The Billionaire CEO

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Family Visit

The next morning, we wake up getting ready for our family to show up. Heading down to the restaurant to grab breakfast, he takes my hand and kisses it.

“I can not wait to see them. This is going to be a fun day with everyone coming to watch the race” bouncing on my toes a little bit.

“We use to come here for the races when I was a teenager. My brothers and I always looked forward to making a long weekend out of it. I am glad to be able to do some of the things we use to again” as we step off the elevator.

“You will just have to back off your work so we can start doing things like this more. If you have your own box, then we will have to come here when the races run” my heels click on the hardwood floors.

“I agree, I have missed this more than I realized” he kisses my cheek “You are going to help me do things that I need to get back into, I can see that now.”

We grab a seat giving our order to the waitress. Our food comes out shortly when Danny’s phone rings.

“Hello?” he answers it “Yeah, we just sat down and about to eat. Sure, see you soon” he hangs up. “They have landed, now are getting into the car, they should be here within fifteen minutes.”

We quickly eat then just as we finish, they walk in the lobby area. I jump up quickly walk over to my sister, she squeals as we hug each other in a bone crushing hug.

“Oh my god! I have missed you so much” as she squeezes tighter “Have you been enjoying yourself? I am so jealous of you” she punches me in the arm lightly.

“I told you that I will take you places soon. When the doctor clears you to do things like they have been, we will travel to do all kinds of exciting things” Cory grabs her pulling her away.

The guys kiss me on the cheek while I hug all three of them.

“Hey sis” Cory looks at me with a smile “How is married life to my brother working out? Have you tamed him yet?”

“Ha, ha!” Danny punches his arm “I have never needed to be tamed by a woman. I think you have me confused with Steven over there. He is the wild one.”

“Am not” he dodges an arm punch “I just know how to have a good time thank you.”

“Hello beautiful” his dad hugs me tightly “How are you doing today?”

“I am fine. He has kept me busy but I have really enjoyed our time together” kissing his cheek.

“So you actually left the bedroom?” Steven pokes at his brother “He has not locked you in there with him this entire time not letting you leave?”


“OW! That hurt dad!” as his hand flies to the back of his head.

“Stay our of that. It is none of your business what they do on their honeymoon. Anyway, they have been posting pictures all over social media about their fun times they have been having. Loved the pictures of the safari animals, so I see that you really enjoyed that” his dad points at some of the pictures on his phone.

“I did” as we look through his phone “That was amazing. Just to see them roaming around like that was absolutely wonderful” as we head towards the elevator.

“Cory said we are going to a lot of the places you guys went when I am cleared” she grabs my arm “I can not wait to see them.”

“Make sure he does the private tours with you also. I really enjoyed that” swaying our hips bumping into each other.

“I see you called Ron to arrange that tour huh?” Steven looks at Danny.

“Yes, we really enjoyed it a lot. He was very nice taking us all over the closed off areas. Showed us what all goes on where regular visitors can not see” he adds.

I sideways glace at him “Another friend huh?”

“We have friends along with tons of connections everywhere” Cory lays his hand on my shoulder when we are in the elevator “Sea World, Disney World, at all kinds of resorts. Some we have met on business trips, others we went to school with. Just depends on where we go, who we can call to ask for a favor or to arrange something we would like to do.”

I snort “I should have known that people in your position could have pull like that. I guess when you deal with a lot of people all the time, then you get to know all kinds of people from different places.”

“Having business connections is a nice thing to have” Allen says as we get out “It helps a lot in the long run.”

“Come on girl” Bailey pulls me towards the door of our room “Show me around this place for a few minutes. I want to talk while catching up, then we can look around the place going outside to watch the beach while we talk. I also want you to walk the grounds with me, I saw a fabulous pool when we come in. This place is amazing.”

I show her the room then she drags me out to the elevators wanting to see the grounds. She basically shoves me back into the elevators wanting to go walk around but something does not feel right about all of this.

“Bailey, stop!” trying to twist out of her hands around my waist “Quit pushing me.”

She does not even when we get out on the lobby floor as she drags me to the pool. I grab the door frame to stop her.

“That is enough” wedging myself to a halt “Why are you so desperate to get me out of that room?”

“I want to look around, I want to.....” cutting her off, I hold my hand up.

“No you don’t” looking at her with hard eyes “What is going on? You got me out of that room so they could talk about that woman and the contract didn’t you?”

She drops her head and sighs. Her keeping secrets from me has never worked “Cory and his dad asked me to get you out of the room. They needed to talk, yes it is about that.”

“I told him he was not going to worry or talk about that while we were on our honeymoon. He promised” trying to turn back around to head back to the room.

She grabs my arm tugging me back towards her “It is just an update, they found something in the contract they needed to discuss with him. They needed to talk to him asap about it too.”

“It that why everyone came down here to the races today” my blood is starting to boil.

“No, no” she reassures me with her gentle eyes “We were coming anyway. They just needed to talk to him plus I really wanted to look around so I said I would get you to take me around the grounds” she slumps against the wall in defeat.

“Do you know what they found out?” pulling her back up.

“No” she shakes her head sadly “They are not saying anything. Just that their lawyers are working extremely hard on it and that they need to do something about it immediately.”

“I want to know why in the world is this happening now? Why not when he put that add out or even before?” throwing my hands up in defeat myself.

“It’s a rich people’s thing. Cory said families will do it to grow stronger, also to get richer. I know they do not need the money at all, but it is what they do to combine families for better relationships and things like that” her eyes have gone a little sad.

I lay my hand on my stomach while looking at her “I know our child will not be subjected to that. I will make sure of it.” We start to walk out to the pool area.

She looks at me while raising an eyebrow “Allen said it was done before the boys were even born. It was like a per-nuptial agreement, if he had a son then the other had a girl they would arrange the marriage or vise versa. They would be married to combine the families or some crap like that. He said it was stupid.” She looks at my hand “Are you already pregnant?”

“Not to my knowledge” looking her over “Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, the treatments are going good. I should be able to have the tumor removed in about two months according to the doctor” her smile is worth every bit of this that I am going though.

“That’s good. I am glad about that” I sit down in a chair motioning for her to join me “So, how are things going with you two?”

“Wonderful” as she plops down in a lounge chair that is in a shady area of the pool “He is amazing, I am really starting to fall for him. He is a big teddy bear really once he drops that business face and attitude, he is very sweet.”

“You know, Danny is the same way” turning my chair towards her “When you get him to drop his defensive work face, he is very caring along with being sweet also.” Just then, my phone rings as Danny tells me to come to the room. We will be leaving shortly to get to the track. “Come on” getting up from the comfy chair “We are going to be leaving soon, they need us to get back up there since they are done.”

“Cory told me we will also be meeting some of the drivers. They have pit passes for us” looping her arm around mine.

I roll my eyes while shaking my head. I should have figured as much. “That sounds like fun, come on before he calls me again or sends out a search party to find us.”

We walk back inside, get in the elevator then walk back into the room. As we enter, I can feel the tension in there is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I shiver at the feel of it but it does not make me feel better at all.

“You ready love?” his smile does not reach his eyes as I see there is something wrong “The car is ready for us.”

“Yes” trying to make it better a little “Let’s get going, Bailey is very excited about this.”

He grabs my hand so we can walk down to the limo. We all get in, I can still feel the heat radiating off him. I want to know so bad but am afraid to ask. Trying to smile and loosen the tension but I can tell they are not in the best of moods. My heart drops at the looks on his faces, it is sad, cold and fierce all tangled up together so I just keep to myself as we head out to the track.

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