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Disney World

I wake up the next morning to Danny wrapped around me with his head buried in my hair.

“Good morning love, how did you sleep?” kissing his arm.

“I am still trying to sleep” he mumbles “I got caught up in a call with my brothers, it took longer to fix the problem than I expected.”

“You know we are on vacation, right” trying to wiggle out from under him.

“I just called to check up on things but they could not figure it out” says in a sleepy voice “I had to walk them through how to go into the server to fix the problem. Everything else has been fine.”

“Let me order room service for us. You can eat when you get up” finally getting myself loose from him.

“Sounds good” as he rolls over “Give me at least another hour or so please.”

“No problem, I will make sure your breakfast is hot and ready when you start moving around some, let me know when you are up” kissing his cheek.

“Sorry baby, I am just tired” almost back asleep.

I get up going to the bathroom then get dressed in a comfortable pants and nice blouse, then quietly close the door. I slide my wrist band on so that I can go down to the cafe to order breakfast for myself to give him time to sleep without the door being knocked on. I order some pancakes, fruit and juice then just sit there watching all of the families moving around in the lobby area and the cafe. There are plenty of them with children of all ages, babies, toddlers, elementary age all the way up to high school and college. I look down at my stomach rubbing it gently.

“One day that will be us. Taking you on a vacation like this, spending time with you as you grow up. Just trying to get through some years without pulling our hair out” smiling as I talk.

I see a family desperately looking for an empty table so I wave them over.

“I am finished, I need to leave anyway” smiling at them as they sit down with their kids.

They thank me as I head back to the room. Peaking in the bedroom I see he is still dead asleep not moving at all so I walk out onto the porch and sit down to watch the animals as they gracefully move around. After another hour I hear him moving around in the bedroom, so I call room service having his delivered hot for him. He walks out of the shower with just shorts on with his hair glistening from his shower.

“The food should be here soon. I did not know how long it would be for you to get up; it would have been cold for you” heading back out to watch the animals again.

There is a knock on the door so I get it as his food is delivered. Setting it on the table, I walk up behind him as he is looking out over the landscape wrapping my arms around his bare chest kissing his back.

“You food is here, it is on the dining room table.”

“Thank you love, come sit with me?” as he turns around to me.

We walk in to the room he sits down uncovering his food then grins big. He has waffles, bananas, eggs, bacon, sausage and toast. I sit down keeping him company as he eats. When he is finished, I set the tray on the cart then go change into a pair of leggins and a long shirt that matches while covering butt. He comes out with blue shorts and a lighter blue stripped top on then he is grabbing my hand as we walk towards the door.

“Ready for another fun day?” kissing me sweetly.

“Yes” as I deepen the kiss “I can not wait to see what you have in store for me today.”

He opens the door then we head to the elevator, down to the lobby and out to the waiting limo he has there. We get in as are whisked away to our next destination. We pass a sign that says Walt Disney World and I look at him with a huge grin.

“We are going to Disney World? I have always wanted to go to this but never had the money for it” wrapping my arm around his neck.

“Well, you do now” he chuckles.

We pull up to the front entrance to get out. The bands let us into the park where I find out they are also VIP passes on them. We start to walk around looking at all the shops, along with all the things they have along the main road into the park. Walking into the castle, we tour it first and I love it so much. It is so pretty just like the fairy tale. We start going to riding the rides, with the VIP passes we walk to the front of lines getting into the rides within a turn or two. He drags me to the front seat of all the rides, at first I am scared but get over it quickly. We stop to eat lunch in the park then go to Space Mountain. I absolutely loved it then we go on some slower rides for a short time so we do the Safari Boat ride, It’s a Small World and spend the afternoon riding all the rides. We then jump over to Epcot Center to spend the rest of the evening doing things around the park. We watch the fireworks along with then the lazer show too. When we are finally exhausted, the limo takes us back to the room. I take a bath trying to soak my tired feet.

“Soaking huh?” he looks at me stretched out in the tub.

“Yes, my feet hurt” rubbing them “I will take a shower shortly, but just want to be in a hot bath for a short time.”

He strips then settles in behind me. He wraps his arms around me as pulls me up on his lap. He kisses me deeply.

“I wish you had told me, we would have stopped and took breaks” rubbing my legs.

“I did not even feel it until we got back here taking my shoes off. As soon as I took them off then stepped on the floor, the soreness shot though me” laying on his chest.

He slowly kisses down my jawline and down my neck. He spins me around while slowly lowers me on him. We start to move in sync as we both groan loudly. Water splashes out over the top as he picks up speed where we finally cum together. He shudders hard as do I. We kiss deeply after he spins me back around to him then pushes the hair out of my face.

“I absolutely love you. I do not know what I would do without you” hugging me tightly.

“Same here, I love you so much” kissing his neck.

He picks me out of the tub setting me down in the shower so we can wash ourselves off then he helps me out. We dry each other off then put a robes on to walk outside to watch the animals for a short time to just relax and watch them roam around for about an hour. Finally, I am so tired that I get up walking towards the bedroom. We get in the bed while snuggling with each other, then we both drift off to sleep pretty quickly.

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