my arm swipe at his.

I get up to sit in his lap, then start walking my fingers up his chest slowly. He wraps his arms around me kissing me deeply.

“You are absolutely perfect. I just can not get enough of you at all. I have this urge to always touch you, hold you in my arms and have you close to me at all times” hugging me tightly.

He picks me up then rushes into the bedroom. Setting me down gently, he strips off my clothes along then his. I am on the bed in no time as he pushes inside me hard and fast. I arch my back as he pounds me quickly.

“God!” he puts his head on my neck “I love the feel of you so much. I could just make love to you all day and never get tired of it.”

He keeps up his quick pace as rubs my clit in fast circles. He has learned exactly where my sweet spots are. We both release at the same time then he falls on his elbows on to of me. Kissing me passionately, he pulls out laying down on the bed.

Saying out of breath “Well...round...four...was...a...quickie....but....still...damn...good!”

“” trying to catch my breath as well.

“We are almost there. Just need two more and I will be satisfied” running a finger down my cheek.

“So, six rounds?” propping up on my elbow.

“If not more. Like I said, if I could keep you in bed all day making love to you, I would” kissing my neck.

“Uh, no thank you. I would like to be able to walk the following day. You keep me in bed to do god knows how many rounds on me, you will have to carry me to the bathroom” laying on his chest.

He laughs hard wrapping his arms around me while kisses my forehead.

“Come on” sitting up “Our tour is at five so we need to take a quick shower then get something to eat before we go out on it. The tour is two hours long. They are taking us behind the scenes where the animals are fed, housed along with other things that the regular tour does not include.” We both get up, grab a shower together then get dressed. I slip on a red short sleeved dress ad he puts on shorts and a blue polo shirt. “Your clothes just look better and better on you” as he takes my hand “You taste is very good I must say.”

“You look very good out of a suit. I do not get to see this side of you much” leaning onto his arm.

“Well, we are on vacation so I do have other clothes besides suits” hugging me sideways.

“I know, I have just gotten use to that being the only thing I see you in” picking at his sleeve.

“They are my main clothes” swatting my hand “I can loosen up some while chilling out with other clothes.”

“It has a very sexy look on you. I love it” running my had up his muscular arm slowly.

He opens the door and we get down to the restaurant to grab supper before going on the tour. A waitress comes up getting our orders. After she walks off, Danny smiles at me.

“What” looking around to see what he is smiling at.

“I meant to ask you, do you ride roller coasters?” with that sexy smile on his face.

“Yes I do. Your not suppose to if you could be pregnant though” a sad expression creeps over my face.

“I cleared that with the doctor before we left. He said that if you did get pregnant a few days ago, that you were still allowed as long as it was not over a week into it. Even if I had you tested right now, he said it may not even show up positive since it has not been long enough for you body’s system to kick in to produce the correct levels needed” still has that sexy smile in his eyes.

“As long as you have done your homework on it knowing what we needed to know, then I trust your advice on it” blushing a little.

He sits straight up in his chair then acts like he tightens a tie “Well, thank you so much for your confidence in me.” I laugh at his sarcasm when he say it. He laughs at it too. “So, have you liked the surprises so far?” raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, it is more than I ever expected. How long has it been since you took your last vacation” noticing he is very relaxed “You are extremely excited about this one and it looks like you have not been on one in a long time.”

“It has been a long time” he sighs “Over four years if not longer, After I took over the company, I devoted so much time to where I never took any time off for myself. My brothers would go but I just never wanted to, did not have anywhere I wanted to go or anyone I wanted to go with.”

“So when you bought all those islands, properties along with everything else but you did not travel to look at them” shocked as I look at him.

“Well yeah, but most of them was to go look at them, purchase them and then return to LA. Most of them were day trips, a few were overnight but I did not consider it a vacation. I worked on the computer from hotel rooms catching up on what I missed from being in the office” his eyes look distant and sad.

“How can you eat, breath and do nothing but work? It would drive me crazy” throwing my hands up a little at him.

“I was born and raised to do this. Drummed into me my whole life. I spent a lot of my teenage years in my dad’s office learning everything, even weekends, holidays, breaks, when I was not in school, I was in there with him” shaking his head slowly.

“So you did not have much of a childhood, huh?” feeling sorry for him in a way.

“If you mean playing, running around being a child then not really” has sadness in his eyes a little.

“Was that your choice of your dad’s?” rubbing his hand.

“Mostly mine” as he intertwines our fingers “I wanted to learn everything I needed to before I went to college. So I devoted myself to being a fast learner then eventually to being the most successful businessman. My family was already massively successful and wealthy, but I wanted more, to be at the top with everything.”

“You achieved it very well” smiling at him sweetly “You are the richest man in the United States, the top five in the world. I would say that you did very well for yourself, everyone that heard of you wished that they could be like you.”

“I know” he drops his head a little “Now that I sit down looking at it, I have gave up so much in my life for what? Success, money, fame, power, women throwing themselves at me just so they could say that they have been with the Billionaire Bachelor? Being with you in just this little bit of time has made me see all of this as I was ready to raise my child the same way. Hard core business with no pleasure. I have been the most relaxed since Saturday that I have ever been in my life” his eyes go glossy and distant. “Just to slow down, enjoy life seeing it at the pace it is suppose to be seen at” he continues “Not from the top of the world, ruling it with an iron fist. It has opened my eyes and I have really enjoyed myself the most I ever had these last few days.”

“You are going to make me cry if you keep this up” feeling them prick in the corners.

“Well, let me end on this note” wiping my eyes with his thumb “Thank you so much for everything. You have really changed my point of view on things, showed me that being number one is not the most important thing in the world.”

I cup his cheek with my soft hands “You welcome.”

Our food comes then we eat it while we talk some more. When we are done, he leads me outside to a golf cart that is waiting on us and we head out on our tour.

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