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A Day of Fun

We get out of the water collecting our things as we head back towards the room for our showers. He carried me back to the hotel refusing to set me down. We both have showers then get dressed to go eat. I have been craving seafood more and more lately.

“Do you have a love with seafood” he sarcastically says “You have been eating a lot of it on our trip so far. Is it anything I need to be concerned about?”

“I do love seafood. I guess being so close to the ocean on this trip has just enhanced those cravings” not quite ready to admit that I could be pregnant.

“I think it might be more than that but we will give it a little more time until we figure out if it is just more than a regular cravings” his eyes flick down to my stomach for a second.

“Are you trying to say with all this sex that we have been doing for the last two weeks that you may have gotten me pregnant?” trying to act surprised.

“Maybe” he rubs my stomach lightly “Cravings seem to come with that. We will get you tested after the honeymoon but now I want to focus on us having the time of our lives on this. One year we can look back on this while talking about it as one of the best times of our lives.”

“I have really enjoyed myself so much so far, this can definitely be said that this could be one of the best times of my life. You are so full of surprises that I never know what you have in store for us” cupping his face with my hand.

He grabs me kissing me hard as we walk out the door heading to the restaurant that is down the road but overlooks the ocean.

“I saw this when I was looking up places to eat around here. This is very nice, I love eating right on the beach like this” as he gives our name to the hostess.

She guides us to an outdoor area with railing but the beach is only a few feet away from us.

“Yeah, it is wonderful. I really like this one, look how it sits right here almost on the water” looking at where the sand reaches the water a few feet from us.

We sit down the shortly our drinks and food order are taken. I look at him as he looks so relaxed now.

“We will be leaving tomorrow to go to Miami for the remainder of our trip. This has gone by so fast that I have to admit, I am not ready to go back yet” as he scopes out the landscape around us.

“I have to say” looking at his handsome face “ that I also hate the vacation has to end. It has gone by way to fast for me.”

His eyes return to mine now they are full of life and happiness “We will definitely have to take another one before our child is born. I want to go to our private island once you can enjoy it without chasing a child around.”

“I would love that” taking a deep breath of the ocean breeze “when the child comes, it will be harder to go places. We will have to have a nanny to help when we do go. If we want a date night or something, we can go after the baby is asleep or down for a nap.”

“Or my brothers, parents and your sister could watch our child for a few hours. I have a few people that I have been looking at that would fit perfectly into the nanny job” his hand lays on top of mine.

Not long after that, our food comes out, I look at the huge spread that is on my plate. I have oysters, a whole crab, shrimp of all kinds, lobster and a salad. He has a steak, lobster, fries and carrots.

“Your meal looks really good” nodding at my plate.

“So does yours, I may snatch that lobster though” eyeing it on his plate.

“You have your own” as he cradles his plate towards him “Do not touch mine, I wanted steak and lobster, you got what you wanted.”

I laugh at him as he pulls his plate further away from me then he looks at me with a wide grin.

“Let’s start eating. I have a few places that I found on my phone that I want to visit before we leave” as he takes his first bite of steak.

We start eating noticing the food is delicious. I eat everything that is on my plate, so does he. The bill is paid then we walk back to the car, as soon as we are settled in takes off for the first thing he wants to do.

“This is one of the things I found you can do here and I wanted to do it” he points out the window.

“We are going on one of those?” looking at what he is pointing at.

“Yes, I have always wanted to do this and now we are” his smile is back in full force.

We get out and walk over to where you can rent cars at. He pays for an red looking t-bucket, we slide into the car then takes off down the street and onto the beach where it allows the cars to drive on. I squeal a little as we slowly drive up the beach.

“I take it this was not something you were expecting huh?” he says as we go slowly down the sand.

“No, I did not know you could rent cars to drive on the beach, this is amazing” holding my arm out the side of the car.

We cruise for over an hour up and down the beach, it is so enjoyable to watch the people looking at us in a funny way but a lot of them waved while giving us thumbs up.

“One last place, then we will go to the pier after it” as we climb out of the car.

