The Billionaire CEO

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Shopping Time

The limo pulls up to a high end bridal boutique, the driver opens the door for us. As we climb the stairs, a very well dressed lady opens the door for us letting us in. She locks it when we are inside.

“You must be here for the Tucker appointment” she says with a smile.

“Yes mam” I answer polity “I am in need of a wedding dress and my sister needs a bridesmaid dress.”

She motions for us to follow her as we go to racks upon racks of very expensive dresses. We look through them but gasp at the prices that hang on the white tags that adorn the very elegant and fluffy dresses.

“Now, Mr. Tucker said that you can get whatever you want. You have an unlimited budget so let’s get you started with some to see what style you want to go with” she says as she flips through the racks pulling multiple dresses.

We walk to the dressing room that has a huge runway right outside the room. She helps me slip on the first dress. It is a mermaid style and is very tight. I step out looking in the mirror,

“No!” Bailey says “I don’t like that one, it’s too tight”.

I try on everything from mermaid, fit and flares to princess styles. I finally step out of the room with one that I absolutely love. I look in the mirror starting tear up, feeling so emotional right now because I hate the reason I’m really buying this dress. Just to secure a year or two worth of marriage for a child. I nod slowly then head back to the dressing room taking the dress off once I’m in there. Handing it to the consultant, I slowly put my clothes back on. Looking at the price tag, I can’t help but to shake my head as she picks the dress up to take the front counter.

“Finally, now it’s my turn. What color do you want me in?” Bailey is bounding over to the racks.

“I love a light teal green. We will try on multiple colors to see what looks the best on you. It also has to be modest according to Danny’s request” I tell her.

“I think I have some in mind that you will like” the consultant says.

She grabs multiple dresses taking Bailey to the same dressing room that I was in. I sit in the chair this time to watch as she parades around in all kinds of colors. We finally decide on one that makes her super excited about it.

“Yes!” she squeals “I absolutely love it.”

The consultant takes that dress, then comes back to us.

“Now we need a veil, headpiece, jewelry and shoes for both of you” she says as she heads to a different room.

We look for what seems like forever but finally settle on what all we need that matches our dresses. Going to the register, I cringe as she rings it all up. I hand her the card that Danny gave me, she looks at it and smiles. It has Tucker Enterprises on it along with my name as Tucker.

“So you are the lucky woman that he chose to marry huh?” she asks.

“Yes, but it’s not public knowledge yet. He wants to keep it that way until he makes the official announcement” as I stare her down.

The press would love to get a whiff of this if they could. It would bring a lot of money into someone’s pocket if they ratted us out.

“I’m not going to say anything. He called yesterday telling me that I would be the one handling you and your sister. I’m not about to go up against his lawyers for doing that” she says with a polite voice. I leave her a one hundred dollar tip, she smiles as we leave with our items.

We get back into the limo taking off to the mall. The driver tells us we have two hours of shopping then we have to go to lunch. We shop in all kinds of stores buying a huge line of outfits, dresses, and evening dresses. As the driver tells us it’s time to go, we stop by a bathroom at the mall exit to change into something that looks more fitting to go out to eat in. He ushers us back into the limo then takes off.

I look at Bailey “I have a question for you.”

She raises and eyebrow at me “Ok, what do you want to know?”

“What is going on with you and Cory?”

She blushes “Oh, nothing much. Were just getting to know each other, that’s all.”

I cross my arms and stare at her “You kissed him, didn’t you?” She blushes harder so that tells me what I want to know. “Make sure your careful” I warn her “You don’t want to get attached and then it doesn’t work out between you two.”

“I know” she says as she looks at me through her eyelashes “He’s really sweet though. He treats me like I’m very important to him.”

“We just met them” I remind her “Don’t jump into something so fast. He may be just trying to get you into his bed. Not saying that’s what he’s after but men are bad about jumping on young women to be their first or just to have them. Please take your time with him. I hope it all works out but just don’t leap before you look.”

She laughs “Yes mama!”

I laugh with her then we pull up to a fancy restaurant, getting out we look up the stairs as the door is opened. The driver helps us out telling us to walk to the hostess station. We do to see Danny is standing there as he scans over my new beige dress, shoes and purse that I got to go with it. He is smiling at us.

“You look absolutely stunning. My money looks good on you” he whispers in my ear.

He offers me his arm as we walk back to a secluded room where the other brothers are sitting. They take a double take at us when we walk in. Bailey has on a beautiful purple dress, that is above her knees with a mesh top around her shoulders then silver shoes. Cory jumps up pulling her chair out.

“Damn!” he says as he takes her hand “You are breathtaking girl.”

She blushes hard as he helps her sit down then helps to push her chair in. He sits down beside her while scooting very close to her.

Danny pulls out my chair helping me scoot it up to the table. He then sits down beside me.

“This is a surprise. I didn’t realize that we would be eating with you today” as I take my napkin laying it in my lap.

“We have a few things that we needed to take care of today. So you both got your dresses plus all the items you needed for the wedding? According to my account, you must have done real good” he says as he places his hands on the table.

“You checked on how much I spent?”

“I made sure you didn’t buy a three hundred dollar dress. I wanted you to look like a princess when we get married also to make sure you got what you loved. No matter what the price was” he says as he picks up the menu to look at it.

“Why does it matter? We’re not doing it publicly” I add.

“There will be news reporters there to put it in the papers to make it official” he fires off behind the menu.

“What? Are you serious?” talking in a nervous tone.

“Yes” he says in a calm tone “I want it to be public so everyone knows that we are married, also that you are off the market.”

I push the menu down so I can see his face “What about you? Are you off the market?”

He looks at me with a shocked look on his face “Yes, it was in the contract. Once we are married, we can’t cheat on each other. We belong to each other only so that means we can’t see, touch or have another person at all.”

I smile “I read that part. I was just making sure you were on the same page as I was.”

He scoffs “I wrote the contract so why would I put something in there that was unfair to either one of us. That’s why it is in there, that we would belong to each other only.”

“To benefit you in case your not satisfied with your marriage” I fire off snarly.

He smirks as he lays his menu down “I can be satisfied for a year easily. Don’t worry, your going to please me in more ways than you can imagine right now” he says as he scans my body.

“What do you mean by that?” making me rare back.

He just smirks then turns back to the menu to order.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read the teaser part of my book.

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