The Billionaire CEO

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Private Tour

We arrive at a safari truck then are helped into the back. The guide takes off with us in the truck as we drive around the open area where the animals come right up to us. We are given food to feed them with. Giraffes, Rhinos, Zebras, Elephants along with tons of others come right up to us and eat our of our hands.

“This truck is like one of their food trucks. All the animals recognize it so that is why they come up to us waiting for food” as he feeds a giraffe.

We continue our tour going to the stables, veterinary clinic, birthing areas, and where they keep the food. The tour guide shows us all of the stuff that is in the off limit areas plus what each of their jobs at the park are. We spend about two hours out in the areas then he returns us to the golf cart, then we both thank him then return to the resort.

“I am going for a swim in that outdoor pool. Want to come with me?” as we pass the huge pool.

He gives me a pointed look “Like that is even a question for you to ask me. Of course I am coming with you. I have to keep men off that sexy body of yours.”

I laugh as he pinches my hip, we walk into the lobby heading to the elevator. Once in the room, I walk into the closet picking out my bathing suit to wear down there.

His voice rings out from the bathroom “That had better NOT be the fringed one.”

I giggle while slipping on a red poky-dotted bikini that I know is not that reveling. I grab a pair of his blue swimming trunks to take to him. He slides them on then walks out wrapping me in his arms.

“Ready?” kissing my forehead.

“Yes, I am ready to relax for awhile tonight” kissing his muscular chest.

“I know plenty of ways to get you relaxed baby that does not require a swimming pool” nibbling on my ear. My body shivers in his arms making him smirk “So, how wet are you without any water love?” We step into the elevator then finally the door closes. As it starts down, he hits the all stop button pushing me against the wall hard. Dipping his hand into my bottoms, he plunges his fingers inside me. “Very wet” he whispers “It is all for me too.”

Pulling my bottoms off, he picks me up to his waist. I wrap my legs around him as he slips his trunks down a little.

“Danny, this could be fixed to start moving at any minute” with a little worry in my eyes.

“I will be fast then” he whispers again “Just like earlier.”

He positions us correctly as his body slams into me sinking in all the way. I moan at the sudden stretching that I have to do because it feels amazing.

“Wrap your legs around me tight love” as he starts to move “Hang on tight, this will be a hard and fast ride.”

He pounds me hard and fast. My lips are captured by his as he swallows my moans then what sounds like muffled screams. Shortly after, we both cum together as he holds me there for just a few minutes. Slipping out of me, he sets me down so I put my bottoms on as he fixes his trunks. He pulls the button so the elevator can move again to the lobby. Both stepping out, we head to the pool hand in hand. I start giggling because we actually got away with it then as we get to the pool, he swoops me up in his arms.

“No, no, no, no, no! Don’t you dare” as he moves towards the deep end.

He ignores me jumping into the deep end anyway. We come up for air as he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me to head to the wall.

“That was not to bad right?” helping me to the wall.

“No!” I giggle “You are just a big child, you know that?”

He pushes me up against the wall of the pool looking at me with an evil grin.

“I think I just showed you I am no child” his hand brushes my nipples “I am a grown man that can make this person scream her head off.” Dropping my head, I can feel how hard I am blushing. He puts a finger under my chin and raises it. “I also love this woman very much” his lips brush mine “I would do anything for her.”

“I would also do anything for you” as my lips capture his.

We spend about two hours in the pool together. Laughing, swimming and just enjoying being together. My stomach growls loudly making him look at me with laughter in his eyes.

“Let’s get a snack. We can get room service called while we get cleaned up, then we can turn in for the night” pulling me towards the exit of the pool.

He helps me out as we grab our towels drying off while heading back to the room.

“What would you like to eat, love?” as he picks up the phone. I give him a heated look making him shake his head while chuckling. “Food wise love, not husband wise” his eyes have gone a little dark though.

“Strawberries, pineapples, grapes, cantaloupe, fudge and sparkling water” pealing off my wet suit.

“Grab your shower while I order the food” watching me walk into the bathroom.

I jump in the shower to wash my hair and body off, as I am getting out he comes in stripping his trunks off then gets into the shower.

“Food is here but do not touch it yet. Wait until I am out, it will not take me long” kisses me sweetly.

I nod, wrap a towel around me then walk out of the bathroom. He comes out about ten minutes later, as he walks up to me he has a devilish grin on his face.

“Now” as he grabs me “we can have our food.”

