The Billionaire CEO

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A Day At The Race

Some time later we arrive at the track when the limo pulls up to the entrance, we all go up to his private, corporate box. It is very nice where we can see the track very well.

“How often do you get to use this?” looking around at the huge space that is big enough to hold at least two hundred people if not more.

“Whenever we come down here, they don’t rent it out. We will be the only ones in here today, plus the bartender will be here shortly before the race begins. Otherwise, other companies bid on using this box because it is the biggest and best one here. Highest bidder gets it of course” Cory says as he sweeps his arm across the humongous area.

“I love it, at least we will be comfortable in here. Lots of nice places to sit” running my hands over a very expensive couch.

Danny grabs my hand then pulls me towards the door “We can go to the pits for a couple of hours to talk to the drivers, then we will come back up here so we all can get settled in before the race”.

We walk out going down to the track as each of us have our pit passes on.

“Eeek!” Bailey is bouncing as we walk “I am so excited. This is living the dream.”

“This is where I can say ‘Stick with me and I’ll show you things you never thought was possible’ without sounding too cheesy?” Cory flashes a smile at her.

“Ugh!” shivering in disgust “Worst pick up line ever.”

“It worked with her didn’t it baby?” he pecks her lips.

“He told you that?” looking at her in shock.

“Yes” she giggles “Many times when we go out to lavish places walking right in. The looks we get when we are taken straight back is not nice but he said I would get use to it.”

“I can see where this would be exciting to someone who does not get to do it whenever they want” Allen’s voice is quite but nice “My boys were brought up in this, but love to share their world with people they love.”

“I can tell you it is a very different lifestyle from what we are use to. It is very nice to have this now” patting Allen’s arm softly.

Bailey pipes up “It is nice to be able to get things without worrying if you can afford it or not.”

Cory kisses her temple “I told you that whatever you want you get love.”

“Love?” stopping very quickly staring at them “When did this happen?”

“Just over the last few days” she blushes hard “We have been talking about our future dreams along with what we would like in life. Just recently we have really started talking about the deeper things in the last couple days.”

We start walking again “Like I said, as long as you are happy, then I am good with it. Just make sure your ready, I think you are still a little young.”

Cory steps up beside me quickly “I am not going to pressure her into anything. She will let me know when she is ready for future things, plus I am a very patient man.”

We walk across the track to the pits area. They introduce us to tons of drivers, their teams as they give us autographs. A lot of the drivers seem to know the guys very well, we walk down the rows looking at the cars up close where I see a few of the cars with their company’s name on them. Should have figured they sponsored some of the teams, then we go to walk back up to the room for lunch comes in.

“Hell yeah!” Cory fist pumps in the air “Ribs, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans and macaroni and cheese. I will have a rum and coke bartender.”

“Whiskey here” Steven raises a finger.

Allen nods “Jack Daniels please.”

“Scotch” Danny pipes in.

“Pepsi for me please” since I can not have any alcohol.

“Mountain Dew for me please” Bailey raises her hand like she is in school.

The workers go getting our drinks then we sit down to eat an amazing lunch that they serve us. Everything is so good as it is hot, fresh and mouth watering.

“So, all in all, everything going well back home?” Danny says as he wipes barbecue off his mouth.

“The business has been doing fine” his dad says “I am still happy that you have enjoyed yourselves so far.”

“The first beach house was so nice. It was beautiful” setting my drink down.

“Wait until you see the other places he owns. The Tucker island has a huge house on it” Steven’s eyes sparkle.

“I will take you there another time. That is our private island with a ton of things to do just for us only” he looks at me with his eyes dancing.

“What goes on when you are not there? Could that be where we could do a family getaway with all of us?” looking around the table.

Allen smiles big “I am liking you more and more here young lady. You are full of ideas of wanting the family to go on bonding trips.”

“That is how we were brought up” pointing between Bailey and myself “To cherish family members while trying to do bonding things with them. Since I am now a member of the family and Bailey will be eventually, just thought it would be nice to go on some things together.”

“We have gotten so tied up in the business that all of us have strayed from things that we need to do with each other. We can go to the island giving the people that work for us something else to do other than just keep it up until we decide to visit once in a blue moon” Steven sits up in his chair.

“Yes, we all have lost that focus on what we needed to be doing and not what our lives was suppose to be about” his dad pats my hand.

“I always enjoyed those times” Cory takes a swig of his drink “We would go places, just have a good time as a family. Big boy there would actually act like a teenager instead of a business boy. It was about the only time he actually relaxed and had fun” he throws a roll at Danny.

“Hey!” batting the bread away “I was fun to be around.”

“You were a stiff ass bruit” Steven punches his arm hard “Always wanted to do work and nothing else. We tried to get you to play with us but you never wanted to. Looking at spreadsheets, how to improve this or that.”

“I never stopped him on those measures, but you really did have a lot of time with me learning everything” his dad leans forward over the table looking at him.

“Yeah, I know” rubbing his arm where he got punched “Now I can slow down some while enjoying life the way I need to.”

“Yes you can” his dad gives him a hard look “You have a wonderful life now, a wonderful woman to help you down that long road of life. She will always support you and be there for you.”

I blush then look out the window. Danny kisses me making me melt into him, he has become my everything that I thought I would never have.

“I love you with everything I am. Nothing will come between us and I always will love you” he kisses me again.

“I am the same. I love you with all my heart.” as our lips brush against each other “I will stand by you and support you in everything I need to.”

“Get a room guys” Cory puts his finger in his mouth like he is gagging.The race begins shortly after we finish eating so we watch it from the box. Bailey and I talk, catching up with everything going on with her. They guys talk among themselves while the race goes on. When it is finally over, we head out to explore around Daytona’s city and downtown area.

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