The Billionaire CEO

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Beach Time

After shopping for a few hours, we take them back to the plane. I hug all of them then watch as they board it, we stand there waving at them as they take off back towards home. When the plane can no longer be seen in the sky we head back to the hotel for the night.

“Tomorrow we will go to the beach to spend some of the day there or all day if you want. I do not have anything planned for us as of right now” kissing me as we enter the room.

“That sounds nice. I do not know if we can stay all day or not. Depending on the sun, I can burn. I get sun poisoning if I do” flinching at the thought of getting that again.

“I will get us an umbrella if you need it. Please let me know whatever you want to keep you from getting sick or burnt” rubbing my shoulders.

He wraps his arms around my waist then kisses me slowly, he deepens the kiss. I am pulled flush against him while he grinds himself on me. I groan loudly as he sweeps me up in his arms, then my clothes are off in a flash, so are his. He lines up while kissing my neck then slowly pushes in deep. We both groan loudly as he makes love to me again and again several times over the evening. After the final round, we grab a quick shower then pass out for the night.

From Danny’s Point of View

I wake up the next morning with my beautiful wife wrapped around my body. This woman has become my life; everything I’ve never thought I would find. I will do everything I can to keep her as mine. Slowly getting up, I unwrap her from me while she makes a small groaning sound, gently kissing her forehead then go to the bathroom. When I am done, heading to the small office that is in this room, I sit down in the chair after pulling on a pair of shorts. Picking up the contract my dad gave me yesterday, my eyes slowly read over it carefully. This is the contract that her lawyers have produced on this problem. It states that the eldest son of the family will be betrothed to the eldest daughter of the two families. Our lawyers are getting their hands on the contract that my dad had sealed away so they can compare it. According to this one, it says that the couple must be married by the time the eldest child of the two families turns twenty-seven. I am three months from turning that age but it also states that if either of the parties does not comply with the contract, the other party will get half of everything the non-compliant party has. Shit! That’s not going to happen. I refuse to give some random woman over five hundred million dollars along with half my properties because of the time and money that I have spent to accrue what I have along with way to much time accumulating everything that we own now. There must be a way out of this, some kind of solution has to be found. Refusing to give up my life as it is right now, I have a wonderful woman that I love, a child that might be on the way. My whole life that I want is right here in front of me now, I will not loose it over some stupid bitch that waited until after I was married to come forward trying to stake a claim on this.

“Baby” her voice rings out through the empty hall “Are you in here?”

I look up at my wife standing there in nothing but her robe. God! She is the sexiest thing I have every seen. I put the paper back in my briefcase while smiling at her.

“Yeah, I am good” looking at her body under that robe “Just looking over that stupid contract.”

Her face falls as she tears up. I get up and grab her, pulling her close to my body, that expression lets me know this has to be eating her alive inside. Hell, it is doing it to me.

“Nothing is going to come between us” she has started to sob a little” You hear me? I will make sure of it, this I promise you.”

“I’m scared” as her sobs get worse “What if there is no way to get out of it?”

“There is always a loophole, love” bringing her chin to look at me “Our lawyers are the best in the business, trust me when I tell you they will find it hell or high water, it will be done.”

She kisses me but I can tell she is just not into it like she normally is. Grabbing her, we go into the living room area where I pull that robe off to show me her beautiful, naked body. My boxers are off as I pick her up and push her against the wall hard. Lifting her butt, she wraps her legs around me so I can slide inside her slowly pumping in and our of her. She moans loudly making me capture her lips as she kisses me with fire and passion. I was hoping this would help take her mind off that, thankfully it does. Pulling her off the wall, we go to the couch where I make love to her for over an hour. We switch positions, even try some new ones that we both moan and groan about. When we are finished coming down off our highs, I get up to order breakfast.

“Let’s grab a shower while we wait then we can get ready for the beach” kissing her on her nose.

We grab a shower to where not long after, our food is being delivered. Soon we are dressed to go to the beach so we head out to enjoy the morning together.

“Can we go somewhere for lunch?” she squeezes my hand “I am craving seafood like crazy again.”

I look at her while chuckling “Of course, what ever you want love” thinking she may already be pregnant because of her high seafood cravings.

When we get to the beach, I see covered lounges that you can rent so I get one that will help with keeping the sun off her. They look like a bed but have two cushioned lounges with the top being covered in a white fabric.

“Is this fine with you baby?” as we get settled on them.

“Yes, this is perfect. Just what I need to keep from burning” she stretches out on the lounge beside me.

“I am going for a swim, join me if you want to” as I set everything down.

“I will shortly” her tone sounds sleepy “Can you put this sunscreen on me before you go please?”

“Of course” taking the bottle out of her hand “Roll over on your stomach so I can do your back first.”

I rub the lotion in over her soft, smooth body. God! If we were not on the beach, I would take her again. My dick twitches as I think of other things trying to get myself under control. She rolls over onto her back where I apply it to her front. Damn, this is worse than doing her back. Ugh! Now I have a raging hard on. When I am done, I kiss her quickly heading to the water. I hope this will help get my mind back where it has to be. I swim for a little while when I feel a pair of arms wrap around me making me smile.

“Hello handsome, miss me?” she jumps on my back.

I pull her around to my front chest to kiss her deeply and she wraps her legs around my waist. FUCK! My hard on is back in full force again. I slip my fingers into her and she moans, then looking around, since we are in water up to our chest, I pull my dick out sliding into her.

“Oh My God!” she about screams out.

“Shhhh” putting my finger over her lips “We don’t want people staring at us now do we? You are going to have to keep quiet.”

I slowly pump in and out of her at first then pick up the pace. Shortly we cum together making sure I kiss her to swallow her scream. My body shudders as I release hard inside her while she looks at me with that perfect smile that makes me just melt into her. This woman is all I need in my life, she is absolutely perfect in every way possible. She will be by my side until we both are old, gray and on our deathbed together. If she goes first, I will die behind her because I do not think I could go on without her in my life.

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