The Billionaire CEO

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Our New Home

After about thirty minutes, Danny knocks on the door so I open it. He looks at my clothes then sighs. He offers me his arm as I take it slowly.

“I know you have a lot of questions, I will answer all of them very shortly” he says as we walk down the long staircase.

He guides me through the maze of the house then we finally arrive back at the sitting area that has a large wooden door behind it. He opens the door so we can walk down the hall to the door that Cory said was his office. He opens it then we walk inside. He takes a seat at the huge desk as I sit in the black leather chair in front of it. His office is big but decorated with dark furniture. A dark cherry desk is what he is sitting behind with a huge leather chair. The shelves lining the walls are also a dark cherry. He takes out a stack of papers that are stapled together sliding them across the desk to me.

“This is the contract about our deal. Look it over before you sign it to see if there is anything you want to add or remove. We can negotiate if needed on some things but others we will not” he says locking his eyes on me.

I flip through the papers slowly reading what is in it. I take a pencil marking a few thing that I have questions about. When I’m done, I look back up at him.

“Ok, what can we talk about in there?” he says.

“This one right here that says I must be with you at all times basically. Even in the house?” I ask as I raise an eyebrow.

“That’s mostly for when we go out to functions. We will be attending many business events or balls so you will be required to stay with me during that time. When we are here, you are free to roam the house having full use of everything here that you want to do” he says as he taps the paper.

“That clears that up” I say as I flip to the next page “Next question, it’s about the wedding here”.

“Which one are you wanting to know about on that?” he asks.

“It says that it will be a small wedding. May I ask why?” wondering why someone with this much money would go small.

“I just wanted something little since this is only temporary. It will be just my family plus a few witnesses in a small church. No need to go big wasting money on something that’s not going to last” he says dryly.

My mind goes back to why I applied for this in the first place. I am just a host for him to have a child with.

“Then there’s this one saying that I will have sex with you whenever you require it?” I look at him with a shock look on my face.

“What’s wrong with that? We only have a few months to get you pregnant and then your nine to ten months to have the child. I’m willing to go a few months over a year but not over two at all. That will give us about a year of trying to get you pregnant. Our doctor will give you shots every week to help enhance your body to where it will be easier for you to get pregnant. That way our contract will become void as soon as the child is born then you can move on with your life and so can I” he says in a kinda chipper tone.

“Does this mean that if I’m walking down the halls when you grab me that I have to go with you right then to have sex?” looking back down at the thick contract in my hand.

“If you don’t have anywhere or anything important that you are doing at that time then yes. Most of the time will either be in the mornings or at night anyway. I do have a business to run at the building that you came to do your interview at. I work from here some but not all the time.” chuckling as he says this.

“What am I expected to do during the day while you are gone?” I ask while flipping through a few pages to make sure I did not miss anything.

“You can remain here. There is everything you want to do within this house. There’s an indoor heated pool also that I haven’t shown you yet. From the looks of your attire, you and your sister will also be going shopping to buy clothes that are required to be at this level of society” he says as he nods towards my worn clothing. His hands slide across the desk revealing a black card with my name on it. I look at it in shock.

“This is yours while we are married. It’s linked to my bank account so you have unlimited funds to buy what you want. You will need a wedding dress immediately. You and your sister will go tomorrow to shop for your dresses. My car will take you to a bridal shop that already has you an appointment at it. I want you in something sexy but also tasteful. She will need a bridesmaid dress too since she will be there with us” pointing to the card then me.

“Ok, so what happens after I get pregnant? Do we still have sex or is it your mission to get me pregnant then just stop?” I ask looking at the card.

“Most likely we will stop. There will be a slew of doctors and nurses that will take care of you daily during that time to ensure the child is developing correctly plus your health is also in good condition.”

“So as soon as the child is born, we will get divorced and go our separate ways?” asking as l put the card down.

“Yes, you will have the money put into a banking account, there will be paperwork to sign for the divorce, then you are free to go” talking with a flat tone.

