The Billionaire CEO

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How Did you Find Me?

“What are you talking about sis? How in the world are your getting married? You went for a job interview” she asks in a very surprised tone.

“So you didn’t explain the details of the job to your sister?” He asks while looking at me shocked.

“No, because I didn’t think I would get it and after what you said, I was positive that I was not even in the running for it” crossing my arms while talking in a hushed tone.

“Get your things together and we will discuss all the details on the way to our house. I will answer any questions you or your sister may have” he says in a hurried tone to try and rush us out of the house immediately before he gets any dirt on him.

I look at him and stand there stone still. It feels like I can’t move, my feet feel like they weigh thousand pounds.

“Cory, go get their belongings and load them up. We need to be back at the house in an hour” he says as he turns around to his brother that just walked in the door.

“No! I’ll get my own items” Bailey squeaks out as she rushes to her room.

I sigh dropping my arms turning around towards my room. Gathering my clothes throwing them in an old bag that is in my closet because we don’t have a suitcase and not a ton of clothes either. Maybe about twenty outfits in all. Most are from the donation stores that we shop at on Sundays since they have all their clothes marked down to fifty cents. I hear a low voice coming from the front of the house.

“Her sister is beautiful man” I hear Cory’s voice flow down the hall and into my room.

“Yeah, you would be looking wouldn’t you?” I hear Danny say back in a snarling tone.

“I have eyes just like you. They both are very pretty” he says in a lower voice.

“You know the arrangement man, don’t get attached” Danny says gruffly.

“That’s your motto, not mine. I’m free to find true love then marry for it. I don’t have to buy a woman to have children for me. I can find one on my own having a good life with a beautiful woman” he says in a very firm voice.

“I don’t want the emotional attachment of a woman. I just want an heir to take over the company one day. Raise it as my own the way I want to without a woman interfering with me and my ways” he says in a flat tone.

“Your doing it wrong man. Having a strong woman by your side, helping out with everything is what a true relationship is about. You do it your way, I will do it mine” Cory chimes back.

“Thank you” Danny says in a upbeat voice.

“I’m just saying that you were very impressed with her after your meeting. You said no one else was like her plus the way she stood up to all of us massively impressed you” Cory says in a soft voice.

“So? She was the only virgin we interviewed, that was one of the main things I was looking for” he said in a very mean tone.

“What does that matter? Why does your wife have to be that?” Cory asks.

“I’m not having a child born of a woman that has been with god knows how many men. I want my child born of a pure woman that has only had sex with me and me only” Danny fires off.

“If your going to have sexual relations with this woman, how do you know you won”t fall for her?” Cory asks.

“I can cut those emotions off. I don’t fall in love and you know that” he says.

“I don’t believe that. We will see then” Cory says in a joking tone.

We walk back into the room with our old bags then follow the men out to the waiting limo.

“Put them in the trunk, then let’s get going” he says as he points to the open trunk.

We nod placing the bags into the trunk. The driver closes the trunk lid as we climb inside the lavish car.

“Wow! This is nice, I like this a lot” Bailey says as she slowly slides into the car that looks like it just was bought this morning.

Cory slides in beside her, watching her face as she blushes hard. He smiles at her as I take the back seat beside Danny.

“So, what questions do you have?” he asks as he looks at us.

“What are you talking about when you said you are getting married?” Bailey asks.

“Um....” I pause so I can see how I can put this to a eighteen year old.

“Your sister and I have a business arrangement where it requires us to be married” he says as he looks at her.

“So you have to be married to hire her in your company?” she asks with a shocked look on her face.

I cough and blush bright red. I shake my head but he continues anyway.

“Our business is that your sister gives me an heir to my business. In exchange, we get you the best treatment for your illness” he says as his eyes glint in the faint light inside the car.

“Wait? So she has to become your wife and have your baby?” her head snaps in my direction as she says this.

“Yes, you get the treatment that is needed to get rid of your illness with some of the best doctors and medicine that money can buy” he says as he smiles at her.

“You can say the name you know. Cancer, it doesn’t bother me. I’m in the early stages of it but have known about it long enough to where it doesn’t bother me anymore” she says as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Ok, I see you are very brave about this. I’m glad that the word doesn’t bother you so we can say it openly” Danny says.

“I know what I have. I have read up on the problems that it causes, even that I can eventually die from it” she says in a regular tone.

Cory chimes in and says “We have an appointment with the best doctor in LA tomorrow for you. We are going to get you in to get your treatments started immediately.”

She looks down at the floor of the car and says, “Oh, thank you so much. You don’t know what this means to me.”

“You welcome beautiful. We would do anything to save that pretty face of yours” he says as he lifts her chin with his finger.

She blushes hard again then he smiles really big.

Danny turns to look at me, “We will be married in three days, then you will have one year to produce me an heir. I have a contract written up for you to sign when we arrive at the house. After that, we will move forward with our agreement.”

Bailey snaps her head towards me glaring at me with those eyes of hers “We are going to have a talk when we get to this house sis. You never told me you were going to do this for my treatments.”

Danny chimes in “Along with a very nice payment at the end of the year contract.” He leans forward looking at Bailey with his elbows on his knees “You will also be very rich. It comes with a very big paycheck at the end of all this” he smirks as he says this.

She looks at him with wide eyes asking “How much are we talking about?”

“Ten million dollars. One year of marriage maybe two, one baby then a big, fat paycheck for both of you” he says point back and forth at both of us.

She furrows her brows looking at me while she asks this question “So my sister is selling you her body for treatments and a pile of money?”

“If you want to look at it that way, but you don’t have to. I see it as an opportunity to get what I want along with your sister getting what she wants. I get a child, she gets a sister who is healthy while being cured of her cancer along with a very lavish lifestyle” Danny shrugs like it’s no big deal.

