The Billionaire CEO

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Meeting the Brothers

I wake up the next morning around seven grabbing a quick shower. After I’m finished then dressed for the day, I head down to the kitchen where there is a pleasant looking lady there cooking a huge breakfast. I try to help but she waves me off making me sit down. She places a huge plate of food in front of me. I haven’t seen this much food in a very long time. There’s eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and waffles.

“Good morning sister, sleep well?” Bailey comes bounding into the kitchen “I know I did, that is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.”

She plops down beside me while I smile at her. Her food is placed in front of her as her eyes are as wide as saucers.

“Yes” I say while yawning “The bed was amazing. It was the best one that I have slept on in a long time.”

As we sit there eating, the three brothers stride in, dressed in their best suits looking like they just come out of a salon. Their hair was in perfect shape, laid just right on their heads and didn’t look like one piece was out of place. They all smile as they sit down for breakfast to be served to them.

“So” Steven speaks up “Did you both sleep well?”

He wiggles his eyebrows at us making us laugh at his chipper mood this morning.

“I did, thank you. The bed were very comfortable” nodding my head.

“Mine too” Bailey says with her bubbly voice “I couldn’t believe that they made mattress that soft.”

Steven looks at her then asks in a teasing voice “Was there anything else that may have helped?”

Danny looks at him speaking in a low warning voice “Steven.”

“Damn man” Steven throws his hand up in surrender “Just kidding. I know that you haven’t popped that cherry yet.”

I choke on my juice as Danny’s eyes glare at his brother.

“Always the teaser huh?” Danny says in a flat tone “Watch what you say though, you know I can hurt you bad if I need to.”

Steven smiles “Yeah, you wish. You don’t work out like we do. Your always stuck behind that desk of yours.”

“Just because I don’t work out as much as you do, doesn’t mean that I can’t still kick your ass” he says with a smirk.

“Yeah, talk from a big boy with no backbone to act on” Steven teases again.

Within a flash, Danny has him in a headlock pressing him hard against the back of his chair.

“Fuck man” he sounds aggravated “Now I’m going to have to fix my hair again. You messed it up.”

Danny growls lowly “I told you to watch that smart mouth of yours didn’t I?”

He lets go sitting back down.

“Yeah, fine. Fuck man, why are you on edge today like this?” Steven asks as he runs his hand through his hair trying to fix it.

“I have a feeling that there are a ton of women standing in line again hoping to get another shot at today, we are going to have to run everyone off. Security is going to be very busy at the office this morning” he says with a blank look.

“We all agreed after she left yesterday that she was the one for you. Even you agreed without hesitation” Cory chimes in.

“Because she was the only virgin that came in” he growls “I got tired of telling all those women over and over again to get the fuck out because that was the one thing that I required of them.”

I’m sitting there listening to the brothers discuss this like I’m not there. My mouth is hanging open while I stare at them. Danny stops then looks at me after a few minutes.

“What?” he says in a harsh tone.

“Um, nothing” I say as I look down at the napkin in my lap “I was wondering why you really did pick me and now I know why. I was the only eligible candidate that hadn’t spread her legs for a man.”

He looks at me with a shocked look on his face then burst out laughing hard.

“That’s not the only reason” he says once he has caught his breath “There were other reasons too.”

I lean on my elbows and look at him in the eyes “Then what are they?”

His brothers cough hard but his eyes never leave mine.

“Virgins are easier to get pregnant than someone who has been with another man” he says in a nice tone.

“That’s a bunch of bullshit” I exclaim “It is all about the timing and if you hit the fertility period just right.”

The two brothers laugh out loud hard until they are crying.

“Man, she does have some balls” Cory says.

“Last time I checked, I don’t have that type of plumbing, thank you. Balls are for boys who think they are men when they have to pay someone to get their rocks off with” I say while looking him dead in the eyes.

All three guys jaws drop open as they just stare at me.

“Hey don’t ask if you don’t want to know the truth” with a shrug of my shoulder.

Danny clears his throat then picks back up where he left off.

“Also” he says “Your hair color was absolutely amazing. All the other women had blonde, fake blonde, brown, black or some type of unnatural color. They didn’t have a unique color that was natural. Plus your figure was right on the spot too. The other women had too big of breasts, butts, thighs or something was off about their figure. You have all the right curves in all the right places, your petite but still have a good build.”

“Yeah, the women all got so mad when he turned them down also” Cory chimes in again “You were the only one that didn’t leave crying or screaming. You marched out of his office with your head held high then wouldn’t even take the money for the surgery that we offered. That showed us that you were not a gold digger, you were not there for just his money.”

Steven looks at me and says “When you left, we all looked at each other and basically said ‘WOW’. He turned down every applicant just to see what their reaction would be. That told him that in their heart, they weren’t good enough to have his child. They were money hungry so that was all they were after. Your explosive temper also showed that you wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“I mean, all the women that showed up was there for the money right?” looking at the three of them.

“We are hoping that their might be more in the future with him” Cory corrects me “We are hoping that in time he will figure out he has a good woman by his side, hopefully he will want it to stay that way.”

“How did you know where I lived, remember my name, all of that information? I took out of the office with me.”

Danny smiles and looks at me “There were cameras above our heads in the ceiling. It took pictures when I pressed a button on the remote I had in my hand. It also recorded everything that happened in the office that day. I had a button that also flagged the videos if I wanted to. That way we could go back to the information immediately to see what we wanted.”

“But I saw your hands during the interview. They stayed on my folder” I say with my eyebrows rising into my hairline.

“He wasn’t the one with the remote. I had it but was watching very closely. He would give me hand signal or nod so I would push the correct button” Steven says.

“So you had like sign language thing you did to where the applicant wouldn’t know what you were doing?”

“Well yeah” Cory says “If they could see us looking at each other or doing things they would have acted differently.”

“I wanted to weed out those who were there just to be on the arm of the most powerful man in LA, if not the world. Some women are there just for the spotlight while others will do everything they can to make it look like a working relationship” Danny says as he steeples his fingers in front of him.

I drop my head “I know I don’t have the proper upbringing for that so how am I going to pull that off?”

“I have a tutor coming this evening that will work with you. You high academic skills should make you an easy person to teach. You catch on quickly correct?” Danny says as he looks at me with amusement.

“Yes, I am a fast learner” looking back at him.

He smiles “Then you should not have a problem with anything. You will learn correct eating habits, dances plus how to carry yourself in a crowd.”

Bailey raises her hand like she’s in class “Am I allowed to learn to?”

Cory smiles at her “Of course you can. I want you to have every opportunity that your sister has.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” she bounces in her seat a little.

They finish eating then go to leave.

“Don’t forget” Danny turns around to look at us “You have a very busy schedule today. Your ride leaves in fifteen minutes.”

With that, they walk out the door. We finish our juice then go out the door ourselves not far behind them. There is a black limo waiting for us. We get in as it whisks us away to our first shop.

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