“What if I want to go places? Like out to eat with my sister or to get something that I need for one of these functions?” wondering if I am to be a prisoner in his home.

“As long as you take a bodyguards with you, then I don’t have a problem with it”

“Bodyguards? Why do I need them for?” with a shocked look on my face.

“You are marring a very powerful and wealthy man. Once the press gets hold of this, your face is gong to be on every newspaper, magazine and social media site around. People will want to take your picture, ask questions along with all kinds of other things too. They will protect you from all of that” he says as he leans back in his chair to get something out of his desk. “Here is your new phone also. This way if you need me, you can call. If I don’t answer, I may be in a meeting but will call you back when I’m done. If there is a huge emergency, text 911. I will stop whatever I’m doing and call you immediately” as he slides a brand new Apple iPhone across the desk.

I look at the pages again taking a deep breath. Picking up a pen, it is then placed on the line where it requires my signature. I look up at him as he is watching me carefully.

“Last question, I know you already have the appointment for my sister to be checked on with her treatments started. She will be fully covered the entire time. Even after this is fulfilled?” I set the pen down while asking.

He nods “Yes, we will pay for her treatment and surgery completely.”

I pick the pen up again moving it over the line on the paper signing it. I close the papers back to the front page handing it over to him. He nods then puts it in a file, opens the desk as I hear a safe open. He shuts the safe then stands up.

“Come on, I know your tired. Let me help you back to your room” he says as he helps me up out of the chair.

“I want to check in on Bailey, Make sure she’s settling in good” as I stand.

He nods then puts his hand on the small of my back to guide me out the door, through the house. The touch is electrifying sending shivers through my body. He looks at me with a questionable smile.

“You cold?” he asks with a small smirk.

“Yeah a little” trying to hid the truth.

He looks at me with a smile knowing that I’m not telling the whole truth. Did he feel it also? Is he trying to get information out of me to let him know that I’m feeling the same way?

We stop in front of the room they gave her. “Here is her room. She is one flight down from you then three doors down on the left in case you need to find her on your own” he says.

I knock hearing scrambling for a few seconds as the she says “Come in.”

We walk in to see her sitting on the bed then Cory on the couch. Her hair is tousled some so I shake my head.

“Just checking in on you before I go to bed. Are you good?” asking while staring at her.

“Yeah, I’m good. This house is amazing. Cory took me on a quick tour just showing me more of what we didn’t get to see earlier. Also making sure I know my way around a little” as she blushes a little.

“Get some sleep sister, we have a big day tomorrow. We have to go shopping for clothes plus wedding attire. You also have your appointment” I nod at her on the bed.

She squeals. Danny gives Cory a look as he follows us out of the room.

“DON”T!” Danny says as the door shuts.

“What?” he asks in shock.

“I told you earlier about that” he says gruffly.

Cory stands to his full height looking at his brother “You know what, I really don’t care. I’m a grown man so my heart can do what I want.”

He storms off as Danny chuckles, he leads me back to my room.

“What time is our appointments tomorrow?” looking at him.

“The shop is opening at nine in the morning just for you two only. The driver will take you to the shop, then to lunch at one. They have a schedule to go by so when they say it’s time to go, then you go and don’t argue. Her appointment is at three” he tells me as he opens the door to my room

“Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you are doing for her” saying softly.

He looks at me with shock on his face.

“What? I can’t say thank you for everything your doing for us?” crossing my arm across my chest.

He shakes his head then we walk into my room.

“It was unexpected, that’s all” as he looks at me.

“Just because I wasn’t brought up in a rich lifestyle, doesn’t mean I don’t have manners” pointing at him while talking in a harsh tone.

“Yeah, I know. I guess I underestimated you, that’s all. Get some sleep. If you need me, then I’m down the stairs there second door on the right. Breakfast will be at seven so you can leave by eight thirty. The shop is about twenty minutes from here” he says as he makes his way back towards the door.

“Ok, and thank you again for everything” I say looking at his dark eyes.

He shuts the door so I get ready for bed. Laying down on the softest mattress ever falling asleep instantly.

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