He picks me up, unwrapping my towel as he carries me to the bed. He lays me down then gets the tray putting it right beside the bed.

“Now, do not move” as he grabs the hot fudge and a strawberry off the tray “We can not sleep in dirty sheets.”

My legs are hanging off the side of the bed and he gets down on his knees, putting my feet on his shoulders.

“Let’s see what this taste like” his eyes are focused on my center.

He puts chocolate on my clit while pushing the smaller strawberry inside me. I moan as his tongue flicks my clit slowly, eating all the chocolate he has dripped on it. He takes his teeth slowly scraping against my folds, putting his mouth over my center. He sucks one good time making the strawberry come out into his mouth. He does this over and over again with different fruits while drizzling my clit with fudge. The pineapples and cantaloupe are cut into small squares; soon I am on the edge crying for a release. He continues it for a short time then plunges his finger inside me hooking my spot. I crash hard with a huge orgasm around him. He licks and sucks as he bring me down from my high.

“Your taste plus fruit together is a very good combination” as he licks his lips.

Kissing his way back up my body while worshiping each breast for a short time, his dick is bobbing and twitching against my leg. He comes on up shoving in deep as he climbs my body slowly.

“Holy Shit!” his eyes go wide “God that feels so good, You are the wettest I have ever felt you.”

“Your fault” breathing heavy “You played to much.”

“I would have played more if I could have. I wanted you so badly to make you have another orgasm without me inside you” as he kisses my neck. He thrust slow and deep taking his time as he slowly drags out of me then slowly pushes back in. “I love the feel of you around me” closing his eyes “Squeezing me, begging for more as I slowly make love to you.”

He moves at a slow steady pace for quite a while. We both moan and groan with pleasure. Every time he gets me close, he either pulls out or stops for a few seconds then starts back up.

“Oh my god!” squirming under him “I am going to be so sore tomorrow if you keep this up.”

“I will carry you if I have to” looking at my face “I am enjoying this way to much to finish now.”

He pulls out flipping me over onto my stomach. Pulling me up onto my knees while stepping off the bed. I feel him slowly push in again this time hitting deeper and a little quicker pace with each thrust. One hand is on my breast while the other is working my clit.

“I can’t last much longer baby” looking over my shoulder at him.

“Then don’t” he grunts out “Cum around me so I can make you have another one again.”

With that I shatter around him hard. He groans with pleasure as he throws his head back pushing in deeper and then halts. He feels my muscles grip him tightly. After I am finished, he slowly picks back up keeping up the pace again for awhile.

“Ugh!” putting his head on my back “I want to cum so bad but his feels amazing.”

“We have been at it for over an hour honey. How are you holding out so long” starting to feel sore as he thrust in me.

“Just keeping a slow pace is a start” he grabs my hips hard “Crap, fuck it!”

He slams into me a few times, then shoves deep. He growls as he releases inside me again, again and again.

“OH SHIT!” he tightens his grip on my hips “AH! Oh god, that is the most I have ever cum. Holy shit that felt amazing. Ugh!.”

He twitches a few more times then his head comes down on my back. He is breathing heavily plus we are both a sweaty mess.

“Well, shower time again” as he pulls out “then we can finish the fruit then finally go to bed. I am exhausted.” Picking me up in his arms, he carries me back to the shower turning it on letting it get warm as he kisses me passionately. “All of my records are broke now for one day” stepping into the shower.

“What?” as he sets me down.

“Having sex six times then making love for over an hour at one time without climaxing. I wanted it all to be with you love, and we did it today. Not because I wanted to, if just happened that way.”

“If you have to push me around in a wheelchair tomorrow, then you know you were the cause of it” washing his body off.

“I would gladly do it too” winking at me.

We wash each other off, get out to dry off again. I am a little sore but it is not as bad as I thought it would be.

“Time to eat my fruits that I could not have earlier since someone was hogging all of them” heading for the tray.

“Here, slip on your pajamas then we will sit outside and finish them off” handing me a top and short set.

I grab them putting them on quickly. He puts on a pair of shorts then grabs the tray as we walk outside. We sit down watching the animals for hours as they roam around the grounds, as we finish off the fruit tray.

Yawning big “I am exhausted. Time to go to bed” standing up while stretching my whole body that is getting stiff.

“I will be there shortly. Going to call my brothers then check my e-mails real quick” standing up with me to head inside.

Kissing him, I head to the bedroom, lay down on the bed passing out again in no time.

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