“I guess if she’s fine with it, then I can be also. How come a year or two only?” She asks.

He answers in a light tone “I just need a child. I don’t want a wife to grow old with. My lifestyle is too complex to include a wife for a long period of time. I just need one to have my child, then she is a free woman.”

I jump in before anyone else can say anything. “I think I can handle that. One year or maybe two max with you then I’m free. No problem, I guess.”

We round a corner going down a very long driveway. Seeing how very upscale the houses are as we pass, I know we are in the very rich neighborhoods. We enter two huge iron gates with a guard shack on each side.

Bailey’s eyes go wide as she looks out the window “Oh my gosh! This place is massive.”

I look out the window in shock also “It is a very nice house.”

Danny looks at both of us and smiles “It’s one of many I own. This one is just here in the heart of LA where my business is. I have houses all over the world. We all live here in this one so it is easier for all of us.”

We pull up to a huge mansion that is a beige color that seems to stretch for miles. From the car, I can’t see the end of the house in either direction.

Danny holds out his hand for me “Come, I’ll give you a tour.”

We get out starting to walk into the front door of the house. The doors open reveling a beautiful grand staircase that is centered in the middle of a white tile floor with gold accents in it. We go to the right of the staircase into a huge dining area. It has a gold looking color to it. Set around it is twelve red velvet covered chairs with a gold look that are neatly pushed under. We leave there and walk through a massive archway and into a huge kitchen.

Danny looks at me while saying “This is where our cooks prepare every meal for us. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared.”

We leave the massive kitchen going down a long hallway, coming to a neat area that has a wrap around black leather couch across from a door.

Cory chimes in “This is our offices behind this door. We each have one down the hall there. Dad’s is the first one you come to on the right. Mine is the first left, then Steven’s is the next right while Danny’s is at the end of the hall on the left. This area is used for people who come here to talk to us” as he shows us where the people sit or can have drinks if they want.

We walk down another hall, they open the door to what looks like a miniature cinema room. I look at it and gasp. It has red velvet full size chairs, two on each side with four rows of the chairs. Also in the front is one of the biggest TV’s I have ever seen in my life. The guys chuckle as they guide us out of the room then down to a huge sitting area.

“You may sit here to read books if you would like. The library is right through that big brown door there” Cory smiles as he says it.

We walk some more, they open another door. Stepping into a huge game room, it has a pool table, ping pong table, Foosball table, all kinds of arcade games and even a two lane bowling alley. I smile as I look around, I use to love to play some of these when we had a little money to spare. The guys smile at us then we are led to the next area where we step outside onto a huge porch that overlooks the back yard. I look across the area seeing the house wrapped around a huge courtyard with a gigantic in ground pool. There is an upper level that has a small waterfall that cascades into the lower section.

Cory points across the courtyard “We have an outdoor eating or entertaining area over there under that open area of the house.”

We are guided back into the house then up another set of stairs. The house has at least three levels in it if not more. We walk down a hallway stopping in front of a huge gold looking door.

“This is my room” Cory says as he pushes the doors open. We walk into a huge room that is decorated with a gold tone and a huge 4 post dark brown bed near the windows on the other side of it. He has a gold looking comforter on his bed, a fireplace, at least 3 dressers, a huge walk in closet that holds all his suits along with some nicer clothing. When we walk into his bathroom it is also massive. It has a huge glass shower in the middle that he says is a massage shower, a very nice tub lines with gold tiles, a two sink vanity that seems to stretch forever.

Next we walk into Danny’s room that is just as big as Cory’s. It too has a gold color to it. He has a massive king size bed, with a black comforter that has gold diamonds in it. His room has a sitting area near a huge bay window adorned with very plush red chairs.

His bathroom is also huge with a glass shower over to the side along with a huge tub that looks like a spa tub. His bathroom is done in with gold and black accents in the floor then on the tiles around the tub and walls.

We are then taken to where Steven’s bedroom is, it also is a massive room done with gold color but is accented with a dark blue comforter. His bathroom is just as big as the others but has the dark blue accents in it.

We are shown a small breakfast area that we can use that is off to the right as we round the corner to be shown where our rooms will be.

“This one is Bailey’s” Cory says as he pushes the door open “I hope you like it.”

Her room has a huge round bed in the middle of the room with being done in a very nice pink accents. Her bathroom is done in the same gold as the others, just with the pink it it. She jumps up and down squealing as she looks at the massive size of it all.

“I take it you like it then huh?” Cory asks.

She nods her head as her eyes dance with excitement.

“Yours is right next to mine beautiful. So, if you need me, please come knock on my door” he says in smooth tone.

Danny looks at me then says “Now, I will show you yours until we get married.”

He takes me up some stairs going down another hall. He opens the door to my room, I gasp as I walk in. It has very high ceilings with a huge cut out in the middle of it. There is a very huge chandelier hanging over a bed that is accented in purple. We walk into the bathroom, it also has a huge glass shower to my left, a Jacuzzi tub right past it and a huge vanity with two sinks in it.

“This is beautiful. I absolutely love it” saying as I run my hands along the tiles on the counter top.“

Get settled in, I will be back shortly so we can go over the contract” he says as I follow him back out into the massive room. When he leaves, I pick up my bag that’s sitting on the floor in the bedroom then walk into the massive closet that is empty starting to put my clothes in the drawers and hanging up my dresses. I strip to take a shower washing off all the events from today off. It’s been a long time since I had a very nice, hot shower to take. Slipping into some cute but comfortable clothes, my body plops down on the sofa to watch a little TV until he comes back.

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