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Helicopter Ride

I don’t know what time I wake up but he is not in bed. As I get up, I hear he is on the phone.

“That is not going to work” in a harsh tone “I am sorry.”

I walk into the breakfast area where he has ordered it for us. I smile sitting down to eat.

“What are you talking about” his voice rings through the rooms “I never heard about that contract before.”

His voice is getting stern and angry as he paces the room. I can see the frustration on his face.

“Well” his voice raised even higher now “get our lawyers to figure it out because I am not doing that!”

I turn back around with a worry look on my face to start eating again. This is the first time I have ever heard him mad along with being in disagreement over something.

“Hold them off for another week” he snarls “I will sort it our when we get back. They can wait, I am NOT coming off my honeymoon for that.”

He hangs up then grunts with frustration.

“Is everything fine?” as he sits down at the table with me.

“Yeah, just work crap getting on my nerves” he stabs a pancake hard “Someone is wanting something now but they do not want to wait so they will have to.”

“Come on baby, eat your breakfast. It might help calm you down. I have to finish packing the last few things so we can get ready to leave for the plane” putting some food on his plate.

He pushes it around some but does not take a bite.

“Go get packed” he says in a flat tone “I need to call the lawyer real quick.”

Pulling out his phone, he walks out onto the porch making the call. He does not sound happy at all. I slowly make my way to the room trying to hear what he is trying to get done.

“How can this be Ben?” he gruffly says into the phone “I have never seen or heard about this. I put that add out where now I am happily married. Who is this woman making these claims?”

I stop in my tracks while a ton of questions flood my mind. Another woman? Did he have an arrangement that he wanted out of? What is going on?

“NO!” his fists hits the wall hard “Find a loophole in that contract now! I will be back next Sunday and it had better be on my desk with a way out of it. This is absurd. How did my dad forget to tell me about this?”

His dad’s voice rings through the speaker, he must be on a conference call or something “Look son, I did not think anything would come of this. She left the country over four years ago, we have not seen her since.”

“And she just now decides to show up saying you had a contract with her family” he slams his fist down on the table.

“I will see what I can find in this contract. It is older so there has to be something that we can use against her” Ben’s voice comes through the phone in a shaky tone.

“It was a business deal back then to help strengthen the families, but then she took off so I figured she did not want anything to do with it” his dad protests “There is a clause in there that if either of you want out, it can be done.”

I hear a chair clatter to the floor like he has jumped up out of it “Well, you know I want out dad. I am married, trying for a child while being on a very relaxing honeymoon. Now this shit comes up and it’s an oops I forgot? REALLY!”

I cringe at the outrage he is doing in the room. I throw my suitcase on the bed to start packing. I would have to leave the room to get out of ear shot on this conversation.

“There is a catch though.....” his dad’s voice fades where I guess he has walked to the other side or taken it off speaker.

I finish packing putting the suitcases at the front door. He has hung up now while I have plopped down on the couch with my head in my hands.

“What’s wrong love? Do you not feel good?” as he sits down beside me.

I look down but do not meet his eyes. I am trying hard not to cry. He sees it and lifts my chin.

“How much did you hear?” he has sadness in his eyes.

“You were so loud that it was kind of hard not to hear it” tears prick at the corner of my eyes “I heard up to there’s a catch, then either you walked outside or took them off speaker.”

He sighs and hangs his head “My dad did a deal with an old partner to marry his son off to their daughter. She left the country but she has just now turned back up.”

“Why now?” my tears roll down my cheeks “I mean is she trying to ruin us?”

He grabs my face wiping his thumb over my tears as he looks at me. His eyes tell me he is not going to give up until he gets his answers.

“Our lawyers are looking at everything that we can do to get this dealt with” his hands are now balled into fist “I can promise you this here and now, nothing and I mean nothing will come between us. You hear me? I will do everything I can to make sure this does not get in our way. You understand me?” his eyes have a very serious look in them.

“Yes, I know you will” touching his face lightly “I am just wondering why now? I can not get it out of my mind. What does she want? Why show up after she took off and disappeared?”

