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Living It Up in Miami

The next morning we wake up then have another round of making love, we just can not seem to keep our hands off each other. He takes me to the shower then we get ready, after out clothes are on we start packing our clothes, calling for a bellhop then go check out around eleven. The bags are toted to the car where we head out to the plane. When we get there, we load taking off shortly afterwards to our last stop.

“Last stop before we head home” I say with sadness in my voice.

“Yeah, I think you will love this one though” he smiles at me.

We fly for a short time again befor landing. We get in the car as it takes us to our last stop on our honeymoon. We pull up at a beautiful beach house this time that has a couple of yachts.

“Wow! This is beautiful, I absolutely love this one” taking in the huge house that also has the boats docked behind it.

“Good” he says with a huge smile “This is my newest buy that I just bought three days ago. It went into foreclosure plus it was such a good deal, I bought it, there was no way I could not pass it up. The bank called me then sent pictures of it when I told them I was in the hunt for a beach house in Florida. I told them that we wanted it and we got it. Surprise!”

“It is beautiful. I love how it is right on the water like that” looking at the massive place “Are the yachts ours too?”

“Yes, they were included for an extra price of course but the package deal was amazing so I got it so the family can come down here, go out into the ocean when they want. I have the old captains information to where we will be calling him here shortly” he grabs my hand as we exit the car “Let’s have a look around shall we.”

We go to the door where it has one of those coded locks on the door. He punches in the numbers pulling the keys out that are inside the box. Inserting the key, we walk into a grand house walking into the living room area that is huge, we continue through it coming into a beautiful white kitchen with a huge island and bar, seven bedrooms each with their own bathroom. Of course he has a huge office, the back patios look out over the channel that leads to the ocean, a huge double in ground pool with infinity edges on it all sitting on five acres of land.

“I like this place” as he looks out over the pool area “The pictures do it no justice. It is absolutely perfect for what I was looking for.”

“What were you going to do with it? Rent it out while we are not down here?” wondering how much it could go for.

“No” as he intertwines our fingers “This one will just be here when we come back at least once a month. I love Miami so we will be coming down here a lot.”

“This house is one of my favorites so far, it is big enough for all of us and we can grow into it with our kids” kissing him deeply.

We walk back in then take our time walking though the entire house looking at how well it is built plus where everything is. When we get done, we move outside looking at each boat that is tied up. Both are massive and very high end boats, checking out each one they have hot tubs, bar area, massive sleeping quarters, huge party decks, living and seating areas down below. The master bedroom on each are huge with a massive bathroom to. Each boat has four bedrooms in it along with a small office in each one of them.

“The crew will be here tomorrow to take us out. The bank said they would call to let them know that a new owner has bought the place but they are still needed to run and care for these boats.” running his hand along the railing slowly.

“These are amazing, I can not believe you got all of this for us” sitting down on a very nice couch cushion that lines the wall.

“So, I take it you like it?” looking at me with those eyes that I love to see.

“Like it” I jump into his arms “I love it.”

We walk back into the house seeing what we need to buy to stay there. We go shopping for sheets, dishes, silverware and other household items that we have to have. We get back to the house getting everything put where it needs to be.

“I will have to hire someone to look after the place while we are not here. Also hiring some cooks for when we decided to come down for awhile also.”

“I do not mind going out to eat though, we don’t need a cook for every house. I can cook myself you know” elbowing him in in side.

“Not while you are married to me you will not” he smacks my ass hard “You should know better than that.”

“Ow! Point taken baby” rubbing my now stinging ass.

We finish up then go out to a very nice restaurant for the night. We come home to get ready for bed. As soon as my head hits the pillows, I am gone for the night.

The next few days fly by as we take each boat out for a cruise enjoying the sunset each night with one of them. The staff are very nice and pleasant to be around. They are just happy to have their jobs back but it does not interfere with their attitudes. Before we know it, it is time to get packed back up to head home. This entire vacation has flown by way to fast for both of us.

“God!” shoving the last bit of clothes in my suitcase that I am taking home with me “I do not want to leave. I have enjoyed this so much. I just can not believe that two weeks have gone by so fast now.”

“It has been very nice” he is sifting through his closet for the last few items he is taking “This is the most relaxed I have been since I was a teenager. Thank you for bringing me out of my shell to slow down so that my body along with my mind can enjoy life the way it needs to be lived.”

We finish with our bags as they are put in the car one last time. He locks up the house setting the alarm before we take off. We arrive at the airport to board the plane one last time. As we take off, I sigh because I am sad about leaving as he looks at me and smiles.

“It will be fine, we will be back before you know it. I promise. The workers will keep the place up while we are gone” running his finger down my face.

We land hours later then head back to the house. After we are settled in, the front doorbell rings. Just then the butler opens the door, a beautiful woman walks into the house. I look at her wondering why she is here.

“Hello baby” she walks up to Danny throwing her arms around his neck “I am so glad that you are home. I have been waiting for over a week for you to come home to me.”

My mouth drops open while Danny looks like a deer caught in headlights.

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