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Sea World

He wakes me up on Friday morning kissing my neck. We did MGM studios yesterday and it was amazing, we had so much fun there then went back to Disney for the rest of the afternoon to ride a few things we did not have time to do on Wednesday.

“Good morning love. Did you sleep well?” kisses my cheek.

“Oh yes” as I stretch out “The best so far, I slept like a rock.”

“Yeah, I did to. I guess we wore each other out yesterday” propping on his elbow “How do your feet feel?”

“Still a little sore. I will wear my tennis shoes today. They will help soothe my feet” reminding him of the pair he bought me yesterday because my feet were very sore.

Rolling out of bed, I get freshened up then put my Chanel white shirt and black pants on so we can go to the cafe to grab breakfast then head out to the car. He has one more surprise that he wants us to do before we leave. We travel for a short time as we pull up to the last adventure for the day.

I smile big as we pass through the entrance “I was hoping we would come to Sea World, I wanted to have enough time to come see this, I can already tell you that I am going to love this day.”

“We will not be walking quite as much as yesterday but still if you need a break, please let me know so we can sit down to let you rest” he kisses my hand.

“I will, thank you again. This is so exciting” my eyes dance while looking at him.

We pull up to the entrance then get out. He has the VIP pass again so we walk right in as we beep the wrist band, then stopping at a map to see where everything is located we decide where we want to go first.

“What show would you like to go do first? There are a ton of things to do here also” as he points at the map.

“How about a few shows, then a few rides and we can finish the day with a couple more shows” showing him the times along with the places of some of them.

“Ok” he grabs my hand “Lead the way.”

I start towards the dolphin show where we grab our front row seats. I am in awe as I watch the show on how they do all of the tricks as the trainer asks them to perform.

“I love this!” watching them jump out of the water “They are so graceful. I would love to touch one.”

He just smirks while we watch the rest of the show. When it is over, he tells me to wait until everyone has left so we would not get caught up in the rush. A trainer walks up shaking his hand.

“This is Paul. He is one of the trainers here. Come on, he is going to show us his babies” smiling at me.

“You mean we get to see the dolphins up close?” looking at them in the pool as they follow Paul around.

“Yes” he grabs my hand “He is a friend from college that I arranged for us to go behind the scenes so you can get up close with them.”

I squeal quietly making him grins. Paul shakes my hand as then we follow him to the other side of the tank, he uses a whistle to call the dolphins up on the platform.

“Take off your shoes then put these on” handing me a set of water shoes.

He takes his tennis shoes off putting on a pair also. We walk out there as Paul tells us all about them, their names, ages and how to get them to do a few tricks. We feed then pet them, after an hour we have to leave so the next show can start. We thank Paul while we walk back out into the park. I point to a few things so we head to a few rides that we can go on as he puts me up front again.

“Is there something that you like about always being in the front?” as we get in our seats

He laughs as we start the ride. After a few more, we head to the aquarium to walk though there talking pictures of the sting rays, sharks and all the fish that are swimming around. They announce that the sting rays are about to be fed so we go to watch that show. As we exit that the announcement comes over the speakers saying killer whale show is starting in fifteen minutes so we head to it. Sitting there to watch them preform all of there tricks was a beautiful site.

“I am hungry” as we walk out “Let’s grab some lunch then we can do some more things afterwards.”

He finds a very nice restaurant, we walk inside where it it cool and quiet also. It is a buffet line so we pay then grab our trays.

“This is a neat place. What are you getting?” setting his silverware on the tray.

“It is a buffet bar so let’s see what they have on it” grabbing another tray for himself.

We walk down the bar to get our food. I get barbecue chicken, corn and green beans. He gets ribs, mac & cheese and corn, we head to a table in the corner and sit down.

“Let me know what you think of it” nodding to my tray.

I take a bite and it is amazing. We both eat then talk for a little while as we rest too.

“I am loving this so much” swiping some sauce off his face “You are making all my dreams come true in just a couple of days.”

“We are not done yet” he grabs my hand while licking the sauce off my finger “We still have two more places we are going after this. I have a lot more planned before this vacation is over.”

“I am sure you do” pulling my hand away slowly “You have kept us busy but I have really enjoyed it so much. Being with you, doing all these things together and just growing closer has been very nice.”

He eyes my hand as I drop it to wipe it off on the napkin “I agree. It has been very nice. We will have to go do more thing also. There are places I want to visit that I have never been able to slow down and see myself.”

“Like where?” propping my chin in my hand.

“Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Grand Canyon just to name a few. Those are the main ones I want to hit soon” he leans on his elbows.

“Yeah, I would too” smiling at him “I have always wanted to go, but pictures were my best friend on that.”

“Now we have a reason to go together” rubs his shoe up my leg “We will have to plan trips very soon.”

“When you can get another week of then yes” playfully swatting at his leg.

“Now that I have someone that I want to travel with, I can take more time off” trying to climb my leg again.

We let our food settle for a short time then get up to walk around some more. We head to the next ride that we want to do. It is a huge coaster that turns you sideways and sprays water at you, we ride it then when we get off, I pull him back around the line again.

“I want to go again! That was so much fun” walking down the VIP line again.

“We can go back on this one again. Then we need to walk around the park some more to make sure we squeeze everything in that we want to” getting back on the ride again.

We ride that one again, then get off it and walk to the river ride. We get in the round tube with seats, soon it set off down the ride. It hits a waterfall where we both get drenched, laughing the whole time about it. After that, we go back to a few of the shows again before finally heading back to the suite. We eat at a restaurant that I had pointed out as we passed coming into the park. He has steak while I have seafood again. He pays when we are finished, then we head back to take a shower for the night. I walk back out to the porch to watch the animals one last time. I love watching them so much.

Sighing “This is our last night here, I am going to miss this place.”

“We have to move on to the next place in the morning. We spent two days walking around Disney, Epcot and MGM. Except for malls, I think we saw everything down here” sits down in the chair beside me then plunks his glass on the table.

“A lot of people spend a week down here doing what we did in a few days” taking a sip of his drink.

“That has alcohol in it” I cough as he says it “The VIP passes helped a lot though.”

My face is red from his drink as I choke a little “It is nice not to wait in the lines, just to be able to walk right up to the ride and get on” coughing as I talk.

We sit outside watching the animals for over an hour before tiredness finally sets in. We get up, go to bed, make love for a short time, then pass out for the night.

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