“Look, I know you are worried but is there some way we can try to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon?” his eyes flashes with worry in them.

“I will make a deal with you” taking his hands in mine “If you do not take another call while we finish this out, then I will do my best to not let it come across my mind.”

“What if it is an emergency?” shock runs across his face.

“Did your dad and brothers say they can handle it?” looking at him sternly “I know the server thing was one thing they needed you on but I do not want you on the phone about this until we get home. I do not want us to spend the last week of our vacation talking about this or trying to figure this out. This is our time, not no one else. I want this to be about us where we are enjoying what we are doing right now.”

He sighs then looks away from me. I cross my arms not breaking eye contact. He finally looks back at me but I do not budge on this.

“Ok, I agree” he finally says after a short time “We will enjoy ourselves, then take care of this when we get back.”

“Thank you” pecking him on the lips “Now, you eat while I will get your things packed. We have a plane to catch.”

“You know we own the plane right? It does not leave unless I tell it to” he gently chuckles.

I point towards the food where he gets up then sits down at the table. He finally finishes, then helps me get his things packed. A bellhop comes to get the bags as we check out. Boarding the plane shortly after, it takes off where we land in no time down at Daytona. Our bags are unloaded so we head to the next place he has booked us to stay.

“This is another place I have always wanted to come to check out, I am excited about this a lot. The beaches here are beautiful from the pictures” watching the scenery go by as we ride in the car.

“I have not been here in awhile. It is nice to be back. I have always enjoyed coming here” he grabs my hand then kisses it.

The car pulls up to a five star hotel, we get out then he checks us in. As we head to our room I look out the glass elevator as it goes up to the top floor. He swipes the card to where it opens into a huge penthouse. I walk around looking at the grand place while he shows the bellhop where to put the bags.

“There is candles in the bathroom” my voice rings out “That is neat, we can light them while having a nice soaking bath in here.”

He walks in wrapping his arms around me “Sounds good.”

Walking around some more I walk out onto the huge porch that overlooks the ocean “The view out there is beautiful.”

“I like the suite here. It is one of the nicer ones to stay at, I have stayed here before. I try to get it every time I visit here” taking in the view with me.

“I love it, I could live here for a month or more not get tired of this view” scanning the beach with the waves crashing over it.

He kisses my neck “As soon as we get settled in, we will go to explore some. I have a trip planned for tonight, then we will be going to the race tomorrow. I have a box there so we will watch the it from the business box. My brothers and your sister will be here in the morning for that.”

“Oh My God!” spinning around to hug him “That is awesome.”

“The plane will be leaving as soon as it is fueled to go get them, then return in the morning. They will come here to the suite until time to go out with is to watch the race” his eyes are relaxed and twinkling.

“Is my sister cleared to travel?” I say in a hopeful tone.

“Yes” he nods “the medication is working well with her. She has gone back twice so far, he is pleased with how well it is going with her.”

“Oh thank goodness” in a thankful tone “I have been worried about her since we have been gone.”

“I have talked to Cory about her and she is fine” he cups my cheek as his mouth sweetly smiles at me.

We get everything unpacked then head out for his trip. As the car leaves, we shortly pull into a helicopter tour place. Helping me out, I feel a little afraid to get in it.

“Hey, if you can fly in a plane, then this is just the same” tugging me to his chest.

“Yeah, give me a minute. This is smaller than a plane, you can see out of it a little better” trembling a little.

He grabs my hand holding it then kisses me an I relax. As I am helped in, he gets in beside me then it takes off. I squeeze his hand hard. Once we are leveled out, I look out the window at the hotels watching as we fly over the water.

“How is this” kissing my hand softly.

“This is amazing, it is so pretty from up here” looking down at the water and people below.

We fly along the coast for while then turn back, the next thing I know we are going along the interstate looking at all the land and houses around the area. We finally turn around to go back to land. After we get out, the car takes us to dinner, then back to the suite for the night.

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