He turns the car in, we walk down the boardwalk. I am lead down the boardwalk and we stop in front of a huge ferris wheel.

“This is the last place I wanted us to go before we leave. We will go to the pier to eat supper before we leave to go back to the suite for the night” walking to the ticket booth.

“I might not be able to eat a huge dinner. I am still stuffed from lunch” as I am looking up at this massive wheel.

“We can eat light for the night. That pier has really good food, if we need to we can split a plate” handing the tickets to the worker.

“Sounds good” as we step into a VIP enclosed bucket “I love ferris wheels, this is going to be so much fun.”

The one he bought is solid glass all the way around. You can see out of the bottom as you go up. I am busy looking around at all the sights as we climb to the top. It stops where we can see over the entire area that we are at and looks like the ocean goes on forever.

“You look absolutely beautiful right now. You look so relaxed plus enjoying this so much” he smiles at me tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

I pull my phone out to take pictures of us with the ocean in the background. When I put my phone back in my purse, he kisses me passionately then deeply but when we pull apart, he looks at me with so much love in his eyes.

“I just can not get enough of you. I could just cuddle with you all night with never leaving the bedroom” as he pulls me close to him

The wheel starts back going again as we go around two more times. I snuggle into his arms while leaning into his chest as the wheel continues on its course. When it stops, we get off walking to the pier then walking out to the end, we stand there listening to the waves lapping at the legs as my hair barley blows in the soft breeze. He wraps his arms around me kissing my neck.

“I might have to buy a house here for us. It is so peaceful plus I really like it here” his breath tickles my ear.

“I do to, this is a nice place to come and get away. I also love that is is at the track. We will have to come down here when the races happens, we could make is a long weekend if we wanted to” placing my arms on top of his.

“I really did enjoy talking to the drivers and watching the race. I have not enjoyed that in a long time” he nibbles on my ear.

We stand there for awhile then walk into the restaurant. They lead us to a seat where we order a plate to split.

“I just can not believe we have done so much in so little time” he grabs my hand “We will have to do a longer vacation next time in one place” rubbing his thumb over my knuckles.

“I don’t mind moving around like this either, just makes it more fun. We get to do more and see more like this than just staying in one place the entire time” shivering at his touch.

“Yeah, but it is nice to stay in one place for awhile also, we missed out on a lot of things at the other places” smirking at me cause he knows what he is doing to me.

“I can see it being nice just to stay somewhere for a week or so, not jumping around so much” trying to pull my hand away.

He holds on tighter “We will have to try it another time. There are other places I want to go and we will stay there for a long time, at least a week or more.”

“T-That would be nice” trying to hold my voice from cracking to much.

I am saved by our food coming out as we each get what we want to eat. I can not eat much but I do eat some shrimp along with a few crab legs.

“That was good” as he shoves his last plate away from him “Now, let’s get back and have one last good night in the suite before we leave.”

He pays the bill grabbing my hand as we walk back to the car again.

“Oh?” I look at him seductively “What do you have in mind love?”

“Making sure you scream my name a few times tonight while I am buried so deep in you is what I have been wanting you most of the afternoon. If there was not so many people on that ferris wheel, I would have taken you in that bucket. You would have been riding me while we were riding it” his heated gaze is on me.

“Jeez” I say as I snap my fingers “That sounds like it would have been fun to try” laughing at his heated look.

He catches my face kissing me hard.

“I think it would have been. Having sex on that while it moved would have been an adventure. I could buy the whole thing out and we could try it” he wiggles his eyebrows.

“No” shaking my head “I have had enough of going around and around. Let’s just head back to the suite to do the other screaming for the night.”

He drags me to the car then after we arrive, he rushes me up to our room. Our clothes are off in no time while he shoves himself into me hard and deep. He keeps his promise where he has me screaming his name in no time as he slams into me hard, fast until he releases inside me hot and deep.

“I love you so much baby. Your mine now and forever” he whispers in my ear.

“I love you so much too. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you” nibbling on his ear making him shudder.

“I am looking forward to you keeping that promise, I will keep mine” as he finally pulls out laying down on the bed.

We curl up into each others arms falling asleep for the night.

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